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  1. magellan sportrak map VS explorist 300 which one is better???Why
  2. well last weekend on the 24th me and GRTSCT got together and went caching. my gpsr (magellan sportrak map) is the only one i have ever used so we swapped for a little while his is a garmin etrex legend so both were in the same price range. it was a really bad day for sat. signals 3 to 4 sats max we walked a trail that was fairly high tree cover the garmin did not lock on not one time my sportrak stay locked 95% of the time.The 25th we had great signals(i had 11 at one time) my sportrak did not lose a signal even in the glovebox of my car.On one trail were the garmin stayed locked most of the time it seemed to process the info a little quicker. For example while we were walking the garmin stayed about 0.01 miles ahead of the magellan then when we stoped the magellan would catch up in a few seconds but what good is that if it won't stay locked on the sats?
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