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  1. It seems if you give the CO a reasonable amount of time (a week) or so and log the cache that would be appropraite. As long as you did the cache and have the correct answer and have sent off the e-mail, logging it shouldn't be that big of a deal. Obviously since the page requests that you log it after you answer is e-mailed allowing some time for a response is necessary.
  2. Logs on caches give other cachers information. DNF's are part of that. I personally appreciate others logging them. As a cache owner it can help you gauge if your difficulty rating/coords are accurate, or signal that their may be a problem. If it is a simple cache it can let the owner know to check on it. On more challenging caches it let's other cachers know they kind of challenge they are looking at. I don't see any problem with logging DNF's... it doesn't negatively effect the cache in anyway and it is just another piece of information for other cachers.
  3. Garmin GPS units are in general a good choice.You can get units such as the eTrex model that would be good to start with and are affordable.
  4. I am adding a few nominations. Best Traditional w/ Terrain 2 or less: The Disconnector: On the Path to Nowhere We are suckers for finding large sized caches, and it always excites us to find one not in a yard, and not in the middle of nowhere. It's one of those caches, that we walked up to early on in our caching "career" and said "NO WAY!" before nervously moving the structure to reveal the cache. Best Mystery w/ Terrain 2 or less: Fire Tack Night Hunt There is something serene and unique about the desert at night, (the sound of owls, bats flying by) that makes this cache top my list. It is a beautiful night time hike, just long enough to enjoy the whole experience.
  5. I agree that you cannot rule out the possibility that English is not the native language of the cacher in question. As a teacher of children learning English, the mistakes made in the log would make sense if that were the case. Even if it were not, many people struggle with spelling and grammar into adulthood, and as the word itself implies, many people are "average" and may not be eloquent in writing or speaking. In addition, writing personalized logs of a substantial length would increase the possibility of grammatical errors. It is easy to check through your spelling and ensure accuracy in short cut and paste logs. Even with logs that are two sentences long, I noticed you occasionally miss putting a space between your sentences. While it is a minor error, it is possible that the number of errors would increase with longer logs. I would take longer logs that reflected the cacher's experience at my cache over a grammatically perfect log any day! I'm sure if everyone chose to write "TFTC" for every cache, geocache logs would be error free!!
  6. My husband and I are avid hikers but as busy as we are sometimes we go for park and grabs. We recently ran a PQ for 1.5/1.5 caches and had great luck using that to get some fast grabs. I would say run a similar PQ and then just preview it on google maps, that way you don't have to look at each cache individually but will get an idea of any caches that won't work!
  7. You may have better luck posting this in the regional section of the forums.
  8. Haven't seen any out in the field but looking for geocoins on e-bay there were multiple listings marketing geonuts. Basically a key-chain sized version of what some people hang off the back of their trucks. The listing marketed them as a perfect trackable. Kinda wierd, and not something I would want a child pulling out of a cache!
  9. I like the terrain categories idea. It seems like it would ensure a variety of caches would be chosen. I do think having additional categories for camo and creativity would be a fun addition and possibility reward caches that might not have won otherwise!
  10. My husband read or head something on caching and we decided to try it with our iPhones. Within a few caches we were hooked! The biggest draw was motivation to hike and get out of the house. Now we are hooked for so many reasons, the really interesting places it has brought us to, the great people we have met and something to do together!
  11. Nope. I'm a school teacher... do you think I could convince my principal taking a weekly field trip to cache was a good idea?
  12. As was previously mentioned people die every year climbing Everest, or Sky diving, piloting their own plane or even riding a motorcycle! People do many dangerous things because they enjoy it. It's part of having free will. We can't keep people from doing dangerous things and shouldn't. And I am sure that people have gone to this area without a cache, no one is required to get any cache. Not only did the own put a disclaimer, but posted and even suggested taking an alternate route! It's sad that you think people shouldn't be able to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own safety. The people who can't will put themselves in that danger whether there is a cache their or not!
  13. As other have said I do not see anything wrong with this cache. The owner clearly warns seekers about the dangers and even suggests an alternate route to reach the cache! I think it's the owners have done everything in their power to ensure people know the dangers if they do choose to go after it.
  14. Now this astounds me, I really cannot fathom some people's thinking sometimes. Only last week I came across something similar, two bags of poo thrown in a hedge. If a dog owner goes to the trouble of doing the right thing and picking up their dog's mess as all dog owners should, why then be so irresponsible to just dump it? Surely they must realise that they've managed to be more environmentally destructive than if they'd not bothered to clean up in the first place?? This is something my husband and I have noticed a lot while hiking and dives us nuts! I feel the same way, don't bother to even bag it if your not going to remove it, you are making the situation worse and now not just being inconsiderate but littering something that no one else wants to have to remove! It's really quite bizarre and far too common here. I think CITO is a part of the game, but unfortunately the nature of some locations would require more than an individual could do. And as previously mentioned, suggestions and guidelines aren't different enough in enforcement to really matter to people who don't already do it. I have also seen people purposely put caches in area with trash and incorporate the hide.
  15. If you use Firefox there is a way. While not many people use it depending on the area, so votes may be limited. You can download "grease monkey" which allows you to add modifications to specific sites. Adding "GC Vote" after you have "grease monkey" gives you the ability to rate caches and see the ratings provided by others. (Bigger font just for you Write Shop Robert )
  16. Haha, is that the smallest font allowed?? I write that small... so why not type that small Imagine how crazy I drove my English teachers with essays! And, yes... it is the smallest allowed!!
  17. We know the feeling! Anytime my husband sees people on TV finding anything anything he shouts "their caching!" and when there is an interesting or scenic location on a show... "there has to be a cache there!" And any container is rated by it's viability as a cache hide!!!
  18. I don't think a caches size should be the sole basis of your log. If your really feel this indifferently to ALL micros, why bother? I agree, on almost all occasion I would rather find a regular than a micro, but they quality is not determined by this. If a cacher put together a good quality cache that happened to be a micro then why not give them credit for it? If you truly do not enjoy even the best micros enough to log like you would with any other cache then just avoid them. Nothing says you need to look for all caches. Go after ones you are going to enjoy!!!
  19. My husband and I have met quite a few caches "in the field" and love it. It's always fun to connect the names in the logs with real people. We see people most ofter at FTF attempts, and often appreciate the group effort. We always say hello and introduce ourselves and have some great conversations because of it.
  20. My husband and I carry supplies to maintain caches, logs, tape, baggies, etc. I can see replacing the whole container if it is in bad shape and you had something similar. However, throwing down a cache can lead to duplicates. I believe the better way to handle it would be to contact the CO and if nothing happens you can't make progress that way and you are sure it is missing post a needs maintenance or needs archived not.
  21. I am not religious at all but would find no offense if I found something like this in a cache as a signature item. The only way I think it would be crossing a line is if you were to add a passage or religious quote with it. The item itself however sounds like a perfect signature item, it represents you as it is something handmade, and that is exactly what a signature item should be!
  22. Wow, I think you made my husbands day when he saw that "42" for your night tack hide! I'm assuming that number was carefully chosen?! Now we might have to visit someday just for that!!!
  23. Congrats! That sounds like a pretty impressive FTF!
  24. You seemed to have gotten caught up in responding to my words (which werent directed at you) and failed to realize the point I was trying to draw attention to. I need add nothing more!!!! Thank you for your comments And thank you for pointing out what a hypocrite I am!!! I hope in the future to be EXACTLY like you!!! Butt into a conversation that did not include me, and attack someone who was NOT talking to me, or about me, and be quick to point out their faults!!! Such a lofty goal for me to attempt!!!! I only hope someday to attain it!!! I don't believe one needs to be directly involved to share their opinion, in fact I thought that was the purpose of the forums. In addition, when you publicly respond to someone, others innately are involved. I do have plenty to say about the topic, however you felt the need to post a huge attack to someone who posted one line. How are my comments out of line in comparison to that? I clearly posted my view in my response. There are a number of differences that should be quite obvious from car theft to cache pirating. Caches are left on public property with the intention to be found by other, yes there things people should abide by, but legally I'm not sure it could be defined as stealing. I can see, as you did (which I commend you for) talking to people about what the intention of caching is, and trying to help them see what they are doing is wrong. That was the perfect way to handle it. And your desire to relocate coins and bugs was also a reasonable solution to losing more valuable items. However, maybe it is different in a rural area, but police are constantly dealing with a huge assortment of problems that they don't have the time or resources to effectively handle. They get paid relatively little for what they do and in most case are heavily worked. I don't understand why you would want your tax dollars to go to "catching" people who as many other have said, will probably eventually stop as I doubt they would care enough to find more caches on their own. It would take far more tax dollars in man hours and resources than what was being taken from the caches. This game is suppose to be fun, so they are stealing our swag, it sucks, but making a legal issue out of it is not going to help anybody! I understand your words were not directed at me, but when you make a public comment with arguments that don't make sense you should expect others to share their opinions. If you were not interested in the what first posted, or other who thought calling the cops was out of line, had to say you should not have posted it in a public place! I think you need to rethink your view of public, when it comes to caching and posting. I am a teacher, and perfectly capable of counting. I was not in anyway attacking your number of caches! That was not my intent. Your comment stated something to the extent of "when you have found a dozen caches this way (I'm assuming you meant pirated/maggoted, etc.) maybe you would feel differently." I was simply stating I find it hard to believe that 12 of the 30 caches you have found have been in this state when you found them. If so, as I stated that's sad and it sounds like locally something needs to be done (not involving the police!!!). In fact, I was responding directly to your argument and wondering why you expect someone to understand why you would call the police through a list of these very specific circumstances that you have not yourself been through. It seems odd. I did read the posting, and understood what you were posting about. I simply do not believe the police are out of line, legally or by any means of being able to reasonably maintain their responsibilities. In fact I'm not sure most cachers really want police involved. We want them to understand so cachers don't get into legal trouble, which it sounds like he did have at least that much of a grasp. But if we do that we are asking for negative publicity, more regulations and laws, and most likely more trouble for ourselves than it's worth. It is not possible to butt into a conversation in a public forum. There are private messages which you could have easily used to dispute the comment if you had not wanted others to see or being to comment on it. I am not a negative person, however negativity can not always be responded to with positivity. I am not asking you to be like me, but if you want that as a goal, go for it. In the future if you want your negative comments, and attacks to an individual to remain between you and them keep it out of a PUBLIC forum!
  25. I am still failing to see how this would be a police issue. While cache pirates and decidedly annoying, geocaches are intended to be on public property and have generally public access. The issues here are simply edict that is outlined in the guidelines, which as many have pointed out, are not rules. If you leave property on public property the police have no control over that, nor do I really want my tax dollars to go to chasing people stealing small items, which in general are not costly. As for your personal shots to a fellow cacher, I am a bit confused. 1: As you only have 30 finds I find it hard to believe you have found a dozen caches in this situation. If that is the case than it sounds like a local issues where measures need to be taken such as members only caches and more remote hiding locations. 2: You personally have NO caches so this entire argument makes no sense bringing up others personal stats. It still would NOT make it a police situation even it there were your own!!! 3: Most people understand when they put out a coin there is a chance of it going missing. I personally have had items go missing, and yes it is frustrating, but unfortunately there are even people with account guilty of this. Also, sometimes things just get lost or misplaced, it's a fact of life. And once again you do not own a single bug or coin so you have no personal experience with this issue either. I agree the comment might have been a bit snarky but personally attempting to attack someone on points that you yourself have no experience with is nothing short of hypocritical!
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