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  1. I am a Junior Girl Scout Leader and I volunteer for the Cub Scout Day Camp in our area. Our family recently started geocaching and would like to introduce it to the scouts here. My daughter and I are working making it a "Troop Badge" (since there is no formal badge for it in our council or GSUSA) and my son thinks it would be a fun event for day camp. For Girl Scouts one of the requirements is it has to include at least 8 activities. Girls must complete at least six to earn the badge. Other requirements are: it has to have a community service aspect (I'm thinking "Cache in, Trash out" will work for this) you have to do or produce something (find and place a cache would work for this) document it (logging it on to geocaching.com) That is 4 activities and I would need at least 4 more. Others I am considering are: History of geocaching What at GPS is and how it works Other uses for a GPS Anyone else have any other ideas? We have the geocaching.com dvd and will use that for the technical/history info. For the cub scouts, I am thinking of setting up a couple of caches. Teaching them how the GPS works. Since we have all levels of scouts, teach them to decode the clues, then have them find them. For the cubs, it will not serve as a belt loop or pin, but we can do the compass info also to have them work on the map and compass belt loop. Any other ideas, helpful hints? We would appreciate them! Thanks!
  2. Thank you! Your guide was simple to follow and the tutorial made it easy to use. We are relatively new to geocaching and this makes it so much easier. Less expensive too! Saving us on paper & ink costs!
  3. New to geocaching and have a Nuvi 200W. Once we drive to the area, I switch to the "Where am I?" page (you can do this by touching the vehicle icon) and the coordinates update as we walk. It does not have an arrow to guide you, so you have to know directions (or use a compass) and how to read the coordinates. The only problem I have had is that the touch screen is sensitive and it will sometimes go to another page. The biggest plus is that I was able to use it intuitively while my husband is still reading the manual for a Magellan that someone loaned us. After watching the Geocaching DVD we saw the definite advantages of having a portable; however, we are seeing how long the interest in this current family hobby lasts before purchasing a handheld. LOL. Just like any other hobby, you invest in it as your interest and skill grow...
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