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  1. Wow this sounds amazing - out of my budget for a while but something I'd love to do!
  2. Ooh I think that's a good idea - spare gloves and socks! I tend to travel light - my bag carries my etrex, a drink, my stamp, a pen.
  3. Consider the south oxford canal and the thames, you could take in both the river and the canal, also a great number of superb caches. [Ed] I used to work for a narrowboat holiday company just outside oxford.
  4. Messe - please let me know which one/s you would like me to look after
  5. Tackled the steep marsh series today, was gorgeous, I highly recommend it.
  6. Not late at all, it was a bit last minute on my behalf. Thanks!
  7. Hello chaps, can anyone suggest a nice ring and / or some worthwhile caches in Hampshire? I stay at hartley park farm near Alton on weekends as my other half works here, and as such need something to do between 10 and 4 tomorrow! Thanks.
  8. LOL adopted 8 caches from myself (other username) and ended up with 40 emails. DNW
  9. Morning chaps Having not used it for a number of years, I've lost the adopt function. Does it still exist? if so where is it!?
  10. There's no way I'm throwing 7 quid or however much it is at an app when there are free ones likely to be just as good. I use one of the ones mentioned above, but wouldn't dream of using my HTC Desire to actually find a cache... eugh! standalone GPSr all the way thank-you-very-much!
  11. I heard rumors it wasn't, and it must be something I'M doing wrong then LOL
  12. www.geocaching.com/adopt Does this still work?
  13. Might be heading to detroit for a couple of weeks around the same time as Nik and Ali with a few trips to canadia scheduled But the great white north is a big place eh? Where abouts does it want to go?
  14. me too, I often find that if a new person does one of my caches then they're a local too!
  15. B16 GPS is registered to a Red Mini Cooper Convertible, automatic.........dunno who it belongs to, though It has also been clocked by a gatso camera doing 97mph on the A34 at Oxford on its way to a FTF. There aren't any GATSO's on the 34 in Oxford...
  16. smirk! dunno wotchoo mean!!! I was going to point it out after I found out if I'd got it right or not
  17. Hee hee (: Actually birdman just said there's going to be an event nearby, I was going to suggest grabbing a local cacher but he already offered that too!! Sounds like you've done well haha.
  18. It's a good theory, but aren't they meant to be sealed properly for their intended purpose? I can feel an experyment coming on
  19. Unless you're a FTF bandit sitting by your emails!
  20. Middlesborough Transporter Bridge, closest cache "A Transporter, but not on the star ship Enterprise" GCC813
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