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  1. My 60cs suddenly lost its ability to pick up sats. One outline-box will get indicated for a satellite for a second or two, then it will lose even that.


    I have tried taking the batteries out and have downloaded the new firmware to no avail.


    I have tried but not found how to do soft and hard resets on the 60cs.


    Any advice? Want to run out the possibilities before sending it back to Garmin.


    Thanks in advance,

  2. I am getting more and more tempted to migrate from a PC to a Mac.


    Is Mapsource available in a Mac version?


    What about third party programs, esp. topo map programs (Maptech, DeLorme, national Geographic, etc?)



  3. Thanks a lot - very clear explanation of a complicated subject.


    Since my posting I got bits and pieces from the usegroups. A couple of interesting tidbits: almost all of the altitude measurements displayed in the 60CS's fields are readings from the altimeter. The only GPS altimeter field seems to be the one accessible from the satellite page (which I had not discovered before).


    The logic of the altimeter/GPS combination is as follows. GPS elevation data is less accurate than your long/lat position. It is also much more subject to jumpiness because of the nature of GPS reception, changes in satellite geometry, etc.


    The elevation data from the altimeter is generally more accurate than the GPS measurement: 1) if properly calibrated; and 2) assuming there is not much weather-related change (i.e. non-altitude connected change) in the barometeric pressure. It also gives much steadier readings than the GPS-derived figures.


    My understanding of the interplay is that the primary driver of the altitude measurement is the barometer, and this is what is reported in the tracklog and I presume the datastream. However, the GPS-derived reading will be used to correct the barometric reading if there is a large disparity. This will happen if a weather front comes in quickly.


    Before doing any calibration, I was consistently getting altitude readings of -100 feet at my home (real elevation +17 feet). I will experiment and see how it goes. It's fun learning about this stuff.


    I wish the user could choose whether the altimeter is on or not. Sometimes rough numbers are enough, or you don't have a source for calibration.

  4. I seem to be getting inaccurate altitude readings on my 60cs. I have not calibrated the altimeter, but my understanding was that in the default state that the GPS altitude readings would correct the altimeter.


    Can anyone point me to a web resource that lays out all the interplay between the altimeter altitude, the GPS altitude and barometric pressure for Garmin units?



  5. chimo, not quite as easy as you said but I figured it out. The Sat screen menu only says GPS Off mode. After you turn the GPS receiver off via that menu, then use find and do a goto to a destination (waypoint, poi, whatever). It then gives you the option to go into demo mode. That mode continues even if you stop navigating.

  6. I have a 60CS on order and I'm tempted to get the 76CS


    one big question is whether the reception (especially under tree cover) would be inferior to the 60CS because of the antenna, which looks like the Vista patch antenna which I found to be lacking in comparison to my V.


    Any thoughts?

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