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  1. A while back I had found a download for the North American Marine Points database - I could load this on my 60cs and get many marine POI's, buoys et cetera along with tide tables. I can't find it now on the Garmin website. Can anyone help?
  2. This is how you install Garmin's topo maps without needing to use the CD's every time you want to access them. if you have it installed uninstall it. Create a new folder called 'Topo', preferably in c/garmin where mapsource is installed. Take each of the 3 CD's and copy their contents into the new folder. You will hit a couple of 'overwrite files' dialogues - say yes. Then go into your new folder and find the setup icon - double click on it and you are in business.
  3. This is my offering from a thread a while back: Thanks a lot - very clear explanation of a complicated subject. Since my posting I got bits and pieces from the usegroups. A couple of interesting tidbits: almost all of the altitude measurements displayed in the 60CS's fields are readings from the altimeter. The only GPS altimeter field seems to be the one accessible from the satellite page (which I had not discovered before). The logic of the altimeter/GPS combination is as follows. GPS elevation data is less accurate than your long/lat position. It is also much more subject to jumpiness because of the nature of GPS reception, changes in satellite geometry, etc. The elevation data from the altimeter is generally more accurate than the GPS measurement: 1) if properly calibrated; and 2) assuming there is not much weather-related change (i.e. non-altitude connected change) in the barometeric pressure. It also gives much steadier readings than the GPS-derived figures. My understanding of the interplay is that the primary driver of the altitude measurement is the barometer, and this is what is reported in the tracklog and I presume the datastream. However, the GPS-derived reading will be used to correct the barometric reading if there is a large disparity. This will happen if a weather front comes in quickly. Before doing any calibration, I was consistently getting altitude readings of -100 feet at my home (real elevation +17 feet). I will experiment and see how it goes. It's fun learning about this stuff. I wish the user could choose whether the altimeter is on or not. Sometimes rough numbers are enough, or you don't have a source for calibration.
  4. I had a set of problems that included a refusal to lock. I did a reset and then autolocate - everything fine after that. I forgot the reset sequence - maybe someone else can provide it. Back everything up before you do it.
  5. I don't think so - the separation is occuring between the GPS and the flat platform with the hole in it.
  6. Yes (the one that came with the mount). Per the instructions, I match up the grommet to the hole in the front part of the mount, and then click the unit into place. There is no screw that directly connects the unit to the bracket (like the GPS V mount). Am I missing something? I am amazed that it stays on with a mountain bike. Mine is a road bike going over pretty minor bumbs.
  7. even slight bumps will knock the unit off the mount. you have to add rubber bands, and it still will slide around. Garmin should have kept the arrangement where the unit screwed into the mount, like the V.
  8. If you got your GPS pretty recently and purchase CS 5, Garmin may cut you a break even if you fall outside of the purchase windows on the website. I purchased my 60cs when they first came out and was able to purchase the 6 update for $37.50. This was offered to me by a Garmin rep while I was asking questions about CS 6 (I didn't ask for the discount).
  9. I called Garmin Customer Service about something else and we started talking about CS version 6 (I had version 5, which I bought along with my 60CS the first week they came out). I was not eligible for any free or discounted to CS 6. Garmin offered me without asking an upgrade fto CS 6 or only $37.50!
  10. From the GPS being off, hold down page and enter while turning power on. It will give you a prompt for reset. Your unit will be like how the unit came out of the box (no waypoints (other than the Garmin locations; no tracks; no routes)). Just back it up before you do it. It did retain the MapSource maps I had loaded in. Let is sit outside for a little while to collect all the data, and do an autolocate or 'map pointer' relocate.
  11. Yes. It's like how the unit came out of the box (no waypoints (other than the Garmin locations; no tracks; no routes)). Just back it up before you do it. It did retain the MapSource maps I had loaded in. Let is sit outside for a little while to collect all the data, and do an autolocate or 'map pointer' relocate.
  12. GPS is back performing well - just did a "page enter' reset (after backing up) and all is well! I think maybe you should do these resets every once in a while, just like an oil change.
  13. Garmin tech support no help - suggested it was random accuracy problem (nothing wrong) suggested I use my magnetic compass all the time. asked if I was holding it horizontally suggested I keep it in North up mode. asked if I used WAAS, suggested I turn it off I will try a reset and see what happens. *** Anyone know the reset procedure for the 60CS? *** I will document results next time and demand service/exchange. -------------------------------------------------------- My feeling it is some kind of accuracy problem that is not visible in the accuracy circle or EOP reading. Either that or there is some problem in the computational chain that handles coordinate calculations. Also I notice on bike trips where I take a couple of breaks their is no 'stopped time' recorded. That leads me to believe that all the time it is sensing movement because the recorded coordinates are jumping around all over the place. ----------------------------------- Any thoughts, advice?
  14. still having the problem and about to cal Garmin tech support. If anyone else has had the problem, I will be happy to pass it on
  15. Thanks, we will see. Never had that happen before when walking. Was holding it like I usually do. Maybe there was an unusal satellite geometry or anomaly that was creating signal issues. Also, with the compass off, I thought all direction info was garnered just from GPS positions. Thanks
  16. When in the outer banks of North Carolina, in track up mode, the display started swinging direction very erratically. This was cured when I changed the display to North up. The compass was off. any ideas?
  17. that's why I can't get a Mac - they ARE better machines but too little software, too many interoperability problems. It's not Apple's fault, its just unfortunate
  18. It does have that feature - when you have the same screen to turn on or off the individual maps, press menu. That will bring up a box that allows you to turn on maps as a set. You will see all the relevant maps are checked or unchecked for you.
  19. sigh - no Mac for me - too many issues with Garmin. too bad. someone else told me that, besides the Mac being more expensive, the software and accessories are more expensive too. If I were starting over, and Mapsource ran under OSX, I would get a Mac in a minute.
  20. You won't regret getting it - worth every penny. Garmin has great support and great updates.
  21. Ditto. I use 24K Topo East, and the lines are so thin now that they're almost invisible. Was someone actually complaining about the topo lines before? I can't imagine why. I liked the thicker lines. They are still pretty easy to see (and look nice) in "night" mode, because the background is black so they stand out more. But I rarely hike at night. ? - contour lines look OK with 3.20. It was in 3.10 that you could barely see them.
  22. Thanks a lot everyone. All I had ro do was an autolocate satellites. Somehow it lost track. Didn't have to do a reset. Glad the contour lines were back with the update - Garmin is great with the updates. I LOVE my 60CS!!!!
  23. Thanks - can you share with me the standard secret keys? I am also heeding your warnings.
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