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  1. Thank you so much Northern Penguin and Landsharkz - that would be a great help! Here is the contact information for the person that's setting up the program. It might be easiest if you wouldn't mind sending an email to Trisha and then you could correspond directly. Trisha Leszczynski Town of Oakville Phone - 905-845-6601, Ext 3948 email tleszczynski@oakville.ca Thanks again! Donna
  2. Thanks for the GPS note - I'll follow up with them. As for dates, we'll be hosting it over March Break (March 16-20). We're flexible on the timing in that week for the geocaching unit although the Friday (March 20) would be ideal.
  3. Hi, We're trying to put together a 1 day geocaching session as part of a March Break camp (kids 8-12 years) through the Town of Oakville. We don't have much expertise in this area and wanted to try and find someone who would be interested in working with us to put together a short program. If anyone in the area (Halton/Mississauga) would be interested, we'd love to hear from you! The other thing we were trying to track down is whether there are any GPS rentals around here. We didn't want to invest in units just yet. Thanks!! Donna Doyle, Town of Oakville
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