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  1. I have 155 finds and 10 caches placed - all using Android and c:geo. I tried the GS app and it's nowhere near as good as my app. And mine didn't cost another $9.99 and it works well.
  2. Put me in the category that I discovered c:geo in the end of 2009 when I got my Droid. Prior to that I dabbled in a horrible geocaching program for the Blackberry. When I saw how great c:geo was and I found a few caches that took me directly to GZ, I was hooked. Thanks to c:geo I have spent $60 for premium membership. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. It would probably be staggering the number of new premium members are on here as a direct result of c:geo.
  3. For a long time I thought I'd get an automobile GPS and use it to Geocache. After reading these replies, I won't suggest this to my Dad who has a Garmin in his car. He geocached with me recently and I'm using an Android phone. I got turn by turn directions to the cache, then I switched it over to radar mode, and I can walk right up to the cache. Sounds like most geocachers don't have that luxury or have 2 GPS units.
  4. Could somebody please tell me which application I'm not allowed to use, so that I at least know that I'm not allowed to use it, and can stop using it if I am already doing do? How do I know if I'm following the rules if the rules are not known to me? This is a load of [CENSORED]. Check your email.
  5. Not to be rude, but he did request the change on the weekend. Although Groundspeak does have a number of empolyees, far as I know there is no expectation for service 24/7 for email requests. Also, a short period of reflection prior to signing up could have prevented the first need for a name change. But then once being unhappy with that, a longer period of reflection would probably helped with the second name change. But now he chooses a name that reflects what he rides. Do we again see another request for a name change when the Vulcan is traded in for a Harley? First of all on Friday night I apparently didn't request Vulcan1600 - at least it's no longer my last name. I can live with this name for now. I also was not trying to be rude and once Motorcycle_Mama laid it out why she didn't reply I was fine with it. As for trading in the Vulcan for a Harley LOL no way Jose. I don't like cleaning up oil spills on the garage floor.
  6. And, 3 days ago it did go to them. Nothing at all. Not even an email response from the moderator I sent an email to. Some things are quickly acted on in here, some things just don't seem to matter I guess.
  7. Last week I asked about changing my screen name, and was directed to how to change it, so I did. At the time I wasn't thinking about how it appears when on geocaching.com Forums. I simply do not want my last name posted on the forums. I tried to change it again, this time I selected a name and was asked the reason why I wanted it changed. No answer. So, this time I send a PM to Motorcycle Momma (I believe that's your screen name), asking for assistance to get it changed to Vulcan1600. Again, no reply. I really wish this would get addressed. What do I need to do to get moderator attention w/o mentioning my favorite geocaching application?
  8. Spelunker76, welcome to geocaching, it's fun and I'm also only using an Android phone. Do a search in the market for geocache, maybe you'll find another one in there that's better for you. Since I started in June, I'm 22 of 25, and one of those I suspect were muggled.
  9. Ahhh, that sounds awesome. We moved to eastern PA last year from Cranberry Twp. I wasn't a geocacher when I lived there but what you describe is awesome. Is that last one you mention up on Mt. Washington? Now when we go back to visit friends I'll definitely be checking out some caches along the way. We sure do miss da burgh.
  10. Something I was told 30 years ago in boot camp - there's always going to be that 10% that brings down others. It's very prevalent in life and not any different here on geocaching.com. I'm a bit surprised how much of a business geocaching.com is and not just a place to hang your hat and talk about geocaching to others. I found out in the first week how geocaching is a business because my phone has an app that I use to geocache that doesn't fit the TOU. Bottom line, GC.com can't make any money off it. I'm a premium member, I support the site and everything but I was a bit taken back when I was given a warning the first time I mentioned what I was using that I'd be suspended. Yes this site is overmodded. The moderators have a set of guidelines they must follow behind the scenes too, I respect that. There are several topics I read and can't believe the replies people give them. I was just in the iPhone forum and someone had a question about getting email deliveries for a FTF, the person wasn't completely informed on what they were asking and at least one person ripped into them. I don't own an iPhone but I certainly don't feel that people need to get ripped into because they might not be as intelligent as someone else. Again, bottom line is 90% of the people on here are wonderful, it's the 10% that try to ruin it for everyone else.
  11. So, correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't that mean that the vast majority of GeoCachers in the World are in violation of the Terms of Use?? It was an attempt at humor actually. A good many Droid users are using the unauthorized app that doesn't fit geocaching.com TOU.
  12. I created my account in November 2008 on Geocaching.com but I never used it. SteelCityPA was used because I was living in Pittsburgh, PA. Well we have since moved to eastern PA towards Philadelphia, and "SteelCity" just doesn't make sense anymore now that I am finally starting to geocache since June. Is there a way I can change my username or am I always going to be SteelCityPA unless I'd create a new account?
  13. I recently started geocaching and only using my Moto Droid. I get within a meter of GZ sometimes and always within 1 or 2 feet accuracy. Can't beat that! If you use Droidforums.net there is a geocaching group on there.
  14. I have 2 covered bridges within a mile of my place. (GC1FYN5) and (GCKP6Y). They were the first two places I ever looked for a geocache, and came up empty both times. I find once inside the bridge the GPS has a hard time finding the satellite so that hinders things. It's also been a couple of months since anyone has logged a success in either of them. I'm 0 for 2 in bridge caches myself. Hope you're able to find it, and let us know where you found the cache, and heck maybe it will help me too.
  15. It's a good thing too as it doesn't appear to meet the guidelines. Not today's guidelines, but there was a time when that would have been allowed. I'm new to geocaching, I'm not aware of this not being against caching rules. I go with my kids for the fun of my new hobby. I'm starting to think I don't fit in around here. I didn't know I would set off nasty comments. Maybe someone can chime in and tell me some bad things about my kids or something now.
  16. I hope it was on private land, otherwise it just looks like litter with graffiti on it. Neat idea...for placing on private property. GC1A9WW - It was well hidden, nice walk to get to it and has been there for a long time. I'm not the geocache police.
  17. Although I registered in 2008, I just started Geocaching about a month ago. On Fathers Day my kids asked what I wanted to do, so of course I said Geocache. We took quite a hike into the woods (which turned out to be about as out of the way as we could have gone), but found this most unusual cache. This was the 10th cache I've ever found and don't know how soon a more unusual one will top it. There are 2 Sharpie pens inside so the animals don't eat them, and you sign your name on the dish.
  18. My heroes are the U.S. military, past and present. If we can discuss something in the U.S., thank a serviceman. I was in the Marine Corps from 1981 to 1987. My M.O.S. was 2512 (communications). I spent approximately the last 3 years of my enlistment in the Admin department. We were an artillery battery and was E5 when I decided not to reenlist due to family commitments at the time. Looking back I sure wish I'd have put in my 20. I'm thankful this thread has survived since 2003. I'd have never found it in off-topic. Thanks Groundspeak for keeping it in the Topics section. Everyone has great stories and I have enjoyed reading them tonight. I know the question has been asked why nobody from other countries have chimed in. I've been in the United States since 1969, moved here from Canada and was a Canadian citizen when I enlisted in the Marines. Does that sort of count? Once the citizenship laws changed, I was naturalized U.S. citizen in 1993.
  19. To the original poster - awesome that you discovered geocaching today and found your first cache. I've been toying with caching for a couple of years and even created an account. It wasn't until a few weeks ago that I finally went on my first cache - with my 80 yr. old Dad. They live in Arizona and were in PA to visit in early June. I picked a cache location not far from the house. I didn't bother reading the information about the terrain or the difficulty of the cache. We parked the car and proceeded to follow my Droid to where the cache was. What started this whole thing was we were supposed to be going to the store to pick up food for supper. I said to my Dad - lets try this geocache thing together. We're both in shorts and me in my new running shoes. The coordinates took us to where the cache would be, well we hit some hills, very wooded areas, poison ivy and fallen trees. After about 45 minutes and no cache found we got to this beautiful lake and walking path. We decided to just walk it for a bit and gave up. Well, then I looked at the GPS program again and saw we were actually getting close again and there were no real obstructions like we had just endured. So, we went in for our second attempt, and within 5 minutes my Dad spotted it, and we both found our first cache together. I was very proud of him being 80 yrs. old and enduring the journey in the conditions we had, and me finding my first cache too, it made it more special finding it with my Dad. We got back about 2 hours after we left for food, and my new running shoes were ruined...but hey, we found a cache together so it was all worth it I'm really excited about geocaching now, my daughter and my son and I went geocaching on Fathers Day and we found several caches together, and we're going out together on Saturday too. It's a great family thing and a chance to bond and have memories of the things we found. I apparently am one of those geocachers who has a knack for finding the worst ways of entering the woods to find a cache, when there are much easier ways to get to them. To the person who said to quit posting in the forum now, I'm sorry the geocaching community is this way. I will do my best to never become one of those people. It does sound like it's very strict though in here and I got a warning tonight about promoting a forbidden program. I will abide by the rules here and hope I don't run into those who will try to bring me down.
  20. For those using the official Geobeagle app, do you find it to be fairly accurate? Can you compare it to any other devices as far as reliability? I think my main concern is the fact the Moto Droid battery drains fairly quickly so could end up not working while looking for a cache that is well hidden. I used my Droid to find my first 4 of 6 caches last week. Usually when my Droid was within 2 or 3 meters, it was right in that area. I had one that actually went to "0 meters" and it was a mag key holder on a guardrail, and it was right there.
  21. I don't understand where this idea comes from. The Android version of the Geocaching.com app is in the final stages of development. Sure, the Android version will be released after the iPhone version, but Android came out after the iPhone too. Yes, it makes sense. GeoBeagle respects the geocaching.com TOU. The other app violates the geocaching.com TOU. Groundspeak doesn't want their forums used to promote the app that violates the TOU, so they remove references to it and ban discussion of it. I may not agree with the way they're handling it, but it does make sense that they treat GeoBeagle differently from the app that violates the TOU. Just curious (because I am new), how does the other app violate the TOU? You can email me back if you want kn3a (at) arrl (dot) (net), or reply here if it's ok. I guess I thought GPS apps for geocaching are GPS apps to cache with, and don't see how it wouldn't promote geocaching.
  22. Oh great. I registered a couple of years ago with good intention of geocaching. Well, I never got started when I had my BB Storm. Now I'm using the Android platform and actually found my very first cache today. I came over to the forums and started reading. I didn't realize the forum has a lot of negativity on it. I guess I didn't realize Android is an evil stepchild. Sure would be nice to have an official Geocache application to use. The cache I found today was a 2-1/2 star one and was deep in the woods. I used an android app called (reference to unauthorized application removed by Groundspeak) - it worked out great. Got me within a foot of the cache. I was amused by the iPhone comments, remember AT&T just put a 200MB limit on monthly usage on that iPhone. Considering I don't do any wireless tether and used 9GB on my past bill cycle, it hardly makes sense to switch to an inferior network and a far inferior phone to the Android. Bobdammit, I hope 6 months from now we are singing the praises of our official geocaching Android app! Droid Does.
  23. KN3A / Mt. Joy (Lancaster), PA
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