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  1. Caching Friends I am the owner of the original Totem Park virtual cache. If any want more information on this cache and why it was pulled you may want to talk to me and I would be glad to fill you in. Dave Lewis Sitka, Alaska
  2. Touring Alaska this summer? We have caches just for you within walking distance of the tour ship docks in Sitka. In fact one is so close - but you will have to come here to find it. YukonWolf in Sitka, Alaska 99835
  3. Although not as remote as some other areas, look for some caches along the Dempster highway in the Yukon territory of Canada this summer. These will be a hundred or so miles from the Acrtic circle. Some will be rated at a 4/4 so be prepared for a true wilderness experience.
  4. I was just told to remove a Virtual cache in the National Parks systems, Sitka national historical Park in Sitka Alaska. Seems they were afraid of people digging up their park looking for the virtual cache. The Geocaching rules are quite clear though. They asked for the virtual cache to be removed and it was off the web site within the hour.
  5. Dave Call sign KL7DL Sitka, Alaska Look for my caches at zip 99835 YukonWolf
  6. Anyone still watching this thread? Congratulations on your new ticket. I would have liked to have had my grand fathers call sign but, they don't issue them like that any longer. It was 6RD. A very long time ago. I will be setting some GeoCaches in far norhern Canada (Yukon) this summer. Will be operating mobile as usual as KL7DL/VY1 in the Yukon as I do every summer. Geocachers out there that may be touring Canada or Alaska will find me on 7092. Yes you can work that frequency in the Yukon and all of Alaska on sideband. Look for my caches in Sitka Alaska as well. These are easy to find caches close to town for those with limited time or transportation. Good luck and welcome to ham radio. Dave KL7DL
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