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  1. Just a thought... It would have been nice if the "view original datasheet" was a link to the NGS site so that we can look for any more recent Recovery notes.
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    I've seen the same results. I was thinking there was some awfully short timeout being set. For me, it usually came after I spent some time studying a benchmark. It goes something like this: start a search, find a benchmark I want to look at and click on it, read-read-read, hit the back button, click on page 2 and get told there are no more responses. Restart the search, click on page 2, get a list, find a benchmark... etc
  3. From what I can see, I like the new format. The information is easier (for me) to find. I miss the orange color... and I'd really really like GPX files instead of LOC files.. maybe even Pocket thingies...
  4. Yea, make sense. Well, sorta. I've been reading the actual NGS reports and it's beginning to look like the NGS calls any report other than Destroyed (Good, Not Found, Needs Maintance, etc) a Recovery report.
  5. So... If the NGS docs state "recovered" but don't say anything about "reset"... it's probably not there?
  6. What exactly does it mean when a mark is recovered? Does it mean it has been replaced? Will it state if it's been replaced? I was reading marker DU2168 and the recovery comments mention that they found a 4' irrigation ditch where the station used to be. It doesn't say destroyed or anything but could it/was it replaced?
  7. Geocache's benchmark page suggests that we can report to the NGS when descriptions have changed or when the mark hasn't been visited in the last 30 years. I've read on other threads that people here have reported when the last recorded visit was a while ago. What do you report? Are there guidelines or anything? Do people walk out with tape measures or is it a job only for the professionals? I've been reading up on bookmarks in my area and, with the exception of a few postings on geocache itself, the latest visit is in the early 60's. Also, many of them (say DU0818) list road names that don't exist and talk about irrigation ditches that were around when this was all farm land.
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