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  1. If somebody wants to put a mountain bike into a cache I will definately make the effort to be the FTF. Shouldn't be too difficult to spot the box :P
  2. Buying any software is only actually buying the licence for your own use therefore it is not transferable, so to use the software you need to buy a licence from memory map.
  3. Is it just me or is Geocaching.com getting slower and slower. I am trying to log my caches at 9:30pm on Sunday night and the web page keeps timing out just trying to load the cache description. All other web sites are just fine before you blame my internet speed. Anybody else struggling?
  4. Told you it would cause some discussion. I would have accepted Baird, Nipkov or Philo Farnsworth. So the DING goes to Keehotee.
  5. Sorry guys, I forgot I answered the question. As we are on television programmes. Here's one that may cause some disagreement Who invented the television set?
  6. I think it is more likely to be Cicely Courtneidge? tarmacjohn
  7. Thanks for that,I am with Hotmail. I have checked my spam mail and they are not going there. I have not got e mail on my phone so that is not an option.
  8. I only seem to be getting e-mailed for about 50% of the new caches being published locally. Is anybody else having this problem or are they just picking on me. I have checked that my notifictions are set up correctly.
  9. I think it is 32. Seem to have that stuck in the back of my head somewhere. tarmacjohn
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