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  1. Nope, can't do a thing. How do they spend our $30 a year? It certainly isn't on hamsters
  2. If it's the same as my 300 then select 'Mark Waypoint and then 'Save and Edit'. Then select Change Name and then Change Location. Then go back and select 'Where to' and select Waypoints and then choose your renamed location. Hope that makes sense, if not then I am sure there will be somebody else along who can explain it better. Regards Tarmacjohn Edited to add: Or you can do it as above which is probably easier
  3. Thanks Mark Next job is to write a script that get rid of the challenges. John
  4. After many years of camping experience I have tried most methods for getting the little buggers out. I know not everyone carries the stuff but without a doubt the best method is petrol soaked cotton wool. Give 'em a soak for a few minutes and a gentle pull with tweezers does the job.
  5. Thanks to everyone for your suggestions, I think Forest of Dean and South Wales are my route of choice. A nice round trip with 3 or 4 waterfalls to play with. Colin I have done '28 days later' and 'Looking for Linda' but if you know of others then please tell so that I can add them to the route. Thanks all John
  6. I am rapidly approaching my 3000 cache milestone and am looking for something a bit special. 1000 was a mountain, 2000 was a Mega event and for some reason I fancy doing something with a waterfall for my 3000. So, to the point of my topic. Does anybody know of a memorable cache of this type within about 150 miles of Worcestershire. Or if no waterfalls, has anyone got another cache that would be worth considering. I have no special equipment or skills other than no fear (I am feeling quite adventerous) Thanks John
  7. A local cache, viewed on Google, for which the coordinates on the cache page are good. The cache is NOT in the middle of the road! The guidelines do say to use a GPS device to get the coordinates... Do I get a bonus point for knowing that is 'Freeview' in Stratford upon Avon???
  8. Uhhhh. HELLO. Geocaching is the mainstream world, either that or you haven't caught the bug properly.
  9. Yes, re logged. Will see how long it lasts this time
  10. Did a cache Quarry Cache yesterday and have consequently had my log deleted . It was a grotty Nano fixed to the metal rails on the back of a dog bin . The log said 'Was in Hereford on business and had this 4* cache on my list as I need it for my D/T grid and I like a challenge. I don't feel this warrants a 4* cache, it took about 30 seconds to find even with the co-ords about 20 foot out. Also not too keen on what it is fixed to. SL TNLN'. So, too harsh? Does this warrant deletion? Should I bite my tounge and just put a simple TFTC
  11. After an interesting experience with 2 very agressive gentlemen and an even more agressive alsation, I would not recommend putting a night cache where there are game animals and there is a risk of getting accused of poaching
  12. I have a series of 25 caches in Worcestershire of which caches 2 through to 24 are premium members only (One of them is HERE). An ordinary member went round on September 25th and has logged them all today. I thought that Premium Member caches were just that - Premium members only. Anybody got any thoughts.
  13. From personal experience, if you only have 1 GPS, I would recommend then perhaps combine it with another activity such as a scavanger hunt. You could run a competition where the prize is to have their choice of item attatched to a TB and then give them weekly updates where it has gone.
  14. Yes. Look on a local cache and scroll down to the bottom of the page it will say who published the cache. Send them an e-mail, they are a friendly bunch and won't bite.
  15. For what it's worth I recently set a series of 25 caches and made caches 2 through to 24 premium members only. That way normal members could only see 1 & 25, I thought this might encourage them to join up. I have had nobody only do 1 & 25 but I have also not had anybody do the series that weren't already premium members. As for damage/maintenance, I have had to make 3 or 4 visits over the last couple of weeks to put things right (but not to 1 or 25). I have noticed that some containers seem to seal better than others, so in conclusion I think it is pot luck. Tarmacjohn
  16. Sounds like fun, I think I will make the trip down the M5.
  17. If, as your name suggests you are a scuba diver. How about click here Hasn't been found for a while though.
  18. Handtec is normally the cheapest. You will struggle to get 3/4 GPS's for that price, I would look at the Garmin E Trex range.
  19. Hmmmm, all very interesting. The reviewer stated how far away the offending cache was so I went and had a look. There was a very nice bridge in just the right place, looking underneath there was a box that I thought was a cache but under closer investigation it seems to be a box that opens by an electronic signal provided by a sensor built into the hand rail of the bridge. I gave it a prod and a poke (and a bit of a kick ) but no joy . So I was rather hoping that it was going to be a cache with a difference but from the age of the GC number it would appear not. Shame!!!
  20. I recently published a series of caches, I had to move one of them due to it's proximity to cache GC167M6. This cache did not seem to exist and has not been published since. I was wondering at what point does a cache 'reserve' it's co-ords. Is it when you initially write the cache or is it when you submit it for review. Also, where has GC167M6 got to.
  21. Hi I am thinking of getting the complete UK Garmin OS Discoverer for my Oregon. 2 questions spring to mind. 1. Do I really need it, is it going to help with caching. 2. Where is the cheapest place to purchase, I have found £180. Thanks John
  22. How about the Lapley Loop series, just to the West of the M6 by Penkridge (GC236FJ) is the 1st one. Nice and scenic, very quiet and loads to do.
  23. Our most recent favourite is Looking for Linda
  24. Yay, thanks guys. wish I'd asked 6 months ago
  25. I am off on a circular walk which has 40ish caches, I am looking for the quickest way to put them into my Oregon. At the moment I am clicking on each one individually and sending it to GPS. I have a basic understanding of GSAK, is this the way to go and if so how do you do it. Thanks, John
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