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  1. I suppose the difference is that the webcam was actually there. As you say each to their own. I think the biggest travesty is that I found the McDonalds breakfast more exciting than the Bore.
  2. I am guessing that many people were planning on attending the, now cancelled, Severn Bore event. I notice that the 'attended' logs have started to appear. Should these logs be allowed as there was NO EVENT. Are people really that desperate for the numbers? Perhaps the 'not signing a log book' rule is not such a good one after all.
  3. The UK is a big chunk of rock when you have no location.
  4. A couple of photos taken at a wonderful little nature reserve. Nature's playground
  5. There are several cachers in the Cheltenham/Gloucester area and I am sure they will be along soon to say hello. In the mean time your next local event is a CITO (A meeting of Geocachers who have taken the time to organise a litter pick in the area) Barnwood CITO plus it means you get to meet lots of local cachers who will no doubt find time to go and find some nearby caches.
  6. Navigator Badge - see section D With all the negative posts about cachers destroying the countryside i agree that it is a good thing that we teach the up and coming youth how to be responsible. Caching is very much down to the individual, if you get a single cacher who doesn't care he can do considerably more damage than a well managed group.
  7. Same for me as a Scout Leader, the map needs to show what you are looking at on the ground. As for the GPS, it's also direction up.
  8. I will add a further two series by fellow CacheWalker members. Westcote Wander series and RAF Little Rissington A CacheWalker series is always going to have a good walk with good views
  9. Having held an event up Snowdon last week I have now done all the paths except the Snowdon Ranger, my favourite so far is the Rhyd Ddu path. You will climb approx 3000ft in about 3.5 miles on the above route. As already said you need to be sure or your ability and that you are correctly equipped, shorts and tee shirt might be fine at the bottom but it may well be trousers and a coat at the top. The one thing I will definately say is.............. Have fun, the views are fantastic on a good day. If you are up the for a few days and fancy something a little easier then I would recommend the Aber Falls series.
  10. Turn on whilst pressing 'Page' and 'Enter'.
  11. Isn't it obvious just to set your home location about 100yds from your real location.
  12. Also, what suits one will not suit all. The wife adores her Altberg Boots as she has narrow feet and they make 5 different width fittings. When I tried a pair in my size I could hardly stand up in them yet alone walk anywhere For that extra bit of comfort you might also consider made to measure insoles. An expensive luxury but once you've had them you won't go back
  13. Meindl Burma Pro MFS for me. The MFS means they have memory foam in them, just like wearing your slippers. I have also used Keen boots recently, supremely comfortable but a bit soft and bendy for serious walking. I believe that Karrimor went bust in 2004 and they were bought by Lonsdale who now sell cheap alternatives under the Karrimor name. KSB's used to be circa £100 many years ago and now they are £40ish...... says it all At the end of the day with walking boots you get what you pay for and I believe you should have the best you can afford.
  14. Being one of the other Evesham based cachers I will agree with Wrighty that I would be happy to travel to Cheltenham or Tewkesbury. And I will raise him with a Gloucester.
  15. If it is anything like the cheap 300 lumen head torch I purchased on E-Bay for £13 then you will be sorely disappointed by the battery life. My LED Lenser P14 lasts approx 10hrs on a set of batteries, my new super duper head torch which is only a little brighter gets through a battery in about 30 minutes
  16. THIS one with p & p looks like it beats Go Outdoors by a quid so they have to beat it by 10%
  17. I always buy the best I can afford, as I do in excess of 1000 miles each year in them. Recently purchased a set of Meindl's with a memory foam inner, just like wearing my slippers. I have tried Regatta's, Hi-Tec's etc but they just ain't for me. But I have been told I have funny shaped feet so perhaps it's just me.
  18. I will add my name to those who have broken a Myo XP. Now using a Black Diamond Icon, so much better than the Myo.
  19. It would appear that deleted logs throw the numbers out. GSAK is showing me having two found logs for 3rd Feb 2011. My original log on this cache was deleted so I re-submitted and added a needs maintenance for good measure.
  20. If you don't mind driving 25ish miles to the north then head for one of the following ABFTN series, WLA Meander series, Peopleton Ponders series or if you fancy a river walk you could try Eckington Wharf Circular series. WOW, aren't we lucky in Worcestershire with all these fantastic series of caches, enough to keep you going for weeks.
  21. Right, now we have all got torches. Which are the best night caches to be doing with these dark nights upon us.
  22. Might you be having a moan about a log by a cacher called IndiHM on the Abbey Road cache. It is rather a poor attempt isn't it.
  23. Sometimes I put date 1st and sometimes I put my name 1st, just to keep people guessing. Sometimes when I feel really naughty, I don't put the date at all.
  24. Without wishing to upset anyone I don't think Wheatpieces wander is what you are looking for. If you don't mind heading up into the Cotswolds you can't go wrong with a Wrighty series, try Cotswold Lions or Many steps though old times or going a bit to the south there is A bit on the Syde. All of these, in my opinion, have fantastic views of the Cotswold countryside. tarmacjohn
  25. The 1st person to sign the log is going to have a claim for the FTF so I think you are going to have to delete the other one and send them a reason for the deletion. Anything other than a FTF I would drop them a mail and ask for proof of finding, such as a descripton of how the cache is hidden or where it is.
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