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  1. I got a pen stamp from Here . The stamp just flips out of the end of the pen, which saves getting out another pen to date the log. You can customize it online and they have loads of graphics and fonts to chose from
  2. The snow helped me yesterday find a tricky cache that I had DNF twice before......... I knew the COs had been to check it on Saturday - so i just followed their footprints in the snow to find which tree it was .....
  3. Brilliant link - Thank you [8D] I nearly bought the snowranger maps last year when i went skiing in Alpe D'Huez (I managed to find the cache at the bottom of the longest black run in the world!) I will definitely download these free ones [] Hope you have a great holiday! Cheers Diddi
  4. Thanks for the feedback! My username has just been changed (It took about 3 days to come through) I am now 'Splendidz'
  5. Hi all I am thinking of changing my username - as when I registered I thought the whole family would join in ........ but I'm the only one who is interested! Could you tell me if there are any disadvantages? Am i likely to have any of my logs deleted as the name in the log book wouldn't match the online log? I will probably keep 'Didz' as part of my new name (annoyingly Didz has been taken but never used ) Any suggestions welcome 'Splendidz' is all I have come up with! Cheers Diddi (Didz)
  6. Thanks for the link Jon What a great idea - I've put my name down......... I'll do anything for CHOCOLATE
  7. It depends on your specific GPSr - I can only speak regards my Garmin Etrex Vista HCx: Main Menu -> Setup -> System -> WASS/EGNOS = Enabled (think you also need to set GPS = Normal too). To check accuracy Main Menu -> Satellite and in the top Location shows +/- x meters/feet Thanks for that! I've just switched it on, on my Vista......... Looking forward to see if it makes any difference!
  8. If you prissy Geocachers are going to keep complaining about Horse muck, I'm going to moan about you frightening my horses by popping out from the undergrowth, wearing flapping coats, dangly things round your neck and with odd taste in hats
  9. One could argue, that given the name "bridle path" they have more "right" than anyone else. But,..."footpath", "roadway"? I would personally never ride a horse on a footpath unless i had express permission from the landowner. You would be very likely to come across an angry farmer with a shotgun shouting "Gerr orf moy Laaaand!"
  10. Now then, you have a great point there, why is it when you have a nice wide bridleway that the horses have to churn every inch of it up into a mud bath . As a dog owner I don't have a problem clearing up behind him as dog pooh isn't particularly pleasant and it is my belief that as they are carnivores it can be more harmful than that of a herbivore. And on the same note have no problem with horse pooh being left, after all it is much easier to avoid/see. But as for the MUD , do horses not like walking through mud so choose the non muddy bit and eventually churn that up too. I'm glad you have no problem with horse poo........ but now a complaint about the mud horses make You are right horses don't like stepping in the mud so will choose the driest route possible (they can get an infection in their legs from the mud - mud fever! - so i don't make mine step in it if pos')................................ but horses have just as much right to be on the bridle path as anyone. I think some people would only be happy if the countryside was concreted over As the Countryside Alliance car stickers say "Keep your Bull**** in Westminster and we'll keep ours in the Countryside"
  11. I think this post must be a wind up or this country has gone mad and I'm emigrating! I was joking about the plastic bags... how am i supposed to put 3kgs of horse muck in a bag in my pocket? I only pick up horse poo at home or if they do in front of someones house or on the pavement (yes i know you shouldn't ride on the pavement) - but on a bridlepath in the middle of nowhere - get real! What next - ban mud?!?
  12. Being a horse rider...... I'm just wondering how you expect me to clear up after my horse while out riding in the middle of nowhere? Do i take a pocket full of big plastic bags and ride home carrying huge bags of poo!?! Or expect my horse to tow a wheelbarrow and shovel behind him!?! Horses aren't meat eaters so their poo doesn't smell like dog poo and it's usually big enough to see to avoid treading in it! I think if you are that worried about a bit of horse poo you should stick to caching in towns. I've been picking up horse poo all my life and its never done me any harm...............!
  13. Hippos below look just my kind of thing! Sadly i can't make it this weekend, but i would love to do it sometime. It would be great to get more suggestions for watery/extreme caches Have boat....will travel! Cheers Diddi
  14. Ain't no Alligators in the Nene anymore... ...Sharks ate 'em all. J We've just had a lovely afternoon doing BOAT ONLY 1 & 3....... Managed to avoid the sharks too! I would love to see some more BOAT ONLYs..... Its great to do something different. D
  15. How exciting....... That sounds fantastic! As it happens I've just ordered myself an inflatable canoe (Stearns Back country) and I'm hoping it will come in time for me to do the BOAT ONLYs at the weekend. An event would be a cool idea. I would love to know if you get one organized. Cheers Diddi
  16. I'm going to borrow OH's Kayak for BOAT ONLY... but i would be glad of the company (and someone to fish me out if i fall in!) if anyone else is up for it?
  17. How about BOAT ONLY - GC1DNZF Nr Elton - very close to Oundle. I haven't done it but I'm hoping to soon. Its a 5* terrain cache. You will have to beg/borrow/steal a boat though! Diddi
  18. I've clicked on the 31-40 box ......lets just say I'm 35 + VAT!
  19. You are probably right....... Maybe they are tupperware salesmen trying to boost their sales!
  20. Hi all I'm new to this forum - so please be gentle with me! I've just noticed 4 more caches have been GROEPed GCM7HV GC1JC9P GC1K2MG GC1JZRF All around the Market Harborough end of the A14 (where I'm based) I put all my caches on to premium members only a couple of days ago - but I'm tempted to put them back to normal as i don't want these spoil sports to win. I will remove the TBs though if i do. What do you think - do you think its Uni students and it will die down after the Hols? Maybe we need more puzzle caches - I don't think they would have the intellect to solve those!
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