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  1. North Norfolk Radio have hidden a few caches in (funnily enough!) North Norfolk Link to their caches
  2. Many thanks to Qrang for all the hard work it must take to compile these lists I will never make it into the most caches found list... but was very excited to make it up there into some of the other top 20s
  3. There is this Multi at Stoney Cove now, the cache isn't underwater though - you are supposed to dive to get some info to work out the co-ords, but unfortunately the equation is so easy to guess that most people have worked it out at home. Ironically, the only person to get a friend to dive and get the info has been the only DNF! There are GC codes of other Scuba caches on that cache page - but I haven't done any of them I presume you mean this excellent cache ... when I found it it was still the flask, but it was attached by string to a smallish stone - maybe that's why it had drifted a bit
  4. If you're feeling brave/adventurous and don't mind doing a bit of research beforehand this is a fantastic cache It has got to be in my top 10... although it is probably easier/nicer to do in good weather!
  5. Does anyone happen to know if there is an up-to-date list of the top 5/5* D/T cachers anywhere - as it's the only leaderboard I have any chance of making it on to! I know a few cachers with around 30 5/5*s who don't seem to be on Qrangs list (although if the leaderboards are all done by hand it must be very difficult not to miss people off!) Thanks Didz
  6. Best of luck to all the Racing Snails My Snail Justin Slime set off on his adventures yesterday... if anyone could help him on his travels I would be most grateful May the best Snail win!
  7. I would recommend the caches that others have suggested - especially Sheringham Park series, Secret place full of magic and Treasure Island (if you have a boat!) Langham Dome Trainer is a clever hide and interesting location The 4 Ford caches near Walsingham are good too and there's this Multi in Blakeney which I enjoyed. Have fun!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the brilliant photos, I've loved looking at them But now has come the time for me to announce the winner... Drum roll please... And the winner is - Happyshopper For the stunning photo of Box Quarry Cathedral Second place goes to Abanazar for the lovely shot of him and his boys doing the Underworld Bonus cache. And a special mention to other photos which made me smile - Jester2005 - for the photo of Olivia at Old Haunts (I loved the look on her face!) The Buffs - For the pic of the wonderful MAABOF arriving at The Boat Only Event Elfre - I loved the cows! and The Blorenges for the photos of the wild weather on the cliff ... and now over to you Happyshopper
  9. I'm just bumping this up - as today is the last day to submit your photos for the August competition... I'll be having the tricky job of judging all the fab photos tomorrow
  10. Wow! Great photo of The Box Quarry Cathedral ... I was also down there this weekend doing a Below Above cache! (on Saturday) but the photo I tried to take of the Cathedral was pants! Keep all the fab photos coming folks - It's great to get a heads up on some extreme caches, although a few of them are already familiar to me
  11. Thank you to The Blorenges for chosing my photo from The 'Flotsam and Jetsam EXTREME' cache as the winner of the July photo competition As that photo was taken at an extreme cache I have decided to make the theme for the August Comp - 'Extreme' So maybe photos taken at extreme caches or locations, or even in extreme weather, please use your imagination! Happy snapping! Didz The rules are the same as those used in previous months..... 1) The photo must be cache related and to do with a specific UK cache (any type including events), caching series or caching trip - please include a link to the cache or the GC.... code so we can see where the picture relates to. 2) Two photos per caching team or cacher. (Maybe 3 if you really have an extra pic that's great!) 3) A new thread is started each month, with the OP stating these rules. 4) The winner each month is decided by the winner from the previous month - the new winner starting the thread for the subsequent month. They may set a theme* if they wish. 5) Photos should be recent. Higher credit will be given to photos taken in the current month. 6) The competition runs from the 1st of the month, until a date specified in the OP by the previous months winner. This should give sufficient time for the winner (or other person if necessary) to start the new thread. If you haven't already uploaded a photo, a good tip might be to upload to one of your log entries (it can just be 'post a note'). Then, display the photo and copy the URL to provide a link to the post. If it's not actually relevant to the cache you've used, delete the note and the photo - the URL will still work. On this forum, add a reply and click the small green tree icon above the text box and paste in your URL.
  12. Yippee! I've never won a photo competition before! Now to think of a theme for August....
  13. Here is a photo I took doing Flotsam and Jetsam on a glorious day at the end of March Here is another near the Arboreal Adventurecache from April and finally here is another big group photo I like (taken by The Buffs) from my WWFM Flashmob event in June
  14. I'm live in Market Harborough - most of my caches within 3 miles of there - Some of them are rather mad/different though! (and I do have 4 kayak/canoe caches near Thrapston)
  15. Your logs are great and it looks like you're not far from me - So I will be happy if you find any of my caches and leave nice long logs
  16. That's a dimension we hadn't thought of, and those are the sort of caches we're looking at. Thanks for the replies Looks like a canoe is best then. Now to find a bargain My boat in the pic (Sevylor SK100) is an inflatable kayak rather than canoe, I do have an inflatable canoe as well, but it's pretty slow and hard work to paddle! Here is a Bookmark list of kayakable caches 'Float your boat... Brickin' it' and 'This way up' are the maddest on the list! If anyone knows of any others that aren't on the list, please let me or the list owners (The Buffs) know. There is also The Boat Only Event in July near Oundle
  17. Great choice Ginger and they are very stable, so you can stand up to get the madder of the boat caches! I'm lucky enough to have lots of kayakable caches near me - mostly in the Wellingborough/Oundle/Stamford area... Great fun Edited to add image
  18. I know, blank logs really wind me up as well I had somebody yesterday who found 3 of a series of mine (PM only) which are all unusual hides/containers (so usually get long logs!) and they left blank logs.... and then they had the cheek to email me asking for a help with one of the puzzles I replied with a hint and was very tempted to say something - but wimped out as I didn't want to appear stroppy!... Although if they find the puzzle and still leave a blank log, I will definitely tell them what I think
  19. Looks interesting! I'm sure I must have a hat somewhere.....! I have my daughter staying with me that weekend, so we might both come along to meet you all Cool I'll look forward to meeting you if you can make it I have arranged a meeting place after the Flash Mob, so people can have a drink/chat afterwards, so hopefully you'll get to meet some other cachers from your area! Please come and introduce yourself if you come - I expect I'll be wearing a T-shirt with 'Splendidz' on the back
  20. Hi Mollymunch I am in Market Harborough if you are ever caching out this way and need some help. I happen to be caching out your way tonight as well!- Irchester An event near you coming up is my Flashmob in Market Harborough on Sat 4th - link If you come along I can introduce you to some other cachers afterwards Or if you are on Facebook there is a Northants Geocachers group. Please feel free to email me if you want any help/advice (although I don't know a thing about caching with a phone!) Didz
  21. WWFM VIII - Mad Hatters in Market Harborough just published Link to event
  22. I often go caching with my friends - 'The Buffs' - http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=f2...75-92ddb33e5d21 .... and I wear a Polar Buff virtually permanently from september to april!
  23. Would that be Splendidz and INCA the Geohorse you are thinking of? Over near Meerkat Harborough. Jon http://img.geocaching.com/cache/log/ed8783...e785c5bdaad.jpg Yes, that's me I've done a few caches from Inca the Geohorse..... but it doesn't amuse him very much and it's a bit of a pain getting on and off, you can get to FTFs faster though Didz
  24. All Tooled up -GCM80G http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= Is one of my favourites in the East Midlands - Really well engineered and great fun to do
  25. I would recommend 'Sneaking around Stamford' too and if you like kayakable caches we are lucky enough to have lots in this area! Try The Panteras BOAT ONLY series Nr Oundle - heres one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...98-888eb27dcf3c Or The Buffs fab new 'Caches by kayak' series nr Wellingborough - heres one http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...25-88f93b82eb8f
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