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  1. Actually, SGTABN, I need all my caches adopted, save the one I plan on making a traveling cache. I'll probably use Kissin Cache because it is within a mile of our home.
  2. Folks, I need someone to adopt my caches in the Fayetteville NC area. I just found out I'm moving to Biloxi around thanksgiving time. E-mail me (NotNutts) if interested. On a related note, I'm considering taking one of my caches at a pre-arranged time and setting them up at my new home. I'll do the same thing every time I move (I'm military , so this will be fairly often). My next assignment after Biloxi will likely be overseas, so that cache may travel quite a bit. What do you think?
  3. If you just want to make fellow cachers angry, just put a tub of night crawlers in the ammo can with the log (they actually melt in the heat!). Or put a micro inside an animal corpse. Also, for a variation on the river theme, use alternating north and southbound rest areas on a highway. Make that a PAY highway. And if you're going to use dead end coordinates, don't put a capsule saying 'dead end'. Just keep them guessing as to whether or not they missed it. All that said, I like a good, old fashioned 2-3 diff ammo can better than those micos. Tink-tink
  4. I just received an e-mail from the NC state park folks (I wanted to put a cache at Raven Rock SP). The rules listed by Honeychile are still in effect as of 26 Mar 04, except the special activity permit fee is now $30. Now I love geocaching and I want to give back to all the folks you hid caches in the past, but $30 every few months is too much. I've also asked permission to place a cache on Ft Bragg gamelands (no go) and I'm waiting on a reply from one of the Fayetteville park co-ordinators. Looks kind of bleek for NC cachers, unless we don't ask permission.
  5. For some reason, when I download the waypoints and look at them in EasyGPS, the points are different from the ones posted at the top of the cache website. Am I doing something wrong? This just started to happen the other day--before it worked.
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