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  1. I think there should be an icon for ALR. That said, I think the objections to ALRs are rooted in the numbers ho problem. I mean you can find the cache, trade at the cache, see all the sights, and even sign the physical log. The only thing the owner might be able to do is prevent you from getting a smiley.


    Besides, I think some of the caches are pretty cool. Me and at least half the respondents to this thread. I daresay its more creative than a Wally world lampost cache.


    At this point I'd like to try to create a new GC acronym: IJAG (It's Just A Game!!!)

  2. Link the cache here in the forums. This is the proper place to air your opinions. OTOH, if the cache area has become a truly dangerous area, log a SBA. Whether the cache owner deletes or not, the reviewers will see it. Don't use the SBA option frivolously (like if you just don't like the cache).

  3. I remember in vivid detail my 100th find -- a full size cache hidden in a huge log covered with ferns in a forest west of Sebring, Florida. It was late AM, my son was along, and I was teaching a group of Boy Scouts how to do orienteering and geocaching. In contrast, without looking at the records, I have no idea what cache was #200, #300, #400, #500 or #600...perhaps when I get to #1000 I will take a photo or something.


    Anyway, is this common? Do most of you (or few of you) keep track of your signficant finds?


    Is it common for #100 to be very special? More so that #500?


    Am I just a whacko or did I get bored after 100?


    I remember #100, #1000, and I'm close to 2000 which I will also remember.

    More than these, though, I remember great locations and container/presentations.

    One I'll never forget was your " View Carre' "

    I didn't get to meet you, but your apprentice did a great job. Thanks again, Bam.

  4. I was on the throne, where I do my best thinking, and came up with this common-sense list.

    • Be a good finder--Trade up or even, perform minor cache maintenance
    • Be nice--Leave nice logs on good caches, leave out agendas, criticize in private, don't freak out when criticized
    • Place caches you'd like to find--a little thought, time and money goes a long way
    • Support GC.com if you can afford it--This is for the mainliners. Jeremy supplies the smack, after all...
    • 'Evangelize' geocaching--Tell like-minded folks about our hobby, and teach them right

    When you read this list, bear 2 3 things in mind:

    1. This applies to the more than casual users
    2. I applied the K.I.S.S. principle
    3. I wanted to try out the 'list' feature

    Let me know what you think

  5. I have never checked the written logs or deleted any on-line logs. However, if I suspected a bogus find, I would check it out and delete if necessary.


    I guess it's just the principle. The peak logs used by mtn climbers mean something to the climbers. Maybe I'm being a bit melodramatic, but a fake log (even on-line) devalues the experience, IMO.

  6. Easy now, folks! Not everyone is as consumed with Geocaching as most of us forum-goers are. $30 will only fit in your budget if it is one of your primary hobbies-else it is a waste. If his family's favorite hobby is boating and he only occasionally GCs, his boat-gas statement is perfectly reasonable.


    Now, demanding features for free that one is too cheap to fork over the $ is another story. I understand, though. As a enlisted military family, we have become a cheapskate out of necessity. You have to pick and choose where your money is spent. I have become a connoisseur of freeware/open source software.


    tink, tink


    **Note to self - read preceding post so as no to look like an idiot when writing a similar post...

  7. - Pick on CCC and her posse gots her back, Yo!


    It's interesting that you say this, since RJB43NH brought it up earlier. At the time you posted this there were 99 posts in this thread, made by 43 posters. Of those 99 posts I gleaned the following:


    4 posters defended CCC.

    14 posters strongly felt that what she did was wrong.

    25 posters were largely neutral on whether she was right or wrong.


    You might come up with a slightly different count, depending on your definition of neutral. Still, this hardly looks like a posse riding in to smother the opposition.

    Actually, I was just trying to sound cool. A better way to say it would be 'mention CCCA and expect a firestorm (from both sides)'

  8. I kind of like it when Jeremy pops in and pops off. It makes me feel like I'm in at the ground level of Microsoft. Please don't ban me for comparing you to Bill Gates, J-money! (and please don't shut off my computer for talking ill of Microsoft, Billy G!)

  9. ...snip...


    A few days ago I took a newbie, an 11 y.o. kid I know from ham radio, that has been nominated "Alabama Young Ham Operator Of The Year" out caching, we found six great caches and discovered and toured an exotic animal breeding farm along the way... a great day I will long remember (ever seen a bearcat?), but I didn't log the finds, just don't care to. He did, that's enough.




    OK, this response may be a bit off topic, but SOMEONE really needs to tell that kid that his hobby choices may in fact lead to him dying a virgin, young ham operator of the year or no. Alright, geocaching isn't the most studly hobby either, but I was married with children before I started this hobby.

  10. If caching with your kids, always bring TP.


    Oh, and Hard work often pays off after time, but laziness always pays off now.


    Also, there's no 'I' in team, but there is in 'Bite me'

  11. If Found It actually meant you walked out to the posted coordinates, found the cache, and signed the log, would there be fewer people playing?


    Would people quit if they had to be truthful?


    Would there be a mass exodus of geocachers to another listing site if they couldn’t claim a find on some Velcro remnants or a piece of string?


    Would there be fewer geocachers if the cache owner didn’t ‘grant’ a find because someone tried so very hard?


    Would geocaching be less fun if players couldn’t tell their young daughters to ask some other gegeocacherIs that a cache in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”


    Would geocaching go under if there was no slothful way to rack up thousands of smileys by logging your own caches, having caches brought to you, or being ‘granted’ extra smileys by some equally lazy cache owner?


    What would it be like?

    Let me add a few more questions to the rant...


    Would Geocaching actually get better with more rules?


    What rules would we use to keep people from cheating themselves?


    Whose standards would we apply to the GC group as a whole?


    At what point would we stop adding rules?


    I cache in a way that appears to be generally acceptable, but I really don't give a flip about the cheating. I find it a bit silly, but mostly harmless (with a few exceptions noted ad nauseum in the forums).

  12. Oh yeah, about the center thing:


    - The geographical center of the lower 48 states lies outside of Lebanon, Kansas, in the middle of a hog farm.


    - The geographical center of all 50 states is located 17 miles west of Castle Rock, South Dakota.


    - The geodetic center of the U.S. is found approximately 42 miles south of Lebanon, Kansas. (Note: A geodetic survey makes corrections to account for the curvature of the Earth.)

  13. Cool idea! I'd volunteer for IL if I weren't a military gypsy.


    For a name, how about 'Cache Across America' or 'Cache Quest USA'


    I hope these will all be quality caches. 50 lampposts would be anti-climactic. However, wheelchair accessible might not be a bad plan. One idea might be a requirement to place it near a monument or historical area that represents the state. IE the Alamo for TX, a ski resort for CO etc.

  14. Great program, thanks so much. I got the stats on my profile now. The only problem I had is that Groundspeak only allows a certain # of characters per block and the html exported was longer than that. I had to split my stats between 2 blocks. It's not too hard to do, thanks to the options built into your proggie. Thanks again.

  15. I love the patch and would like one myself. I recently returned from there in march with the 3rd ACR. However, I'll have to get back with you about that address.....I'm moving to FT Knox next week.


    As far as cheap geocoins go....thats easy. Volunteer for Korea! Try and get stationed at Camp Casey. Right outside the gate there are a handful of places that will make them real cheap....so cheap some units have platoon coins. My LT there paid about $200 dollars for a couple dozen coins. This included the design, a die he could reuse later, and the coins.

    I'd buy a patch myself. I was with the 23d fighter group duing the initial occupation of Tallil AB near An Nasiriya (moved forward from Al Jaber Kuwait)--what a crap hole. My most cherised (not) memories included being chased by wild dogs when jogging and digging latrines in 130 degree heat.


    Besides Korea, I understand you can get them (coins)made cheap in Turkey as well.

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