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  1. About 1200 miles on 3 separate occasions. Our local geocaching organization hosts the Cache Across Maryland (CAM) each spring and hides 10 caches spread across the state. Finding all 10 CAM caches within the designated time period (typically 5-6 weeks) gives the finders the coords to the picnic. Some cachers are known to do single marathon road trips, but our family tends to make 3 dedicated road trips to complete each CAM.
  2. Cafe Press has a few geocaching onesies ready to go. http://www.cafepress.com/+geocaching-addict+baby-bodysuits
  3. Our biggest slump is over a year. Life kind of gets in the way of hobbies, but luckily we were able to get back into geocaching and are looking forward to having our best year yet.
  4. I have a similar situation where my numbers are off by 1. In my case, it turns out that a cache we found was later adopted by another cacher. This second CO moved the cache to a different location in the park, changed the name and theme, but retained the GC number. We found the new cache quite a bit later after the first cache (years later) and didn't even realize at first that this was the same GC number. Even with the rule of thumb "One GC, One Smiley" we decided to keep things the way they are since it really was a different find.
  5. 18 in about 5 hours on a day off from work. This included 3 DNF's and 14 DNL's (Did Not Look). The DNL's were ones that I arrived at the parking locations, but due to muggle activity, chose not to even search for the cache. Sometimes when a lone man arrives at a park where Moms and their pre-schoolers are using the playground, it's best just to move on to the next cache.
  6. A few weekends ago, we were caching in a park that has equestrian trails. Being a horse owning family, spotting droppings on the trails was nothing new for us, but we had a few extra friends of my 8 year old that came along caching with us that day. At one particularly large pile, I decided to have a little fun by bending down to inspect the droppings and anounce that this was from a quarterhorse, aged about 5 years that had passed by here 5 days ago. When my daughter's friend asked how I knew that, I just said you could tell by looking real closely at it. My daughter picked up on the joke and at the next pile announced that this horse was a paint, a female, and had oats for breakfast. Her friend was now truly amazed that my daughter also had incredible powers of observation. I shared a quick glance with my daughter and I knew where this was headed. At each pile, the amount discernible information increased and I knew my daughter was testing just how far she could push this before her friend wised up. Near the end of the afternoon my daughter inspected a pile and announced that it was a male palomino, 7 years old, had been here 3 weeks ago, had hay for breakfast, with a female rider, age 17, who was left handed, using an english saddle, and not wearing her helmet. I asked if the rider's cholesterol was high or low, and without skipping a beat she said it was low. We both started laughing right after we heard, "How can you tell that?"
  7. We have several examples of "potential multiple find" caches in our area. One cache was adopted by another cacher, moved to a new location in the same park, but retained the cache name and GC number. I found that one in each of it's locations and logged it each time. We have another that used to be a puzzle cache but is now a traditional. Instead of solving the coords, they are now given. Same location as before, different name and GC number. I found it and logged it as a puzzle, but won't re-sign the log book and re-log it as a traditional. ed. for spelling
  8. We made little "Cache Aid" kits to be left as trade items or to be used for in-the-field repair. Our typical Cache Aid kit is in a quart size ziploc bag and includes: small composition book pen mini sharpie 2 AA batteries CITO Kit (film canister with grocery bag stuffed inside) 2 ziploc bags We put a sticker on the bag identifying it as a repair kit so others will know that they can trade it down the trail if they want. We made a bunch of these (and about 100 extra CITO kits) before a 1200 mile caching road trip and they came in handy quite a few times.
  9. Looking for: AT Maryland Ohio Illinois Indiana Ammo box First Finders Dance Have available: Prime Meridian CITO Hoxie Geoscout FGA (Florida) Not Another Micro (camo) GCC February GCC March GCC April GCC June (+pin) Puzzle set (4 coins) Definitive set 1 (3 coins) Definitive Set 2 (4 coins) E-mail me if interested.
  10. I like this feature too, but more so as a way to help keep my own stats in line. My "found" and "unique" numbers are different by 1, and when I saw that I did some research to find out why. Then I remembered... There was a local cache that was adopted by another cacher who replaced the container, moved the cache about 300 feet, updated the coords, and invited previous finders to find it again. The hiding method was different and produced a different caching experience. I had no problem logging that one a "second" time since the only thing that was the same was the name and GC number. Even though these numbers alone don't necessarily tell the whole story, I agree that this would be a cool feature for GC to implement. As for CacheStats - I love it and updated my profile with it. I do have a few suggestions though. For html exporting, it would be nice to have an option to select the color of the section headers. Also, maybe filter out the the locationless caches from the states/countries visited and from the map (I manually did that).
  11. Looking for: Michigan (any) Indiana Illinois Ohio Available for trade: Definitive Series 2 (4 coins) GCC Feb 06 GCC Mar 06 Gcc Apr 06 Florida Prime Meridian Not Another Micro (camo) Puzzle coin set Email me if interested.
  12. I think this thread just answered a question I was going to post. While sifting through all the Moun10Bike coins to see which ones were in the wild, I noticed that the vast majority of the ones not listed as in a cacher's possession, were in "unknown locations" or were in archived caches, usually event caches. I guess a lot of cachers park their coins rather than carry them in their inventory.
  13. The Fun Group Maryland Geocoin, "Solomons" - 11-16-2005 (fairly recent) - 10069 Miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #3 - 1/12/06 - 7781.2 miles! Go Jaybee's Experiment - Damenace's Caching Around the World Geocoin - 01/21/06 - 7219.5 miles Go JayBee's Experiment PoSAM's 2006 USA Geocoin #2 - 1/12/06 - 4789.9 miles Kealia's Maryland Coin - 2/19/06 - 2,666 miles Shilo's Phone-a-Friend Geocoin -3/17/06-2413 miles RBC's California Micro #1 - 4/7/06 - 1040 miles ScoutingWV World Traveler 1 - 2/26/06 - 851.5 miles Sawblade5's MIGO Geocoin 05 (MIGO 2005 Refurbished) - 1/17/2006 - 666 Miles Sawblade5's Frozen Bone Geocoin (Frozen Bone Bronze) - 1/17/2006 - 150 Miles Sundailman's March Goecoin CLub released 4-6-06: 75 miles 2006 CITO: released 4-21-06: 2.1 miles
  14. Now that's what I call good music! If we're caching as a family, it's usually in the wife's car with satellite radio. If she's in control, it's tuned to Prime Country. If I'm working the controls, it's Big 80's. Since my favorite rock station switched formats to classical, I sometimes listen to that if I need to relax. Otherwise, it's a toss-up between talk radio and my massive mobile CD collection: Queen (Greatest Hits), ABBA (Gold), Rush (Moving Pictures) and Les Miserables.
  15. We've only done one, and that was in Frederick, MD. I didn't know the cache was at a Cracker Barrel until we pulled into the parking lot. This was the highest muggle factor we've ever encountered. There was a constant stream of people going in and out, plus people were looking out the windows from inside.
  16. 400 caches = 50 miles (centered around Southern Maryland) 13 coins including: 1 Delaware 3 Maryland 1 Kansas 1 UK 1 San Diego 1 Bike Dog 5 USA
  17. I have: CITO Not Another Micro (Camo) Florida (FGA) Generic (will trade set as a unit) Looking for: Selective Availability (any) Compass Rose 2006 Ammo Can Will consider others as well. E-mail me through my profile.
  18. It's rare that I take anything from a cache, but since we are a family of cachers including a 3 year old, she loves to take something. She's partial to toys - dolls, animal figures, etc. This past weekend she took a squishy green slug and a plush Easter bunny, but the weekend before she just had to have a red shoe horn. Go figure! Since we own a Pez trading cache, we've left quite a few Pez holders. Lately we've been leaving either a CITO kit (film canister w/ trashbag inside) or a cache aid kit (extra logbook, pen, 2 AA batteries, mini sharpie, extra ziploc bags, and a CITO kit) depending on cache size.
  19. How about an updated finders list to accompany the updated design? **Full disclosure note** This shameless, self-serving request brought to you by a cacher who found an A.P.E cache last month (after the original cut-off date)
  20. Q2: Our caching "team" consists of myself, my wife, and 2 daughters ages 14 & 3. Of our 300+ finds, our older daughter found one by herself (actually dragged her grandparents along) and my wife has found one by herself (while I was assisting via cell phone). Of the others, I might have found 10%-15% by myself (lunch time caches or while on travel). The rest were a team effort and we consider ourselves one caching unit. Since that's the way we started and that's how we cache the vast majority of the time, we have no problems logging caches this way. But I think this is a bit different from a collection of individuals who tend to cache independently and log collectively.
  21. I like Geocoins that... 1. are round 2. represent states/regions where I've cached 3. are made by cachers I've met personally
  22. If anyone is willing to design one for us, I'm sure it would be simple. Our family is "The Fun Group" and we are from Maryland. I like the avatars with the state outlines and the gc colors filling in, like Crew 153. I also like the "Gx" symbol as part of the word "Group" using a fun type of font. Maybe just overlay our name where northern Virginia would normally be, and you're done! Thanks.
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