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  1. If you open the google maps page where you can see all the caches around. if you click on the one you want as the center and move the map so that that cache is centered (roughly). Then you can click the create pocket query link on the right and the center of the map (the cache you like) will automatically be put as the central coordinates.
  2. I would like to see a way to search for quick stop and grabs. That way if you are out and about you can have a list of quick stop and grabs.
  3. I have the same issue, the only thing i can find to make it work is that once you close the program this error starts. What I do is I have the original installation file saved on my desktop and I just re-install it each time I use it. Doing this works fine (although a little annoying) as long as the program is running, once you close the program you will have to re-install it. Re-installing DOES NOT erase the old data so you will not lose the channels that you already have.
  4. Keep using Firefox Is that the sluggish browser with the naff orange logo DO NOT upgrade to IE 8. It caused so many problems. I use Google Chrome browser and LOVE IT!
  5. Ok, that number does work for writing a note, I did not realize that a different number was needed for retrieve/drop
  6. If you are talking about the navy geocoin than it shows up for me as: TB1BPC7 I tested the number and it does work so you can go retrieve and then place correctly Just so everyone knows you can see the tracking number by looking at the tab at the bottom of your screen (the ones used to switch windows)
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