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  1. Google Earth is good but it shows my geocaches WAY off. This picture shows over 200 feet from actual placement to where Google Earth shows it is
  2. I am currently using the Garmin Legend HCX with City Navigator and it works fine.
  3. E-mail sent via link on coin trader site
  4. OHHHHH, I never noticed the function to collapse sections this should be pointed out to everyone.
  5. I agree I liked the PDF MUCH better, much cleaner and used less paper.
  6. If you want to do it for the purpose of remembering which ones you did, then when you click "FOUND" on the compass screen it automatically makes a calendar entry on the GPS calendar. When you are done for the day just go to the GPS menu screen click CALENDAR then todays date and it will show a list of caches you marked as finds.
  7. Now you need to go out and hide a series of single caches around it to make a heart shape of smileys.
  8. Open GSAK Click TOOLS on top line Click OPTIONS Click HTML tab CHECK BOXES on left side Un-Check DECODE HINTS
  9. Snow can be fun, But then again I am a little tired of all the snow we have gotten lately:
  10. Not sure if it is what you want but you could do a PQ, use the Only I HAVE FOUND. and download/send as LOC. You would not have the logs but you would have the GC# and location.
  11. For me, anything I place I only put "Available in winter" if you can physically get the cache without it being under snow. I wish more people would use it that way but I have noticed a lot that they use it simply because you can enter the area in winter. As for when I find them in the snow, I then walk around a lot to create false tracks and I also Dig the snow away from several areas so that you can't identify which location had the cache.
  12. Geocache Navigator Also see: Geocaching.com's software / Mobile page
  13. Usually that works and I get them in about 20 minutes but on several occasions I don't get them for a day or two and right now I am still waiting on one from 3 days ago. (I saw the thread about the e-mail server so I know why)
  14. I would like (if possible) a way to download the PQ results directly from the PQ list page instead of waiting sometimes several days to get your PQ results. I don't know if it has been brought up before but I couldn't find anything.
  15. You could get the coordinates for where you want to place one, then fire an e-mail / PM to your local reviewer and just ask if the location is clear. That way it will save the hassle of fully placing, then re-locating it.
  16. They took my stapler, if they move my desk again I'm going to set the building on fire
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