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  1. Well, my brother (Mooney625) seems to think it is funny to keep grabbing my pickup truck TB from me and hiding it in Caches. Log 1 Log 2 Log 3
  2. about a 12 mile radius for the current unfound 500
  3. I did a search and came up empty so.... I would like to see my friends finds shown on the Google map, similar to how I can view PQs or My Finds on the map. It would make it much easier to plan caches to visit together.
  4. Noticed a small problem. You do not need to be logged in to see the coordinates so someone could bypass the requirement to sign up in order to view caches.
  5. There is a cache near here that I do not own but maintain on behalf of the owner who lives FAR away. It is placed in a guardrail and seems to slowly wander further down the rail, after a month or two people start posting that it is ...Feet from coordinates and I go back to fix it. I think that they keep putting it back 1 support to the left.
  6. There are already several open topics about this but basically to fix it: Right click on the "Geocaching Network KML" in places tab Click on "Properties" UN-Check "Allow this folder to be expanded" That should fix it
  7. Agreed, us lowly non-members cannot view these caches. $30
  8. My most recent cache I put out is members only for the first month or two because I made it a devious multi. I put a lot of work into it and certain parts can be quite difficult so I wanted to see who of the local cachers were looking at it versus who actually finishes it. For the PMs who want to see it: Lost Forest GC1MQRM
  9. sweet, thanks. it has been upsetting me for a while.
  10. ghettomedic

    Found TB

    on the left side of geocaching page click "trackables" enter the tracking code and it will bring up the items description/mission page, you can then log that you grabbed it and it will appear in your inventory.
  11. You just log "Discover It", do not "Grab It". That is unless you want to be a smart as* like my brother.
  12. Thank you. I can now look at your bug without that little bit of worry. Silly but true. You also have to watch out for the goofy brother who memorized your vehicle travel bug and steals your truck every once and a while and hides it in some far off cache.
  13. The yellow push pin is the actual location, entering the coordinates manually gets you very close but the automatic ones do not come even close.
  14. If it is on private property and the store manager has expressed concern and seems to want it gone, then unfortunately I think you should honor his feelings.
  15. http://www.geocaching.com/map/default.aspx...lng=-117.237733 This one is a smiley of smileys (at least when you are done)
  16. You could do it so the owner could confirm it is still there. Sorry I had to do it.
  17. If it is "BERT" what you posted seems to work fine
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