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  1. Yes the agenda must go! Email to reviewer sent.
  2. To the original post, not a bad idea. You can view your DNFs by clicking geocaches the Did not find from account page. To post 2, you can just un-check everything except "my finds" on the right
  3. Well you wouldnt want any one to take them would you I am not sure but it would help mine It would be nice so that this will stop happening:
  4. You think these people are crazy: I mean who uses ammo cans for Ammunition anyway?
  5. I also think this would be great, but in the mean time you could build a private bookmark list and use the comments section for your notes.
  6. I would say buy a TB dog tag, drill a hole in coin (if possible) and attach tag, or engrave the Dog tag number onto the coin
  7. I tried that...it's been temporarily archived. Oh, i didn't notice that. Try these, they are still active. TB Graveyard list
  8. You could also place it in this unofficial TB Graveyard: GC72A8 TB Graveyard
  9. Went out and replaced it. I am willing to adopt it if that is your wish.
  10. There is no quick easy way, you have to delete all the caches in it first then you can click edit and archive the whole thing.
  11. Oh well time for me to add one. My coin made it to a whole 2 caches, was picked up by someone who does not return e-mails but still caches. Emergency Response Geocoin
  12. I believe it is this one: Green Jeep The reason he was able to do it is that he was trolling the pictures, this Travel Bug's picture has the tracking code clearly visable. he is an Armchair cacher
  13. 4 stage multi, 39 miles between 1 and 2, 45 miles between 2 and 3, 30 feet to stage 4
  14. Standard Pocket Queries up to 5 per day, one of all your finds once a week
  15. If you are looking for todays info, sometimes it takes a little while for the system to update. You can try the "re-calculate distance" and see if that works.
  16. Open the page for your bug, then just above the logs there is a line "tracking History....View Map" Click the view map link.
  17. No matter what address I enter in the search box I get an error "unknown address: No corresponding geographic location could be found for the specified address" I have tried all sorts of addresses and combination
  18. You could also click the Permanently encrypt button. The log would still be there but encrypted so it will take a little more to see it.
  19. What you are getting means your answer is wrong. When you enter the correct coordinate answer you will get a success page and a map showing correct coordinates
  20. I also use the etrex legend hcx, the button you use for power on/off is also the display brightness, quick presses (Hold down for power on/off) press 1 goes to 50% brightness, press 2 goes to 100% brightness and press 3 goes to 0%
  21. Right, that is my thought. It would be much easier and would not require much programming work on Groundspeak's part.
  22. Just a thought, I would like to see a spot on the Cache page for a hider to post a few notes for themselves that only they can see. Such as a way to remind yourself of something so you don't have to remember every detail about your cache, but nobody else could see it.
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