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  1. "I didn't realize that you NEEDED a GPS to place a cache" Well then you obviously didn't read the guidelines that you are required to, and just clicked saying that you did, thereby lying. It is very frustrating when people place caches and the coordinates are WAY off because they didn't verify coordinates.
  2. The author is a local cacher to me, he has a few hides, some good, some should have had a little more thought. Cacher profile is: PND
  3. I never did get the ones that were supposedly sent to me to place.
  4. 10 Years! Events Anyone can host a 10 Years! Event on either May 1 or May 2, 2010. Be sure to check your local event calendar before submitting one, though: it may already be planned. In addition to the standard event cache Guidelines, there are a few additional guidelines that you will need to follow if you wish your event to qualify for a 10 Years! cache type icon. Additional Guidelines: * Events must be held on May 1 or May 2, 2010. * The name of the event needs to be formatted this way: "10 Years! <your location>." For example: 10 Years! Seattle, WA or 10 Jahre! Munich, Germany. * At least 10 people must attend the event. * Flashmobs do not qualify. * A video or picture must be taken at the event. At least 10 attendees must be in the video/photo along with a legible sign showing the event coordinates and location name. * The people in the video or photo should be festive. Be inventive! But please keep it family friendly. If you are interested in hosting a 10 Years! event, you are welcome to submit it as a normal event cache at this time. We will provide details on how to switch the listing to a 10 Years! event soon.
  5. Pocket Query for caches with the Boat required attribute
  6. I downloaded the google toolbar for Firefox (not sure if it is available for other browsers.)EDIT= Is available for IE as well. When you open a page in another language it asks if you want it translated (or you push the translate button) works well so far.
  7. If they are listed in a cache you own, click to go to the TB page and on the right you can mark as missing.
  8. If you want a visual example of Google Earth being off, this is a screen capture of one of my hides. Off by 55 feet+/-
  9. There used to be one here that was 40+ miles between stages.
  10. I have been trying to get mine for 3 days with no luck, won't run and "Last run" date has not updated
  11. Check out the link above. I use the textmarks all the time, I haven't gotten the DNF part to work but the other stuff does. I have it linked to twitter which then updates my Facebook status
  12. Works fine for me in all configurations. (Windows 7, Vista and XP, Firefox and IE8)
  13. Shhhh....They were gonna put puzzle answers there.
  14. Bookmark it, when you enter the bookmark it lets you make a note about it.
  15. See here: Greasemonkey script status He is working on it
  16. I have the same result (windows live) I get the HTML newsletter but it posts twice, one right above the second. Both newsletters appear ok just posted twice in the same e-mail.
  17. As far as posting the pics. once you have the film developed just get the CD option and you can upload images as a log on the TB home page
  18. Still there for me in IE8, Chrome, Safari and FF
  19. That was how I initially felt about GreaseMonkey, but it is really very useful. It's like a hammer - after you become more proficient in it, every problem looks like a nail. Prime Suspect and Lil Devil both have tons of scripts to enhance different areas of the site. There's another script that will display thumbnails of photos in the log, instead of just the name. And if you didn't notice, I used the script to get rid of some of the widgets on the right column that I don't use. Working on a script is also very therapeutic - that way you don't feel frustration at Groundspeak for not fixing some issue, but instead you get frustrated at why your code doesn't work I agree, I have been playing around with some of the scripts and made some personal changes, like I reduced the State name with the 2 letter abbreviation.
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  21. I will post a DNF if I make a decent attempt at a cache. If I just quickly look without much effort I will not. As a cache owner I like seeing DNFs as I like to see people looking as I have a few "clever" hides.
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