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  1. I am still trying to figure out what the big problem is with the "Like" button. Nothing is forcing you to click it, and even if you do only the people who are your friends on facebook can see it anyway. So if you are not friends with someone on Facebook than it makes absolutely no difference because they can't see it.

  2. I hope someone writes a script to remove that annoying lost and found thing.


    ditto that. :laughing:


    They have (from the update thread)

    Add this to the end of the "Nix White Space" script


    var allDivs, i;


    allDivs = document.evaluate(







    for (i = 0; i < allDivs.snapshotLength; i++) {

    allDivs.snapshotItem(i).style.display = "none";


  3. so I went a few weeks ago and checked the bird cach.

    it held up to the winter weather really well

    I went back this week to restock the swag

    it held up to the winter but some of the local wildlif didnt take too kindly to it

    The eyes are gone as well as all the feathers on its head

    there are also a few small holes in the plastic




    I have a similar set up and just like yours the local wildlife tore that bird up.

  4. Apparently you clicked the box "Yes. I have read and understand the guidelines for listing a cache. " box without actually reading them.

    The very first line "Before a cache is published on the website, a volunteer will review the page for inaccuracies, bad coordinates, and compliance with these guidelines."


    You may want to brush up: Guidelines

  5. I agree that one find is not enough - unless they do the Geocaching to Eagle requirement. Oh well. I also agree that finding one of each type would be preferable but may not be available to every boy in the USA without difficulty and that may have been the reason for the ommission.


    On the issue of a scout hiding a cache, recall that each Scout must have a Merit Badge Counselor that provides guidance. As those folks will likley be some of us, I trust that most (certainly not all) will be well hidden followling guidelines. I'd hope the Counselor as he/she passes along the fun of our sport / hobby will encorage and support the finding of multiple caches of many different types so that the boy is really "hooked" like we are.




    I have already offered to be the councilor for my troop. I plan on having them find at least one of the following: Traditional, Multi, Mystery.

    Also anyone I advise that seem to not be in it for the long haul will probably use my account (with their name in the "hidden by" field) for the purposes of long term care.

  6. It does not from what I have been told and seen... It seems to be horizontal and they don't care about the vertical unless there is an "extreme" barrier between the two.

    indeed, because the GPS coordinates on gc.com are 2-dimensional only and have no altitude information.


    i don't believe the difference between top-of-bridge and bottom-of-ravine qualifies as significant barrier.


    I would think a 600 foot drop is significant.

  7. There is a rather large ravine near me that has a very old wooden foot bridge that crosses it. Someone decided to place a nano stuck to the underside of the hand railing rather than hide a regular or larger (easily doable) in the ravine instead.


    Sorry for the side track, but this makes me curious. If a ravine is deep enough does the 0.1 mile rule work vertically too?

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