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  1. Walking from home to within a 20 mile radius. Public footpaths, bridleways etc Thanks for your help,
  2. I want the same Ordnance survey map on my Oregon that I have on my iPhone and also the same as the paper map I carry in my backpack. Surely it shouldn't be so difficult
  3. I want a local OS 1:25k map to use with my Oregon but non on Garmin's site cover it. However for £19.99 I can get any OS map and use it on my iPhone. Why is that????? My Oregon is an expensive paperweight at the moment. And how can I plan on my computer if I can't copy my Garmin SD maps onto it. Where as I can with the iPhone?
  4. I purchased a digital OS Map 1:25k for my Mac and iPhone link I would love to install it on my Garmin 300. How do you add custom maps if your a Mac user?
  5. and you can view the same OS map on your Mac using Routebuddy for free too.
  6. I downloaded Routebuddy Atlas (free from the App Store) then purchased an OS 1:25k map from their online store £19.99. It works so much better than my Garmin Oregon I'm thinking about selling it on eBay.
  7. They've been £65 at Field & Trek for many months.
  8. Thanks, I have an Oregon 300 with TOPO and a GB Discoverer card. It shut down four times on my last outing. I will disable TOPO next time.
  9. My Oregon has OS maps installed, but planning a route on it is very fiddly. My BaseCamp software has TOPO maps installed but, they don't show enough detail to route plan. Why can't I install my OS Discoverer maps into Base camp? What is the alternative?
  10. Looking for some routes / tracks in the Lake District to download. Could anyone recommend a site? I see there are plenty for Memory Maps but I use an Oregon and BaseCamp.
  11. I can confirm after buying two Gb Discoverer maps that they are just Sandisk cards with no Garmin logo's.
  12. Its gone a little quiet on the updates front.
  13. Thanks, GPSPhotoLinker is just what I needed. Tested it with my Oregon & Canon ixus and it worked as advertised.
  14. Thanks, GPSPhotoLinker is just what I needed.
  15. I dont have a GPS camera, but I would like to use the location feature of iPhoto. I do however have a Garmin Oregon and a non-GPS Canon camera and a Sony TG-3 Handycam. I read on this site about a piece of software for Mac that would combine the two. Could anyone help me find it please?
  16. I was searching BaseCamp for Scafell and it showed this. If I search Pub Pil I get lots of finds. I dont know what it means.
  17. I feel very nervous using my Oregon with a Discoverer SD card installed without a backup copy. Tomtom have covered backups with Tomtom HOME. Can anybody advise anyway similar?
  18. Excuse me if its a stupid question. What does Sca Fell Pub Pil S1537 G mean?
  19. It doesn't work if you copy the contents of the Discoverer (Sandisk 1GB) MicroSD card onto another, the Oregon says "unable to unlock maps." when loaded.
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