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  1. Bermuda didnt even belong to any of the group forums. I approached one of the Lackeys Miss Jenn and asked her to put us in a group. Because there is not alot of forum use by many countries, they dont usually get their own forum page, they share it with other Countries. I have been posted on here for many cachers who are vacationing in Bermuda to let them know we do have a geocaching group and our own website, and a group on Facebook, to help them with any questions they have when they come to bermuda to cache or also to work with us to organize Events.
  2. Hi everyone.... Wondering if anyone is planning on Vacationing in Bermuda or taking a Cruise ship into Bermuda... If you are leave a post here and I will try and organize an event for when your in Bermuda. Love meeting Geocachers from everywhere.
  3. This is for anyone that lives in Bermuda and is visiting Bermuda to find out about the different events that we will be hosting. We are here to help tourists that have questions before they head to our beautiful Island. Stop in and say hello Here is the link that will take you to our website http://bermudaislandgeocachers.com/
  4. Hi everyone, Are you planning a trip to Bermuda or you live in Bermuda, Come check out our website..... http://bermudaislandgeocachers.com/
  5. Hi everyone, I am very pleased to announce that there is now a Geocaching group in Bermuda... Follow the link and let us know what you think... Coming for a visit, we will help you with any of your questions http://bermudaislandgeocachers.com/
  6. Hi everyone, Just wanted to let you know that there are more and more caches being added to Bermuda. many people come to visit Bermuda every year and we notice that more and more cachers come out to Bermuda to Cache... By the time the cruise ships start up again in April we are hoping to have over 150 caches for you on the Island. Come and check out our new webpage and let us know if your planning to make a trip to Bermuda this year. Happy caching everyone.
  7. I was wondering if anyone has been to Puerto Rico caching. Is there any caches you would recommend as a must. Anything we should know about caching there. Thanks We are planning to go for a week in March Thanks
  8. I would recommend Bermuda, there are over 130 caches on the island of all different kinds... and its still quite nice in November... B)
  9. If you want more information you can email me darlenedavid2008@gmail.com
  10. Hi everyone.... I just wanted to let everyone know that lives in Bermuda or planning to visit Bermuda, that we have a new group for geocaching on Facebook come check us out Until i get a website up and running I have a group on facebook so if you would like to join the group on facebook the link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/215488281855593/216532428417845/?notif_t=group_activity Darlene
  11. Anyone going on the Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas to Bermuda April 21 - 26, 2012. You should check it out sounds like they are doing a geocaching cruise on it... sounds like fun
  12. TwinjayHawks has some great caches on the island.... and now Bermuda has over 115 caches on the island and 3 of them are diving caches.... a cruise is a great way to go to Bermuda caching... if you want more information on cruises to Bermuda contact me... I am working to get a Bermuda caching cruise for April of 2012 Just email me.
  13. Exactly as NorthernPenguin said...... After reading your comments under other peoples quotes... Grow up and stop whining like a baby... if you dont want to maintain your caches... ARCHIVE THEM.......
  14. Lots of variety there and the cachers who come over on the cruise ship really enjoy that there are quite a few caches in Dockyard...... Bermuda is a great place to cache.
  15. There are 3 new diving caches in Bermuda that are on sunken boats... I am hoping to do these ones in October after i have taken diving lessons, plus one diving school know about the caches and are able to help the divers with these caches.... Has anyone done Diving Caches...... I am hoping to put out a few caches in Bermuda for people who like to snorkel....
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