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  1. Addis Ababa. I spent 3 months there in 1995. Nice people, good food, all around nice place. I can't take the next question as I'll be in Crowsnest Pass for the next few days.
  2. My earthcache (Mazama Ash - Edmonton) is listed on Waymarking.com, and I haven't heard anything excepted for the discussion on the forum.
  3. Don't worry about me.. I can take a joke! But I guess there is some truth about that going-east thing! All j'ai to dire is nous are rendue crazy ici. In autre words, tous ce que I veux say is, we are fou here Je love la diversity de our merveilleux nation!!!
  4. Exactly, I would love to do some of these earthcaches and have done some of the grandfathered ones. I love seeing them added to my icon count. I do not like switching between sights. I am a geocahcher. Lets keep it all at geocaching. Neat and Tidy. Who cares if the log book I sign at the find I brought with me. LOL. I spend to much time planning on one web site to worry about the Waymarking site. Come on guys its a hobby. I would love to have more options. I would visit more earthcaches and virtuals if they were on geocaching. Visits are the point are they not. Totally. To me, container vs. no container is a non-issue. Geocaching is a hobby that has evolved beyond that limitation. The post above also further confirms that people like earthcaches, but don't want to deal with the hassle of Waymarking.
  5. I don't care much for collectibility, I want to show people geologically-interesting sites. I understand peoples concern container vs. no container, but earthcaches ARE different than most other Waymarking categories because they have well-defined criteria and are held to a higher approval standard by the GSA (unlike many other wishy-washy categories of Waymarking). Also, many earthcaches are in places where a physical container is not allowed, like in national parks, where geological-wonders are abundant (although Parks Canada and geocaching groups around Canada are working towards a comprise), whereas many other waymarks are in places where a geocache can be placed. I disagree, exposure IS a valid reason. The fact is is that earthcaches listed on geocaching.com get FAR more visitors than those on Waymarking.com (though I won't speculate on reasons why earthcaches on Waymarking.com have failed to attract the same attention in this post), and if that's what it takes to attract visitors, then I'm all for it. It is very discouraging to spend the time developing a quality earthcache for Waymarking and have very few (if any) visitors, and yet watch all the ECs on gc.com enjoy immense popularity. It is obvious that people LIKE earthcaches, but they don’t want go out of their way to find them on (the still confusing) Waymarking.com. I would whole-heartedly support this movement. Let me know what I can do to help, but I'm going to need some models. It would be especially nice if the geocaching and Waymarking numbers and statistics all came together in our profile. J.A.R.S. In the end, this might be the best solution for everyone. I don't see why Groundspeak can't develop one all-encompassing site for geocaching AND Waymarking. I can see it now, a tab for waymarks between geocaches and trackables on My Profile page on geocaching.com. The bottom line is that I want earthcaches to be exposed to as many people as possible. If more people visited my earthcache, I would definitely develop more of them.
  6. I have just read in the Waymarking forum that Groundspeak has announced the glorious return of earthcaches to geocaching!!! Happy days! see the discussion at: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=144141
  7. As a student geologist, I really like earthcaches. Blast gc.com for moving them to Waymarking, because there have been far fewer published earthcaches ever since (don't get me started on that topic). My favorite cache is a little known, out-of-the-way, undeveloped hot spring, near White Swan Provincial Park in the Kootenay Region of BC. I was shown the place while attending a geology field trip, and found out shortly afterwards that this was the site of an earthcache. I highly recommend visiting this one and taking a good soak in the pools. The most relaxed I've ever been while geocaching. Lussier Hot Springs Earthcache (GCQV3F) by South Surrey Scavengers http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...d3-e8d27664478c
  8. I can't think of a good one right now, so I'll just ask an easy one: what does GIS stand for?
  9. I assume that is 10pm EDT? As for the question, I have no idea...I'll guess 1956, but maybe a spy submarine did it first ?
  10. Yay! I'll stick with a similar subject, since orienteering season just started again around here. What terrain is represented by the color white on orienteering maps? glacier ice?
  11. ...unless you cache in Alberta and hunt down OftH's brass cap series
  12. Evidence of a glacier Yes... but please define the three individual features. I could, but considering I'm leading a helicopter-supported geology field trip into the Cariboo Mountains starting tomorrow, where we won't have internet access (or any nearby caches to find for that matter), I'll leave it to someone else . BTW, we'll see lots of the second and third features there. I haven't seen the first feature around where we'll be.
  13. I see that someone beat me to the punch...and my answer was incorrect
  14. electrical circuit breakdown due to the bombardment of cosmic rays
  15. 'My Profile' page has been reorganized and has reverted to the version before my latest update. I know this because I passed the 300 finds mark this weekend and added that to the milestone list, but it seems to have gone missing. Has this happened to anyone else? Does anyone know if it will return with my latest updates soon or if I should make the updates again? And what IS with the ***?
  16. hmmm...I stand corrected. I guess I should review my notes from my GIS courses. The next question is yours.
  17. You got it! OK, as for the speroid, the answer I was looking for is WGS84. Does anyone know what that stands for?
  18. I take the first part back, I recieved my bronze pin in the mail today! It looks great, thanks GSA! I think I'll wear it to Edmonton's next event. Now, just one more EC outside of Alberta and BC and I'll get a silver pin.
  19. decided to cut this post...
  20. Right country, wrong place, and the spheroid has a name and a year associated to it. The spheroid approximates the shape of the earth and smoothes out irregularites (highs and lows).
  21. OK, what does 'NAD83' stand for, where is it centred on and what spheroid does it use?
  22. not red shift, the other one. Red shift occurs in signals moving out of the Earth's ________ field. 'blue' shift and 'magnetic' field? Blue shift is correct. Besides electromagnetism, what is the other force that can act on objects larger than the atomic scale? Gravity You got it. The energy of an EM wave increases when entering a gravitational field (blue-shift) or decreases when leaving a gravitational field (red-shift), as described in Enstein's theory of general relativity.
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