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  1. Oops!! Didnt know I was answering. YES, District of Keewatin, which is also the name for the land based county of Nunavut, and a very large (area, not population) county in north west Ontario. Your go rock man OK, let's stick with geography. Name the only two provinces that extend north of the 60th parallel AND name the only state in the contiguous US that extends north of the 49th parallel.
  2. I sent notices to people that had logged the waymark and invited them to relog on geocaching. They were quite happy to. A couple like the addition to thier count. even if they logged their visits before the educational aspect was required?
  3. YAY! So did mine! Happy days! Good question, I have some people who visited my earthcache as a waymark and want to know. What is the consensus on this issue?
  4. Sorry...shoulda been more specific....what we're looking for is a particular "belt" of volcanic activity. the coastal mountain belt?
  5. Name the most active volcanic region in Canada. (think beyond province) I know that Mount Garibaldi errupted about 10 000 years ago. In geological terms, that was yesterday. Not sure what you mean by BEYOND province.
  6. What do you mean where they start individually? A circle has no start or no end, right?
  7. Still waiting for my earthcache to be transfrerred from Waymarking to geocaching. I predict and eagerly await an immediate increase in popularity of my earthcache as soon as the transfer is made. Just wondering if anyone is seeing progress on their earthcaches being transferred to gc.com. Post here when your earthcache was moved over. I'll let you know when mine gets moved.
  8. True, I suppose. However, the factors mentioned above are generally beyond the publisher control to fix or power to change. An earthcache can readily be disabled or archived based on an honest finder's testimony without having to physically visit the site. In the case of physical caches, it is the hider's responsibility to ensure the cache does not become geo-trash. The problem of a trashed geocache requires that the cache be fixed by the hider either by replacing or removing, and thus the hider must be available to make changes accordingly.
  9. Seeing as how the NEW earthcache thread has gone off topic in a hurry, I'm going to post this here for the moment: What is it that needs maintenance? The rock was there before we got here and will likely be there (barring new development that requires blasting) long after we blow our selves up sky high. There is nothing to sign on site. In fact, one of the requirements for an earthcache is that you are not allowed to leave anything at the site. If there is dirt on the rock, the finder can brush it off. The developer shouldn't need to sweep the rock clean so that the finder doesn't get dirty. Maybe it's the type of geologist I am, but I can't see why a rock requires maintenance. Rocks outlived dinosaurs.
  10. Foreign currency from overseas is fun to find for those who collect it.
  11. Most of mine have moved over. I was told there were just about 150 left to go. It seems the only ones left are yours and the ones I visited on Waymarking. I've been checking to relog on gc.com. I'm still waiting for my EC to make the move too.
  12. So back then 5_Star caches were the norm? ... back then, there weren't many drive-by micros yet
  13. In other words, 4.6 billion years old (aka 4.6 Ga, Ga = giga annum). The world was a very different place back then. There was no atmosphere to protect the surface from cosmic rays and burn up in-coming meteors, no water and much of the crust was still molten. Conditions of the early Earth were harsh to say the least. Your question Couparangus.
  14. Hhmm.... Quebec? not Quebec, think more to the North OK, how about the Northwest Territories I fiqure if I throw enough darts, maybe one will hit the target OK, OK, it's the Acasta gneiss (say 'nice') of the Slave geologic province in the NWT, about 350 km north of Yellowknife. The rock was dated at almost 4.0 billion years old. I'll ask an easier question. How old do geologist estimate the Earth is?
  15. Hhmm.... Quebec? not Quebec, think more to the North
  16. you're right about it's in the Canadian Shield part, but it's NOT in Ontario. The sedimentary rocks from Australia have detrital zircons that were dated to 4.2 billion years old. That means, the igneous or metamorphic rocks in which those zircons were crystallized were eroded to shed sediment (including zircons) for those sedimentary rocks were that old, but the deposition and concretion of those sedimentary rocks MUST have occured later, therefore the rock must be younger than 4.2 billion years. Without fossil data (ex. biostratigraphy), there is no known process to date the age of deposition of a sedimentary rock. No one has successfully identified the source rock of these sediments. At that age, there is a very good chance that the source rock has been lost to erosion.
  17. Coo' . Where is the oldest known (dated) rock in the world from and what is its approximate age? You can state the location as an approximate distance and direction from the nearest populated centre if you like. Bonus marks if you can name the formation, the rock type and geologic province the rock occurs in.
  18. I'll take a stab and say the tunnel in Roger's Pass?
  19. You got it! I would have accepted anywhere between 6370 and 6400 km. Next question is yours!
  20. You're absolutely right, but the difference is of the order of 20 km or so. So, here is the question, reworded: What is the AVERAGE radius of the Earth, in other words, the number that is used in intorductory calculus and physics classes?
  21. While we wait for the next question, I'll ask one to keep this place busy. Q: if it is in fact true that the spike is driven into the centre of the earth, how long would the spike be? I'll accept the answer in units of metres or kilometres. hint: it would be a hell of a long spike
  22. Who is the ESA people keep talking about? I thought it was the GSA (Geological Society of America) that approved earthcaches.
  23. An email from geoaware arrived in my inbox today informing me to update the requirements of my earthcache to ensure that the waymark is transferred to gc.com. Happy days!!!
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