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  1. well, if it isn't limestone, I'm going to with another common sedimentary rock type, sandstone
  2. Nope To me, thats like asking "Where and how old is the Intermontane Superterrane?" the Intermontane Superterrane is speculated to be Jurassic to Cretaceous in age. If my guess at the real question is correct, that makes the rocks of the Niagara Escarpment older than rocks in the Intermontane Belt. edit after QJ's edit [Edited to say: Isn't asking the composition and age of a rock more of a geology question?]: I see what you were saying now QJ. I couldn't resist answering that since I knew the answer.
  3. Sounds like a geology question to me! I've never learnt about the escarpment, but given the rocks in the surrounding area, I'm going to guess that the rocks of the escarpment are probably sedimentary rocks, consisting perhaps of limestone that was deposited during Silurian or Devonian.
  4. you bet! I couldn't tell you why we don't just call it the Hudson's Bay water shed. Over to you 2H2G.
  5. That's two water sheds named. Which one is the confusing one you are asking about? No, two names are given to the SAME water shed. I'll rephrase the question in case there is any confusion: There is a water shed in Canada that is known as the 'Atlantic water shed' to western Canadians and as the 'Arctic water shed' to central and eastern Canadians, when in fact, it is the very same water shed. The question is, which body of water does this water shed drain into?
  6. We already do it here in Alberta as part of a virtual cache, but it would be nice to have something more official.
  7. OK, this game has been inactive for a few days, so I'll take the next one. Here's a Canadian geography question: It is common knowledge that rivers channelize water and move it downhill, eventually attaining the ultimate basin, the ocean. A group of rivers that drain an area and flow into the same body of water define a 'water shed'. One particular water shed is known as the 'Atlantic water shed' in the western Canada, and the 'Arctic water shed' in the central and eastern Canada. What major body of water does this confusing water shed drain into?
  8. how about: SAVE ME G-PS (sound out Gee-PuS)!
  9. you must be a far-westerner! As a former Ottawan (sp?) transplanted to Alberta, let me report that we STILL have snow here in Edmonton and no sign of it leaving anytime soon as the forcast predicts some -20-something in the near future.
  10. you asked a question without knowing the answer ? How would we know who's right ? Not specific to this question, but has anyone else playing this game noticed that there have been many 'guess the number of jellybeans in the jar'-type questions recenlty? Don't get me wrong, I don't mind that type of question once in a while, but I liked this game better when an answer can be given without blindly throwing darts and hoping to be the closest. If this is what the game has evolved into, it's become old to me. (end rant)
  11. we've had the white stuff since before Halloween in Edmonton. In fact, I've played hockey on the outdoor rinks a few times. It's been over zero over the last little while, but not high enough to melt all the snow that's fallen this year.
  12. Don't know of any active caches near thse places, but I haven't looked for any in a while, so there could be some. Have fun on your tour, the snow should be excellent sweeeeet!
  13. I'll be on a bus tour led by Backside Tours skiing Red on Dec 30th, Whitewater on the 31st, Ainsworth Hot Springs on Jan 1st, back to Red on the 2nd then back to Edmonton. We'll be based out of the Prestige (hotel, motel, inn?) in Rossland. Last year, I found the now defunct 'tree-o-ski-o cache' on Whitewater. I won't have access to a personal vehicle during the trip. Are there any active caches that are on or close (walking distance) to those hills, hot springs or the Prestige? I don't know what the plan for New Year's Eve is yet, but I bet the party will become local lore in Rossland after we're done . That's why we're spending Jan 1st in the hot springs rather than skiing!
  14. The USGS must be running out of geology to look at if they are now into naming hoards of animals! BTW, don't believe everything you read from the USGS. Seems like the watchful eye of the Bush administration will be looking over their shoulders now to ensure that findings by the USGS are consistent with 'American values'. Might this be the end of credibility for the USGS ? http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/bush_scientists
  15. I tried to post on the Edmonton forum as a test, but it won't let me.
  16. Strange things are happening at the Edmonton forum. The forum seemed to be on and off yesterday. 'Page not found' came up a few times. Also, the main page isn't recording date and time of latest posts anymore. Posts that did make it through were repeated 3-4 times. ...cue theme song to the Twilight Zone
  17. I'm guessing it is to proceed at an aximuth of 045 degrees from north and to expect a slope between 29 and 45 degrees.
  18. you got it! The next supercontinent will likely occur when the Pacific Ocean closes and the western Americas collide with eastern Asia. Needless to say, it will be a while before that happens. Your question HFR.
  19. I don't think interest fizzled. It was unclear what you meant by "go men go". To me it sounded like you were passing the question on but not saying who got it. Anyway, here's my question: Over the history of the earth, the supercontinent cycle has run its course several times. In other words, the continents have assembled and disassembled many times. Supercontinents have been shown to be a contributing factor to global cooling by changing major atmospheric and oceanic circulation patterns. Examples of past supercontinent are Rodinia and Gondwanaland. Name the last supercontinent. Bonus points if you can name how long it existed and when it broke up.
  20. No one said anything about FASTER than light ...that would be impossible .
  21. That little bit above got me thinking about this some more. It occured to me that if he travelled at the speed of light, he would have as long as he wants because time would stand still (as described by the famouns quote "a moving clock runs slower").
  22. assuming he only drops presents at night (say 12am-6am) in any given time zone, then I'd say 30 hours, one hour for each time zone plus six hours buffer in case something comes up.
  23. Ha! This may be true, but not what I had in mind. That may be a relict of an older datum or just poor surveying. These are the answers I'm looking for. Your turn Donna.
  24. My guess would be NWT, Nunavut, and for the states, MAINE and MAINE alone I am asking for Canadian provinces, not territories. Only one state in the lower 48 goes north of the 49. QJ has named it, but it isn't WA state.
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