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  1. Just to add that some of us don't even use cars so the co2 issue is non existent, but I expect most of those pepole responsible use some form of personnel motorised contraption. Geocaching is asupported by a number of organisations whose primary role is the preservation of their land by having formal aggrements with them e.g. the Forestry Commission and National Trust and we geocachers work with them in this aim. And yes it does seem rather narrow minded with disregard to the bigger picrure.
  2. I am a newbe, but I would be intrested to discover the founders of geocaching in the Uk/ England/ Wales/ Scotland/ N Ireland etc.. I think my first knowlege of geocaching came form Tim and June on the telly with Cris Packhem but I couldn't afford a GPS then. I am so hounerd that they recently left one of their T & J Bears in one of my caches. So I think Tim & June of Winchester should be in the hall of fame. Edit: just re-looked and looks like it was 2003 bbc linky: http://www.bbc.co.uk/southampton/features/.../bbccache.shtml
  3. I agrre that 2.95 is better, Sorry but my track logs are still eritic and the compase hasn't been right since v 2.86. Having said that I can now get an EGNOS lock sometime, but it only lasts for 15 - 20 mins, strangly though the GPS most of the time in a fairly clear area reports as +/- 8 ft even in the city of Winchester where I live, as such the reported accrucy is a lower number than on my vista but sometimes my 300 is closer to the cache and other times it is way off. But yes the current beta build is better ....still a lot of work to do though.l
  4. Sig items stateing your name/ town/ geocache name/ cords/ etc.. I think are fine, but if I find any business cards of leflets premoting a commercial or charitable intrest, for example the local curry house or the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals) I remove during maintenance visits. I like to keep my caches compleatly agenda free - one reason I like geocacheing. Edit: TB's and Geocoins are allways welcome in my caches, and the odd 'visit britain' pen or 'Microship' keyring is fine also.
  5. If your "series of caches" are all individual trads which can be logged separately, then when you have collected the numbers from them all you can use these numbers to work out the co-ordinates of the Bonus cache I would say that the Bonus cache should be a mystery/? cache. On the other hand, if your cache page takes you to a starting point, then takes you through a series of stages where you gather some number from each cache along the route but all the information for the route appears on that one cache page then I would set that as a Multi cache. Does that make sense?* That's my take on it anyway! MrsB *... and if it doesn't, then drop an email to your friendly local reviewer to see what he/she thinks Said by someone who is very close to a reviewer Hope that does as an alternitive to a admin.
  6. Ditto, I was confused by this when doing my first cache.
  7. I supose Google Earth is your friend. But it might help pepole who download a PQ in say a 25mi area and either don't have maps on their GPS or their GPS is without the abbility and they are in an area unfamilier.
  8. How about an attribute for 'countryside' and one for 'urban'
  9. Good idea ... but only if you need to 'opt in'
  10. This one I'm regualy reciveing. Although the fourms are often slow I have noteced that in IE8 if I turn the "in pivate filtering" on they are normaly faster - thats my experience anyway.
  11. Normaly for me (I hope): 1st DNF 2nd DNF 3rd DNF or e-mail the cache owner. 4th if applicable e-mail the cache owner.
  12. I got curious... It would appear that somewhare on it's journey someone switched the coin for it's replacement without the owners knowlege, thus the owner has asked for it to be laid to rest. No clues though to what the 'switcher' did with the atual coin But the phrase 'honest thief' comes to mind - hopefully I'm wrong. The TB refrence is TB1Q90D for those intrested. Edit: more digging. This is an extract from a log posted 18.08.08 in GC1BM6B after the coin was placed there but before it was found elsewhere: And and a log on the TB page on 07.11.08: But none of that may be relevent.
  13. Cache note in multiple languages: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/ - on the right hand side.
  14. I think it only works if you have logged one of the caches they use to create the stats, somewhare on the site is a list of caches that they use which I belive are on average 60mi apart in caching hotspots like the UK and US.
  15. It has gone, removed in Febs site update. Link to one of a few threds pleading for it's return: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=215523
  16. Wintonian


    Just edited a typo in this post about 10hrs after origonaly posting it: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...t&p=3880168 Worked for me.
  17. I've seen that attribute used on urban caches in the middle of citys, I think I have even seen 1 or 2 snowmobiles not allowed ones - here down south in the UK I try to use the feature propaly but with out using a load of uneccersey ones, but I'd admit I don't allways get it right.
  18. Can't remember about hints as I normaly use a PQ but you do get the cache info and logs on the Oregon, but if the cache owner has used html then you get all the codeing showing up, which dosn't show up with a PQ - at least that is my experience.
  19. In my larger caches I have added information about what trackables are and what to do with them to the reverse of my laminated GSP stash note, the trackable information is mainly comprised of parts of the GSP TB and Geocoin FAQ, with a picture of a TB dog tag and example of a Geocoin. I have done this to help newbies and other finders to know what these things are as when your in the field the information is not readily accesable and there is a whole page that could be used to infrom pepole that is otherwise just wasted. On my TB I have also typed up and laminated a card with it's mission tracking no. as well as the usual log me at geocaching.com and if you don't want to help please leave me stuff. Edit: some typos.
  20. Yes unfortunatly I very much doubt it would be aproved. You could however aproach Groundspeak with you idea and see if they would be intrested in supporting you by contacting them: contact@geocaching.com, they have done a diabetes related promotion (can I say that?) recently Please approach them - I am however buy-est (spell cheaker would not pick up on my verious spellings) as I myself have mental health issues as do other pepole I know. I realy do hope that Groundspeak is willing to work with you, it hasn't been unkown. However I personaly would be intrested to hear what your orgonisation does, please feel free to drop me a line through my profile. Edit: please let me know how it goes.
  21. From the miain site if you click on "my profile" then at the top next to where it says geocaches click on "mine" and it will show you a list of published caches. If not then it should still be at the top of you profile page under the words "My caches waiting for review," if so you should look at the relevent cache page and see if your local revewer has left a 'reviwer's note' if so it may indicate that you need to make an adjustment to the the cache/ page in order for it to meet the guidelines. Edit: what Keystone said.
  22. Thank you it was a question I had wonderd about. If revewiers are trusted enougth to review and publish other pepoles caches then I agree with your stance Keystone, as reviewer you know the guidlines inside out and if it might be questionable then it apears that you seek it upon yourself to ask for a second opinion. I think that this is great. It is great that we can trust our reviwers and so they may trust us (with in reason.) Is this the same in all countries/ territories? - I think it's great the trust that is shown agmongst the community
  23. Good luck on finding somewhere to place it.
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