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  1. I belive that A road Anarchy is mainly a welsh thing (due to there not being any moterways in wales.) Maybee Mrs (or Mr) Blorenge or some other welsh pepole will confirm that?
  2. Well there is the usuall suspects: Sidetracked Off Yer Trolly Church Micro Moterway Mayhem A Road Anarchy And ofcourse my wonderfull new mini series; Time at The Bar - a tour arround some of Winchester gone and forgotten pubs. But seriously there has to be a pub series so that you could finish your series at a pub. - one for each cache?
  3. Oh I stand corrected and clarified. ...and most of my caches are within a mile of home.
  4. I have just put a geocoin into an unpublished cache, but I normaly put them into the review que the same day as putting them out and as the reviewers here are pretty good they are normaly puibished the next day or same day if I'm luky. I belive that some areas that are not caching hotspots have a single reviewer for several countrys and therefore are revewer challanged.
  5. About 50% on an urban caching trip. 1 was muggled 1 surrounded by the local early drinking, brown paper bag brigade. 1 Spent a while looking and got questiond by BR staff so moved on 1 I just couldn't find even though I spent ages looking. Also 100% if you count my first cache which was considerd muggled and replaced and then refound along with the replacement.
  6. Nor can we all aford it. But yes pound (doller) store or just look at the swag and don't trade. The suggestions above are all good ones.
  7. @briansnat. I can see how someone who is retired might bbe able to maitain say 50 hides but 267 (if you take out your virtuals and events) I'm supprised yo have time for finding them (other pepoles as well ). Out of intrest how does someone maintain a large amount of caches perticualy when a large preportion of them are larger than micros and not tossed in the nearest hedge? Just curious as I have only 4 hides at the moment and couldn't see myself being able to maintain more than say 10 or 15.
  8. Seen them arround here. I thought they might be something to dowith air qulity - now I know.
  9. I'm assuming it will be broadcast on S4C on Sky, not that I understand Welsh even though it is a beautiful language. Just thought Welsh speekers in other parts of the UK might be intrested, and I might even be able to understand the pictures - as long as there not in Welsh as well.
  10. Can't remember if you can do this with the HCX, but try putting the HCX into demo mode (somewhere under system where you choose to use WAAS or not) then selecting a waypoint in the area you are working on and chose to navigate there and if it asks you if you want to move to that location insted of navigating there choose that option and the GPS will think you are there if the option s not there then forget everything I have said.
  11. Don't know about Trimble, but try logging out then in again that seems to sort a lot of issues for pepole who have just upgraded
  12. What your talking about would require Site Coding, something not the responsibility of Reviewers. As such I'd suggest a new topic is started in the Main Site Forum, to bring it to the attention of the Lackeys who are responsible for doing so. There is nothing to stop anyone putting local caches on a Watch/Bookmark list, so that they are notified of new posts to any cache which it appears the owner is not maintaining. As already stated very few caches are immediately Archived. The majority of these are Landowner Requests that the container is removed or they have already removed the container. Needs Maintenance & Needs Archiving Logs, flag up cache issues. Which lets those watching the caches who might be interested in adopting them,know that they need to attempt to contact the cache owner with the aim of adopting them. Or lets them post details of the cache to their local forum to let others know. Deceangi A few of my own thoughts... Most of the caches I have so far come accross that are archived by reviwers because the owner has not responded to a needs maintance log and the reviwer has disabled the listing. If you want to know about caches that maybe archived soon where the owner has not responded to reviwer contact then if you are a premium member the notification tool is at your disposal to inform you of listing that have been flaged with an SBA or disabled log, thus as most will know you will recive the logs by e-mail and that will tell you if the listing was disabled by reviwer and why. In the case of listings with a SBA log you can e-mail the owner about adoption or if it has been disabled by the reviwer you can inform the reviwer that you intend to maintain the cache instead of adopting it in the absence of the owner. Or if an owner has archived a cache themselves you might be able to (if the owner agrees) sweet talk the reviwer into unarchiving the cache, but I suspect you would have to arrange this fairly soon after the archivel. If none of that is sutable then you can allways "clone/ copy" the archived listing with the same details and cache type and create a new listing in your name. This seems to me like a resonable workarround and in anycase I would have thought the maintaince of a cache is more important than who owns it.
  13. I've noticed the HTML shows up on my Oregon 300 when useing "send to GPS" but it dosn't when I use a PQ. Any reason for that?
  14. Maybee mail the TB owners so that the can put a note on the bug page telling pepole to ignore or even scrub out the note on the bug. But why would a person try and enforce their own mis-interpritation of the guidelines? I'm not expecting an answer that implies a high level of sanity.
  15. They might even be GC.com members - now that would be good cover.
  16. I wasn't trying to mix in google map issues asit is the GC.com cache info page that will not load in a sepreate window, it's just the link on the map and that works fine. Also I mentiond GC.com and the fourms as I wasn't shure which issue we were refereing to and I do see now reading back that it is just he GC.com one. Oh well there was me hopping we could kill two birds with one cache-rock.
  17. A compleatly diffrent minor difficulty.
  18. With GC.com I have this problem randomly but normaly when requesting a chace page, I normaly use the map and select the link in the pop up info buble, some days every thing is fine other days it just seems to hang and hang and time out or if I am luckey it will load the cache page but seems to take forever. On the fourms this happens randomly normaly resulting in a time out or too many connections error after quite some time. In the fourms it is more frequent but only last from a few minutes to 3 or 4 hours and only seems to be when I click on a link the takes me to another page within the fourms. These issues are consistent with bothe IE7 and IE8 as wellas Vista SP1 and Win 7. Edit: It dosn't seem to happen so often reently on the fourms as it did up to a few weeks ago.
  19. 1st Idea: unfortunatly I think some numbers cachers might try to dip the bug into caches they haven't found or have DNF'd. No reason why it can't show up on your profile how far in total you have moved trackable or even how far all the trackables you own have gone - might be intresting to know. 2nd I think it would be cool to have a flag show up when the TB has reached it's goal also letting finders know that it has and to start sending it on it's way home. 1 thing though what about TB's with mulitple gouls like visiting every contitant or every countie in the country?
  20. I think it's good that they are now aware of Geocaching. We could all help them keep us and the country safe or they could at the extream pass legistlation banning the hideing of things near to sensitive areas, I am also still a bit concearnd about what appears to be another additonal use of anti terror legistlation, maybee someone should pubish a book - 1001 uses for anti terror laws. And unfortunatly as often happens in here we have started to go down the road of - Someone should put the Lion King on here often
  21. Forget it I misread the OP.
  22. I never thought of useing childern as TB's I assume we are thinking about TB195GA, the cacher picked it up in Oct and intrestingly seems to log quite a few Sidetracked caches and this month has logged two on the Swanage steem railway. They have picked up and dropped off at least one other TB so I don't know why they have kept hold of this one unless it has been misplaced (god forbid.) By trying to contact the cacher you have done all that you can (I think?) But these thing do re-appear many months latter sometimes. Have a look in the TB fourm to see if there are any other suggestions the have worked for pepole in the threads there.
  23. Found this the other day before upgrading to 2.98. Hasn't happend before or since, think I'll send it off to Garmin. The shots are of the same continuous track, just that it won't fit on the screan. I was on a train at the time so deffintly not going at super speed - well not in this country anyway. power cycled and all was fine. Anyone else had this happen or was it just a fluk?
  24. My first cahe was a vertial and waited and poseted anyway after not hearing back. I have recently done an Earthchce and I sent the e-mail then loged the find straight after and havn'theard anything. I get the feeling that very few owners will reply to you e-mail saying it's ok to log, on the other hand if you havn't answerd the Q's correctly I suspect you are more lickly to be emailed back.
  25. Is it me or do they all have the same code? - mine seem to.
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