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  1. Just for your info someone else has brought this up in the new release notes thread post #35
  2. Wintonian


    Or ofcourse you could have obtaind the co-ords from a premium member.
  3. Or maybee they couldn't find the cache when they lost them, in which case they get an exscuse to try again Nice thing to do though. Have you tried e-mailing the last couple of finders to see if they belong to them?
  4. By now my own thoughts are well known, if less than popular. My take would be that if you have a legal right to be on a footpath then it is unreasonable to expect you to forego that right. However, the advice from the farning community seems to be that you should avoid fields with "iffy" looking inhabitants and find another route. Fair enough, but what are the farmers' thoughts if I was discovered walking across land which didn't have a public right of way. Would it be reasonable for me to use the argument that the footpath was unpassable so I was finding an alternative? You will notice that there are no smileys in this question, it is a genuinely serious attempt to find out. A quick read through the link posted by Hampshire Hog makes it pretty clear- The Ramblers’ Association offers the following suggestions for walkers concerned about their safety when encountering cattle in the countryside. It is worth emphasising that the majority of attacks occur when dogs are present or cows are acting in defence of their calves: Be prepared for cattle to react, and, where possible, walk carefully and quietly around them - do not split up a clustered group. If you have a dog with you, keep it under close control, but do not hang on to it should a bull or cow start acting aggressively. Cattle will usually stop before reaching you. If they do not, just carry on quietly, and do not run. Should a bull or cow come up very closely, turn round to face it. If necessary take a couple of steps towards it, waving your arms and shouting firmly. Above all, do not put yourself at risk. If you feel threatened, find another way round, returning to the original path as soon as is possible. Remember to close gates behind you when walking through fields containing livestock. If you are attacked or suffer a frightening incident, report this to the landowner and the highway authority, and also the HSE and police if it is of a serious nature. I can't find anything in that that uktim or myself haven't already said or tried to tell you so maybe an "official " source should put it to bed . Main points - 1-Be prepared 2-Don't hang on to your dog 3-Face the animals - dont turn your back on them 4- Don't run and keep calm 5- If you feel threatened find another way round Even the RA don't say you have an absolute right to walk the path come hell or high water . Also according to DEFRA:
  5. I have heard diffrent opinions on what you should do when arriving in a field with cattle, some of these opinions do come from seemingly semi "official" sources. Anyway I thought this link to the Ramblers Association that deals with the issue, what you should do and the legalitys of animals in fields along RoW might be of intrest.
  6. Same as you normaly log one into or out of a cache, you just drop it in and take it out at the same time and if you want to realy tidy about it and you use a note to do it them you can also delete the note without affecting the millage.
  7. Still wating for them to fix the random shutdowns them.
  8. The original question was "what does a 1 by 1 look like". For the sake of new onlookers, I will spiel on this topic a bit. 1x1 refers to the terrain and difficulty ratings. Both are rated from 1 (easiest) to 5 (hardest). So a 1x1 would be easy to get to in its physical enviroment, and easy to find once you got to it. There is no set appearance for a 1x1. It is only a rating of the challenge level it presents to the cacher. So not the size of most urban caches then
  9. If it is going to take some time to have the new software up and running the I would be happy with a tempoary fix like the one you suggested. Are you going the same way as me.... Do you mind shareing the fare...
  10. Wintonian

    Hotels Link

    As long as you live in country begining with "A"
  11. All it'll be is they won't put the icon for it on the desktop & start menu by default but it'll pester you endlessly until you make it visible. I read somewhere (cant find the link ) that there will be a link on the windows 7 desktop that allows you access to the internet to download the browser of your choice , oh and that windows update will start immediately and IE will be an "optional" download I didn't here that bit but it looks like OEM' will be provided with a free IE CD or they can choose to install a diffrent one if they s choose. Mind you what about the retai version and will the upgrade option upgrage IE. Softpeadia
  12. I lost access at 08:30 BST (PDT + 8) and havnt been able to connect all day, it's just rather frustating.
  13. If only there was an alternitive to Google Earth.....
  14. If there is a perticular language you would like to translate from then prehaps it might be worth asking in one of the regonal fourms to see if someone from that area is willing to help you with transilation which might be better than the bable fish's I ha come accros.
  15. Geocaching reviews for the Geko are here. Also I find that the GPS normaly gets me to within 30ft but yosometimes you need to need to look more towards 60ft (more sometimes) perticualy if you are under tree cover when the GPS can't see the sky so to speak. Hope that helps.
  16. Wintonian


    Just makes it difficult when you can't search for 3 letter words - unless you can't see the obviouse ofcourse.
  17. Well it has been a really long time since I did a forum swap but here is what I remember struggling with. Importing 6 years worth of post without loosing any post. Also links to other post need to be fixed so they don't point to the old forums. New and different features will cause outrage from forums users, ie "I can't search like I use to", "My hand created screen scrapper doesn't work because this isn't like this" "Why did you take this function away" and on and on and on. Creating a method for the posters name being a link back to the non forum software Groundspeak profile could be difficult. Also the ID number of users needs to be imported the same, some importing services purge unused ID's while importing. This would be a disaster they way the forums integrate with the Groundspeak/geocaching/Waymarking sites. Also little things that you would think would be unimportant cause angst. Does anyone remember when this forum changed the color of the backgrounds? Oh I do understand prehaps in laymans terms that it is a complicated process , I just didn't relise this was part of the same problem and I was informed that there was allready a post about it. As it transires it is just the same issue and (as it is) I'm just after an update as to the progress of the new softtware that has been metiond - I would like to reiterate thate I did not know that the issue I reported was part of the same problem/ issue at the time. Edit clarity and I think the batterys on my keyboard might need changing
  18. Apoligies for the messed up post now corrected.
  19. As keystone has decided to to close my topice insted of merging it I thought I might post it here as I was redirected to here: knowschad's responce: My responce, not knowing it was part of the same issue: followed by Keystones closeing of the topic and recomendation: Edit as it took a while for me to sort out the messed up qoutes as well as being a pain to put the links back in.
  20. Yep list of some of the threads Ihave participated in, I know they are working on that issue I just didnt relise thise was the same one - sorry please merge if you feel it neccersery. Thread wehre I participated Thread where I have also metiond it and my first known posting about it I did start a topic once before I kew it was known but I can't seem to find it now. P.S - the fourm issue genraly is not new to me bt this is and fourm probs seem to happning more often If it is part of the same issue please merde with the other topics. Also an update would be apprecated if thats ok? Edited for clarity - I hope.
  21. Hi and welcome to the hobby/ sport. May I point you in the direction of some links that will hopefully get you started: Getting Started - geocaching.com FAQ's - pinnend in the getting strted fourm Markwell's site for all your pocket query needs and much more. An exelent set of videos by Headhardhat I hope that helps, if you have any other questions then please ask Spelling edit as usual.
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