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  1. While were at it can we ditch the "geocaching in the news" and mega event sections over here as I and I am sure most pepole over here arn't awfully intrested in whets in the Americain press or events in the states or if were lucky on the continent, I know we have a mega event and I would have thought that everyone intrested would know about that as it covers the whole of the UK.

  2. For instance, if you remember that the cache name included the word "Doberman" but you don't remember the rest of the name, or whether it begins with the word "The" or "A," you could search for a cache name that INCLUDES the word "Doberman" anywhere in the name.


    This could be very usefull and this is something I have had trouble with before, when you can't remember the exact name of the cache you are looking for.


    This would also be usefull when searching fo a perticular series for example, the "Sidetracked" series here in the UK, which is a series of caches placed near railway stations and a great starting point if you use the train to get to work or a cahcing trip.


    To conclude I have thought it a bit odd the GS don't include this a search option considering how usefull it may be.

  3. As you might of guessed.....


    I am curious as to how many people work at Groundspeak and how many work on the geocaching side of things?


    If appropriate it would also be interesting to know (even without names) what they all do apart from listening to our complaints :D ?


    While we are at it how many of those excellent volunteers are there?


    Appoligies if I am being far too nosey, I am just courious.

  4. I know all the reviewer do a good job and I have had some of my 11 caches pubished by all of them apart from "the Bee Keeper" but I do hope I don't lose " Graculus" has he has been very helpfull.


    Having said that if they do re-deived the UK then I am sure that who ever we get at this end of the country will do an exelent job.


    But I think "The Bee Keeper" is just reviewing around London at the moment? I suppose if I am right this may change and he/ she may find themselves reviewing other areas as well.

  5. I have never understood why someone in the mists of time decided to create such a silly backword system unless it was ment to confuse.


    In other words - I agree.

  6. Maybe my post wasn't clear. I made the database change about an hour ago and I made my post right after I made the change. So what I'm asking for is feedback since that time. I believe I've addressed the major issue but its too soon to say for sure, so feedback will be helpful to let me know if there's been any improvement (or not).




    It's been impossible for me to get on to the fourm today, but as soon as you applied the fix it's been a breeze.

  7. One minor and one major addition.


    minor: Add pencil sharpeners to your goodie bag. About 25 for a buck at the dollar store. Toss one in each cache that has a pencil, which is probably dull or broken.


    MAJOR: Sure wish I had a cell phone when I fell down a hill and broke my ankle 8/10 of a mile from my van! I crawled around and found a sturdy branch to use as a crutch and hobbled to the car in just under three hours. NOW, I take along a phone and a sturdy hiking stick, along with lots of Motrin.


    First Aid kit!

  8. Or ofcourse you could have obtaind the co-ords from a premium member.


    I am pretty sure that redistribution of PQs or other premium member data is disallowed.


    So are saying that if I have a friend that isn't a Premium Member and we go caching together and I have a "Member Only" cache in my GPSr he/she has to set in the car and wait on me? Or I can't give them the coordinates so they can help such?


    I've read that this has happened and the non-prem member has been able to log a Mem Only cache by copy/paste/send link to log page.


    there used to be a back door for this as I understand - not sure if there still is?


    I suspect that most cache owners would open the listing up temporeroly so that a non premium member can log it.


    I don't think that there is anything in the guidlines that say non premium members can't log those caches if they have signed the log book..

  9. So recently I've been trying to find "hidden spots" or 'local treasures" to hide caches. Secret swimming holes, mountain peaks, abandoned buidings, hidden views, waterfalls, ponds and such. Topo maps have been helpful, like a week ago i hid a cache called Table Rock which was an ocean rock structure that was magnificent and had lots of wildlife! But Topo maps have only gotten me to a certain point.


    I remember when Geocaching Maps had the function of viewing archived caches. There was a cache that had a secret waterfall and pond which required bushwhacking to get to. The cache itself was Archived a long time ago, before i started caching.


    So basically, is there anyway to get the new maps to show archived caches AND IF NOT Is there another way i can find the cache listing? Like a list of archived caches in my county? I do not remember the name or who hid it and i'd really like to find this spot.




    It will still show up in a cachers list of found caches if they have found it.


    If you don't know anyone who has found it then looking at the find history for local cachers might be a good idea as most of them who were caching whilst it was active would have logged it.

  10. Or ofcourse you could have obtaind the co-ords from a premium member.


    I am pretty sure that redistribution of PQs or other premium member data is disallowed.


    But if you are with the premium member at the time.


    What about familys that have seperate accounts for their kids and only use 1 premium account as they only need 1 set of PQ's?

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