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  1. DNF'ed this one today. '12 from the left' The GPS took me to where the paths were at a cross-roads. Think I worked out to what it was refering to and did look but will have to return when more daylight is avalible. I wish pepole would put; 'on your leftt as you come out the wood' or 'in the 4th big tree on the right as you approach from the road' or would that be to easy?
  2. I picked up the silver one of these a couple of days ago. Is it one of the other two?
  3. Thanks, Isee it when I go to log a chache, I just want the image to show in the gallery in my profile and not through any perticular cache. I'm guessing this can't be done?
  4. I'll give it a go. I'm 27 be intresting to see if my preseptions are wrong. I only seen to come accross cachers in a more meture age range.
  5. I have lernt most of what I need to over the las couple of months by reading the fourms, FAQ's etc... but I can't work out how to upload images to your (my) gallery, I have hunted through "my account" and can't seem to find it. So if someone could help out they would recive thanks.
  6. You don't need maps, although I do find the topo helpfull, I didn't start with maps and you can cache quite wellwith out just by following the compase arrow, but I would reccomend taking an paper Ordeence Servey map with you (or it's equivelent in you country) A tip I have found helpfull: when you are planning a route for example look at the street map of the location and compare it to a paper map that you are going to take with you and in turn also compare with the Google Earth image, so you know that you are in the right area like if there is a wooded area, path or just feild,.and can identify what kind of place the cache might be hidden in before you go
  7. Now that 2008 is comming to an end I thought it would be intersting and fun to see what pepoles best and worst geocaching moments of the year are. As a newbee I havn't got much to say but my worst has to be my very first cache, spending a hour looking for an urban micro that I couldn't find and DNF'd along with others, it got declerd missing and was replaced so I went and lookd again and found it, only for someone since to find the origonal container. Rather annoying. Best: as I said I have only just started so probably convincing myself to spend £150 on a new toy to play with. Mind you I might regret it after christmas when i'm poor. Anyway's happy 2009!
  8. I've had my Vista HCX for about a month now and I find it very capable for caching more than I need. On the down side personaly I find that the lay out seems to guided to a left handed person, of which I am one when useing a pen but use my GPS in my right hand. Also there is no key lock so sometimes when I put in my pocket I find that it trys to create a way point that I didn't ask for or the map has scrolled so far off I have to zoom out then back in again to piut it back. Having said all that they are very basic thing that are just a rather annoying otherwise a very good unit that is accreute - regualy displayed as being in the 9 - 21ft range.
  9. Apparantly if you upgrade your account you can get notifications
  10. MrsB What a good piece - defiently worth keeping in mind. I'm sure pepole also make mistakes when submitting, so it's only right that it works both ways.
  11. Being new to the game what I can gather is (having read many posts in the fourm) reviews are volenters who wish to give something back to the hobby and as such recive a lot work, I for one wouldn't expect a reviewer here in the UK to spend half their life running up and down the country physicaly checking out caches and thir locations to ensure complience, therefore geocaching relies on everyone to play their part in ensuring that we can all progress in a way that hopefuly we all aree on most of the time, of course you can't please all the pepole all the time and only some of the pepole some of the time, so maybe their are times when we have to accept that we don't aggree and accept that fact. Guidelines are I would think, there to keep things running smothly in the best way whilst keeping as many pepole as happy as possible. If pepole don't agree with some part of the guidelines then hopefully Groundspeak would look at them and consult with the community on changing them if pepole decide they do need changing. and lets hope this thred can be a little more productive than the other one.
  12. I have been watching this post but havn't wanted to wade in as is dosn't look like it needs another iron in the fire. Having said that this is one of the reasons I like caching - we can put our opinions and belifs to one side and have fun insted, making this a perticualy relevent comment. It is an important debate to have but one I feel should be held elseware. As far as archiveing the cache in the OP is concerned from what I can gather promoting an aganda can be a reason for a cache to get archived, therefore if someone wants to do it volenteraly and GS havn't raised concerns about it for breaking the guidelines then prehaps it shouldn't be an issue.
  13. Thanks that is indeed usefull advice. As a newbee I havn't wanted to step on anyones toes - and have to buy them a pack of plasters to make up Instead I usually just note that I didn't see it, instead of saying that it defenetly wasn't their. So it's ok to say that it certanly wasn't their when I visited, and they won't get upset? Third time lucky IE7 crashed every time I tried ths as a 'fast reply'
  14. As someone who has only just started caching it is disaponiting when you are looking to see what cache to do next and you see a TB or coin listed so you think I'll do that one, and when you get there you find it is missing. A couple I have visited this week have got either a bug or coin listed that hasn't moved for months and I didn't notce them in the cache. I also think that it amounts to not discribing the cache accruetly if the cache owner can mark it as in 'unknown' what to do?
  15. As the cache owner has only just adopted the cache I expect they will pick it up sometime when they have a nose through the log - so i'll leave it to them. Just wan't sure what was best to do, thanks to advising, much apprechated.
  16. Thanks but to clarify, It wasn't in the web log it was on the paper log in the cache itself. I think it was a tracking no. as it was in the form of GK5YN for example.
  17. Hampshire also have maps HCC Rights of way maps. though once you have put in your postcode for example you have to select a property and then you can zoom out to see the nice colourd lines. There is also a list for each parish with the descriptions for each right of way: Definitive Statements.
  18. I was reading a post recently (can't seem to find it now) with regards to not posting TB tracking no.s in the web log. Today I found the tracking no. of a bug that was recently in the chace written in the atual cache log, is that ok or should I mention it to the cache owners?
  19. We call it 'tomato/ tomato' in the UK (one occerance of the word is substatuted by it's pronaciation in it's perticular country) - sorry for confusing - probobly confused you all again. Prehaps someone else might explain in a better way? I was thinking of taking a pair out with me but thought it might not be very enviomentaly frendly - so I asume it's ok if it's only the evil brambles your sabotarging. Also am I just paronid in thinking that the plant life are trying to take over the world ?? (p.s. I am a terrable speller)
  20. Wintonian

    test 1

    Errrr..... Think were still wating for the question. Maybe teach dosn't know the answer yet?
  21. I get the feeling we should have a knobbely knees compietion. Prizes for he worst kness and worst scratchs?
  22. Hi I've only just started caching and am redescovering the past time of being attaked by verious forms of plant life, though unfortunatly I am also redesovering why I gave it up as a kid. With brambles savagley attaking you and trees trying to poke your eye out (one nearly succeded today) is this a secret plot amongest the plant world to overtake the planet and enslave the human race (other creatures don't seem to be in their plans,) and how do you protect yourself againts this thret. Maybe use Secateurs, fire or maybe something slightly more enviomently freindly and more with in the spirit of things like spending copius amounts in the chemist buying plasters. Or maybe I should just go home when it gets dark. Thanks
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