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  1. The GSAK macro works well. I used it with my Nano until I bought the Oregon.
  2. Just out of intrest Chris Packham did a simaler one for Insideout in2003 the link is here. They relised a TB called Gulliver who could be tracked at www.gulliverbear.co.uk but natrualy this site is now dead - I wonder what happend to it? Does anyone know what the TB no. was? It would be intresting to find out the history. Edit: Found another one placed by Chris; TB15D7 which is now in Hamburg
  3. Topo V2 in the UK has points of intrest i.e. buisenes like banks and supermarkets, rather out of date though. Maybee thats included here and not over the great shinny pond.
  4. Not to mention Follow the Arrow created by ...oh I forget now .
  5. The Etrex H is fine as a basic geocahing unit and just over £65 on amazon. Oh and welcome.
  6. Yes, Yes and definatly YES. No probs go ahead, all sounds great to me.
  7. ??? Or here: http://www.geocaching.com/track/howto.aspx
  8. Or behind the houses on the other side of the road up the path? Might be a bit close to another cache though. But see how much rubbish there is and if the council will clear it first.
  9. I can't get in to geocaching.com at the mo to see whch cache it is due to server busy error. But if it's fly tipping or genral highway rubbish then that is something the council should clear, but they have to know about it first. So prehaps see if you can get the rubbish cleard first before considering archiveing it. Edit: just had a look and if it continues to be a problem would you consider moveing it round the corner if you can? Also it looks like it's only the last 2 loggers that seem disaponted so maybe it is only a temporay thing where someone has thoughtlesly dummped some rubbish.
  10. Welcome along. All questions regarding which GPS, how to log, how to find etc are gladly answerd here.
  11. Isn't that a link to the BBC? Look here: http://www.gagb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=1743 Edit: oops missed it in post 3 - sorry
  12. According to the last weekly notification this is in the pipeline.
  13. Yes please. When will this be avalible? It realy is tedious at the moment if you go out and do i.e. 20 caches in a day and you have other TB's/ coins to pick up and drop. So please if anything breaks and needs fixing don't fix it just work on implimenting this great idea.
  14. There are issues with'send to GPS' at the moment see this thred. Try useing IE7 or firefox they seem to work ok.
  15. There are issues with'send to GPS' at the moment see this thred. Try useing IE7 or firefox they seem to work ok.
  16. Geocoins are trackable coins and work in the sam way as travelbugs and move from cahe to cache, sometimes with a spefific mission. Some coins are left as pizes for a 'first to find' but it is not that likley you will come accrose these unless you are FTF hunter. For more infor mation about geocoins look at the the geocoin infomation pages where you fill find an FAQ and instructions on how to log them.
  17. Some are designed to hard to find. To start with I would stay away from micros and nanosunless it is a realy easy to find micro, in which case it probobly isn't a perticualy intresting one. Also with 72 finds I have still only attempted 1 puzzle cache mainly because I if I look at one that is more than simple I get freaked out just looking. You will probably have a lot of DNF's to start with, then as you get used to where and how they a hidden you will start to find more and more, I think I am still only finding 5 in 6 to 7 in 8.
  18. I personaly havn't had a problem useing IE7, but was wondering as it is the next release and has been in Beta for a while now and that Winows7 seems to be moveing along quite well, does this problem occure in IE8? I'm assuming it does as it works in IE7 but a thought none the less. Edit: thinking about it yes I do have an issue with IE7 in that some of the HTML coading shows up in the cache page on the GPSr.
  19. I just wouldn't put it in cache out in the countryside as I belive it might pose a danger to wildlife and livestock, I could be wrong though, so worth checking first.
  20. Agreed - you deffinitly want the "H" to be able to lock on with minimal difficulty. To add a electronic compas go with the Vista HCX, but not everyone will agree on how usefull it is Personaly I find it saves me having to hold the GPSr and a standard compas at the same time, although you have to be patient with it sometimes.
  21. Thats why we have the NHS (National Health Sevice - free at the point of use) Don't want to lose your tax by not getting hurt.
  22. I'm sure some more Brits will pick up on it later today when they awake from their slumber.
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