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  1. I supose it depends where you live but this thred might give you some ideas: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...210117&st=0
  2. Sorry briansnat, IMHO a little blunt (you are usualy like drinking hot chocolate when ill.... nice and warm) Also IMHO yes they are not cahes but maybee in areas like, overhere in England prehaps Whiteall or over the pond Capital Hill where the location is sensitive then maybe on security grounds they should be allowed, again just my opinion. But that dosn't take away the fact that they have been replaced by http://www.Waymarking.com/. (before my time) Edit
  3. Could you tell us what the update was and what it was for, so we get a better idea, also please tell use what you are trying to do - pepole here can help, just need the info. Edit
  4. Phiscial sig - thats how it started right? - part of the game. Pluse couldn't a code be shared around and logged inapropreatly?
  5. Yep I'd second what StarBrand says (as useual) but have you considerd the Oregon (300 prehaps.) You will hee diffrent opinoins about the Etracx rang, Colorado and oregon. I think a good deal of it is up to personal cohice as well as what you will use it for If yopu want paperless cahing the it's Oregon or Colorado, if it's touch screan then it's Oregon otherwise Colorado or Etracx. Also do you want lots of funcionality or siplicity?
  6. There is no spicific clasification but if you consider it a nano then please state it as a nano on the cache page.
  7. For tech qestions this is a good fourm http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showforum=11. Try to repost your question, the fourm does this sometimes.
  8. If you let us know which book you have bought it might hep us to help you, as they say. Also can you be a bit more spicific about what you are trying to do - I'm assuming you are trying to do it with your 60csx??
  9. Q1. Loads, Q2, for all your Oregon needs hunt arround this fourm - there are loads of threds if you look arround. 3, what GPS have bought. If you need help just ask the help clinc is always open. Edit: to spell "clinic" - I hope
  10. yep, opinions here are good and pepole try and help, and yes they do point out the floors and pros as I do. But the some times as an individual, you know what you are looking fo as such it is sometimes dificult to dicide perticualy when you come accros two units, that in their own diffrent way suit you. So yes the best way (as with anything) is to handle them youself, I would say perticualy when you are dealing with touch screans. Also, living in England buying from Amazon is usualy a good bet. Let us know how get on and if you have any probs. (Edits)
  11. Well I have trouble getting a GPS signel at home so I have hung my OR out the window (from 2 floors up - currently praying) as I want some inprovement in accurecy, just some will be nice. Having said that some times it is spot on other times it can be 200ft off. So heres me hoping and waiting. Ofcouse I'll give it some proper skytime soon I'm just inpatient that way.
  12. I'm on here daily and didn't see the threds??? Thanks for the linky's g-o-cashers - was going to open one myself. (Edits.)
  13. Looks like version 2.93 has been relesed. have a look at this linky looking at the following resonce from Garmin it might sort out the tack log issue. I have yet to test, but I hope it sorts out some other issues as well.
  14. ???? Ok, good luck - on trying to post your question again. ????
  15. Some have been reviewd down south this evening.
  16. How to average - from the FAQ.
  17. I now have 100 finds to my name and have only just hidden my first one. This was to ensure that I had some experience of diffrent hides and got it right. 100 is prehaps a little exesive and a personel choice, though I think you should have some finding experience first which should be encoureged rather than compulsory
  18. And the weather of course. A nice location also helps prevent boredom.
  19. Try posting here where the web techies hang out.
  20. In CN 2009 they have listed a supermarket near me that closed down a few yars ago and also located it at the wrong end of town to where it was. So not all that accruate.
  21. The info you need is in the FAQ it is pinned to the top of the 'getting started' fourm.
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