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  1. I was not saying that I would want a travel bug to just be "discovered" of course I would much rather have it travel then sit in some ones hands for months while he or she just lets folks "discover" it. But deleting logs does make for uneasy feelings. I can also under stand some one discovering something at an event I would hope some one would not only discover it but help it on it journey too. I did not mean to ruffle any ones feathers by any of my comments. I would of course do my best to help any bug or coin on its mission if I picked it up. As far as logging discoveries I have only done that with items people have asked me if I would like to discover them.
  2. I have to say I really don't see the problem with "discovering" a travel bug. So it may give the owner a boring email and not move the bug along, but so what? I can understand some people not wanting there coins or bugs at events but once you release a bug or coin to the wild all bets are off as to what you want it to do. I would much rather have my bugs "discovered" once in a while so at least I know they are still out there some place. Seeing that "discovering" I cant see what all the fuss is. I don't think you should delete a discovered log just because you don't like that feature. If you really don't want any of your coins or bugs "discovered" don't release them, that way you will have total control over what happens to them.
  3. I wouldn't mind a Magellan Explorer XL going color would be so sweet! A new set of hiking staffs would be nice too. Maybe some snow shoes I wouldnt mind trying those out in some snow caching. Knowing that the chances of me getting a color GPSr is very slim I would settle for the hiking staffs, I think REI has a new pair with quick releses instead of the twisty kind. I can dream......
  4. Cigar Bubba

    Pq Problem?

    I am getting very strange PQ's also I just downloaded one today and when I up loaded it to GSAK it didnt have any of my recent finds on it at all . I really notice it when I use Pluker on my Palm there it says that the the recent logs as of March 11, 2006. I have noticed this for at least a week or so . I wasnt sure that it was just somrthing I was doing.
  5. Add img.geocaching.com to your allowed list. Well I did that and I still cant see the images. I can see the smaller images on a cache page but when I try to see the image in its larger view all I get is the grey shadow box with out an image.
  6. I am have the same kinda problem on IE6 with ETrust Security Suite I have added the groundseak and geocaching. com sites to my allowed list but I still only see a grey box outline whne I go to look at pictures in a log. Any help would be great .
  7. That doesnt sound like they are being very good geocachers? I mean really if they couldnt place it back where they FOUND IT they shouldnt have touched it. I dont think it is the finders resposablity to replace a cache they found some place they think is better then the hider did.
  8. Hey those look very cool! I think I would love to grab up at least 10 of them . Let me know how I can go about it .
  9. I would love the hat if you dont want it?
  10. Well let me tell ya' I sure dont feel "honorable" I feel like a shmuck! What really gets me is here i go trying to do the right thing and ask, and their is a cache in this area already that they dont even know about. I know they did not go threw this crap to place their cache. I will try and get them to recind that request when I go to talk to them next week. I have to wait now till after the holiday. I wouldnt feel so bad but I was at that Selectmens meeting and they made no mention at all that they would require me to get insurance for the cache.
  11. Well ok I finaly get "permision" to place my very first cache where I would like to place it. Following the "rules/guidelines" that you should always ask first, boy do I feel like a moron now! I got started trying to get permision over a month ago, first I contacted the committee that manages the area they thought it sounded fine and that I should have no problem getting ok'ed for it but they had to ask the Selectmen to allow it because it was a "new" use for the area and not specificly mentioned as a use. Now the Selectmen tell me I can go ahead and place my cache with what I think is a very very big and very coastly to myself. They want me to submit to their office pior to my use of the area "A certificate of liablity insurance adding the Town and the property ," They dont ask for that when I go to hike in the conservation areas in thier town. And their are at least 5- 10 caches in the consevation areas that are in this Town. Now I really dont think that every one of those caches got insurance waivers for the town before they placed them. I am begining to see why so very few of us even bother to ask permision to place our caches. I guess now I have learned and will have to remember this the next time I want to place a cache. What do you all think I should do now? Go ahead and place it ? or try and convinse the town that they are asking to much ? Sorry for any spelling errors Cigar Bubba
  12. Well that does sound very interesting. I think that would be a nice thing to leave at a cache. Let me know what you end up doing?
  13. Thank all of you , I have used your help to write up a permission letter. I hope it works because my girl really want to place this our first cache. Thanks All
  14. Hello , I am not sure if any one has asked this question before or not, I have tryed doing a search for it but have not gotten anything I could use yet. Is there or does any one out here have a form type letter for asking Permission from a park management or town to place a cache? I am hoping that there might be some type I could look at to even give me some hints on how to ask for permission. Thank you for any help you can give me Cigar Bubba
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