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  1. I have used the following: - McDonalds gift card with $2 left - Keychains - McD toys (including video games) I think it would be neat to find one of those deformed pennies from a tourist park. You know, like you put in the penny and your $1, and turn the crank, and the penny comes out oval with a picture on one side. Disneyland and Disneyworld has them (even though it's a federal offense to modify money), along with SeaWorld. My son also got some from several places in Guatamala.
  2. Serial to USB convertor did not work for me on my digital camera. Nor did it work for someone on this site with his GPS. I only know of 1 person where a serial to USB device did work. Therefore, a serial cable is not an option.
  3. First, is there a GPS under $150 which will have a cable to download waypoints from the PC? Which has the best accuracty for a unit in this price range? Thanks. p.s. Serial connection not an option. New computers have not had serial ports for 4 years. It needs USB connectivity.
  4. Remote is the best place for a meth lab. Some meth labs have been found in national parks in remote areas.
  5. I was planning on putting latex over a real rock to make a mold (latex: $12us) then casting another rock from the mold using cement. But the spray foam might just work, I just have to find some granite spray paint. I'm surprised the spray paint does not dissolve the foam. I tried spray painting expanded polystyrene and it melted a little. Granite spray paint costs $10-12us here.
  6. Downloading GPX files from geocaching.com requires a paid membership. For free waypoints, go to the cache page, download the LOC file for the cache (link is near the top of page), and load into your GPS using GSAK. I don't think EasyGPS supports LOC files.
  7. There are many companies that make trackable items. Geocaching.com does not track all trackable items. Make sure you are at the correct website to track the item you found. The coin might have the website address you use to track the item. I just found my first unactivated travel bug. To activated I went to geocaching.com and entered the serial number on the item and the password. Then GC.com gave me the tracking number. This tracking number is the one you publicize and enter on GC.com, not the original number on the package.
  8. I looked at EasyGPS but thought it doesn't support the free LOC files from geocaching.com. Does EasyGPS support sending LOC files to your GPS? Or importing them into its own DB and sending them to the GPS? GSAK does support the LOC files, and that's what I use.
  9. First, as a newbie, you should not do puzzle caches or micros. They are far too hard to find. Stick with small or normal or larger sized caches. Second, what model is your GPS? I was using a Geko 201 with only a 30% find rate, now I have a Garmin 76csx with a 90% find rate. A good gps makes a big difference. Also, there are special ways to hold your GPS depending on the type of antenna. I believe with patch antennas you should hold the GPS parallel to the ground, facing the sky. With quad helix you should hold the GPS straight up, with the screen facing you.
  10. A blue circle also appears on my Garmin 76csx around the current position arrow. It means there is 100% probability you are somewhere in the circle, due to the GPS satellites adding error to the signal for civilians. It is the 20 foot accuracy circle so to speak.
  11. >Did you just call me a hoe? Yes he did. Anywhoo, a hoe is someone who gardens too much. I use GSAK (shareware with nag screen, otherwise full functionality) to move LOC files into my 76CSX. LOC files are free for everyone but can hold only one geocache at a time. You can go to each cache screen and click on "Download LOC file" to get the file. I name my files with the GC code on them. And the GC code appears on my GPS screen. Downloading GPX files requires a premium subscription. But that's another way to go. Of course you must have a cable that goes between your GPS and your computer also. And you must have a driver installed to use the cable.
  12. Ok, I just read the Trackable item faq. It says geocoins containing a serial number are meant to be moved to another cache and tracked. But if the geocoin is more of a promo item with no serial number, can I keep it? I meant if I traded for a similar item of course.
  13. Yes I was signed in. My finds from the last 30 days were had a red checkmark. The older finds from 2 years ago did not. I'll search for the old logs to make sure. (later...) I see my old logs from 4 years ago, so I guess I never logged these 2 other caches in question. Problem solved.
  14. About 2 years ago I found several caches near my house and logged them on geocaching.com. Yesterday I looked at a list of caches near my house, and these 3 caches I found are no longer checked. (In this list, found caches have a red checkmark.) My question is, are my finds archived after 2 years so they no longer are in the system? I suppose I could find them again, log them again, and add them to my count again.
  15. It's possible the officers were doing a stakeout and they didn't want any civvies scaring away possible offenders. Was the car marked or unmarked?
  16. These are cool ideas. I'm going to make a cache out of a rock about 10 inches wide, about 6 inches high. First I have to find the rock when the snow melts. Then I will make a rubber mold, then cast it in cement with a hollow area for the cache. The fact that cement doesn't look quite like a rock close up is part of the hint. But from far away it does look like a rock to keep it from being muggled.
  17. I just bought the 76csx. I bought the handelbar mount and it works fine with my auto mount, which I originally bought for the Garmin Geko 201.
  18. This is a good idea. I have the GPSMap 76csx, but the car mount blocks the mini usb port, so I can only use the round port.
  19. And the cache owner could have just had a bad day, unrelated to the poster's DNF. And the owner brought his bad mood with him in his reply. It happens. Life happens. I think the owner was a little uptight in his reply though.
  20. GPS #1, $130. GPS #2, $400. Some gas, about $30. Getting exercise, finding new parks and interesting places, seeing my son have fun with his dad: priceless. I already had: hat, sunglasses, fanny pack, water bottle, shoes, and other outdoor equipment.
  21. I have been collecting knives since I was about age 8. As a kid I used to carry a swiss army knife in my pocket, but it wore a hole in the pocket in 3 pairs of pants. Now I look for a light, strong knife and I have some favorites. I bought 10 knives from a catalog for $30. I assumed most would be cheap Chinese knockoffs but I might find a few gems in the bunch. Most of them were quite good quality, all were folders, and a few were fairly light for their size. I never used any of the features of my swiss army knife except for the blades, so I just carry a folder with a blade only. The only time I use the non-blade features of my leatherman knockoff is around the house. I keep it in my kitchen drawer to do quick repairs. So I do not think a swiss army knife is worth the extra weight.
  22. I don't know about freezing weather, but most of the ballpoint pens I use at work dry out after 10 seconds or so of sitting on my desk. That means I have to scribble on a scrap of paper each time I want to use the pen. I don't use gel pens because they always smear. Except I found the Bic Ultra Round Stic. It writes the first time every time, in office conditions. It might be worth trying this in cold conditions.
  23. I mentioned in another thread that I use clear packing tape on the screen of my 76CSX. It is the perfect width and I just cut it to length and trim with a razor. Sticks real well too.
  24. Headlights are great. I have a Septor light with 7 LEDs, but there are 3 different brightness settings, so you can save power by only using the lowest setting (3 LEDs). I also take those hand warmers in the winter. The disposable kind. A water bottle for the summer. Electronic mosquito begone (yes, they really work, but only on one side of your body so you need 2.) Sunglasses, a few bandaids, pocket knife, bandanna (has many uses). Suntan lotion. Lighter. My car keys has a microlight (LED based) for a spare light. I've had the microlight 4+ years and haven't changed the battery yet, but I haven't used it much either.
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