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  1. OMG! Does that Lacrosse charger show amps available in each battery as it charges??? I MUST have one. "It shows amps available for each battery when charging is complete." So if your amps are declining, so is the battery. So it tells you when to replace the battery basically. OMG OMG OMG!
  2. Why do people leave junk in caches? 1. People value different things. Some people thing it's more important to put a used toy (new to the child, who will love it) in a cache rather than put it in a landfill. 2. Some people assume the geocaching hobby to be a one-time expense. They buy the GPSr then don't plan to spend any money after that, because they really don't have a lot of extra money. 3. Some people just keep forgetting to buy swag at the dollar store or do not know what to get while they are there. 4. Some people don't have a sense as to what swag is useful or not. 5. A few people honestly thought geocaching was just for "taking" items, not trading.
  3. Perhaps you'd call it novel, or just a good idea, but here's one of the better caches I found. It was in a swampy area behind a lake, and you had to cross a stream to get to it. Your feet would get wet if you weren't wearing boots so the average person would not even go into the area. Once you got near the cache it was up in a dead tree. Kids could not reach it (nor see it most of the time) and adults could reach it if they climbed the dead tree, or got a long stick. I thought the location was a good way to keep muggles away. And the height was a good way to prevent messing with the cache.
  4. Actually it's a survival technique. Wet clothes wick heat away from your body faster than just naked skin. The user must have fallen in the ice, got to shore, taken off his pants, then ran like h*ll to a warm place.
  5. Ok, so I click Options, Track this thread, then choose No Email so I don't get any notices for replies to that thread. Thanks.
  6. Is there a way to bookmark forum threads? I noticed a Bookmarks section in My Account, but when I went to a thread I didn't see any option to bookmark it. Are bookmarks used only for saving caches?
  7. First, the OP did not say their partner WAS their dad, they said he ACTED like their dad. Second, if the partner is yelling when he should be having fun, they are taking this WAY too seriously. Caching is a fun pasttime, not a race. Third, uncontrolled yelling often indicates a more serious problem on the yeller's part, such as anger management issues, or other emotional issues, such as blaming someone else for their own problems. You have to decide if this is the kind of person you want to hang around with. Can you handle the yelling or not? If you can, great, hang around them but don't complain, it's your choice to cache with them. If not, find another partner. You will find that, as you grow up, you will have to make difficult decisions like this again and again.
  8. I just like to find the caches so I just sign the log without trading anything. When my son goes with me he takes stuff to trade but rarely finds anything he wants, and he ends up not trading anything either. We both have more fun finding the cache rather than trading.
  9. Hotmail and Yahoo mail can get really backed up sometimes. That would cause a delay of several days. They are, after all, free email accounts with millions of emails PER HOUR to process. Much of it is spam too. My current spam count is 80%. 80% of the email I get is spam. However 2 years ago it peaked at 90% spam. Also, the ISP (Hotmail or Yahoo) can have spam filtering turned on, which could be filtering out mail from geocaching.com. Or you might have a spam filter at the PC level, would would also filter out geocaching.com. Solution: whitelist geocaching.com at every spam filter you could be using.
  10. Your character is defined by how you behave when noone else is around to see. Unfortunately, this tells us a lot about the character of certain people. Some people only care about themselves.. Welcome to Earth. I agree with that. But there is a minority of cases also you don't mention. Some people would like to play the geocaching game, but don't have the money to buy swag. Though they trade for stuff they think people might like, they really shouldn't trade at all.
  11. I thought about that. But while the GPS is in the auto mount, the mini-usb jack is not usable. Only the round jack is accessible while in the auto mount.
  12. I bought a Pfranc adapter to go in the round 4 pin hole for my 76csx. My intention is to power my 76csx via the cig lighter on long car trips. I also bought a cig lighter extension cord, and cut off the end I don't need. Now I have 2 wires, completely unmarked. So I no longer know which wire is positive or which negative. I got out my multimeter and set it for resistance. Going from the center of the plug part, to wire A, gave me 0 resistance, meaning those 2 were connected. Going from the center of the plug to wire B, I got infinite resistance, meaning there was no connection. So now the question becomes, is the center plug positive or negative? Next question, the guy who made the adaptor said get a cig lighter plug with a fuse and a 1/2 amp fuse. I got one with room for a fuse, but none of the fuses in the automotive aisle are labeled with amps. How do I tell which fuse is 1/2 amp? Most auto fuses start at 5 amps, then go 10 amps, 20 amps, 30 amps, etc. This will not protect my GPS. Thanks for your help.
  13. Are there any molds so a DIY person could make their own lead geotags? Lead is easy to melt, all I would need is a mold to make my own geotags as signature items. It could even be a simple one sided mold. Or how about some type of coin stamp to stamp wooden coins? That would be easy too. I guess the person would just pay to have the mold made, then cut up wooden coins and stamp them.
  14. We call them "sleds". Or "that round disk-like sled thingy".
  15. Me: "I'm just on a fart walk." Muggle: "3 MILES from the nearest road??" Me: "It WAS Mexican food." Re: littering in Michigan Placing anything that does not belong in the woods (like poo) is littering.
  16. I got the 76csx for $400 to my door from gpscity.com. I think it's money well spent, considering I had many problems with my clunky Geko 201. Plus I have no other maps, just the basemap, which shows highways only.
  17. The knife limit has been true here in Michigan since I was a kid, though no one could find out if the limit was 3 or 4 inches. They were afraid if they asked then the police would come knock down their door and take away anything that looked like a weapon.
  18. I'm not surprised if these items were manufactured in China. We seem to have a lot of problems with Chinese-manufactured items like trinkets, and pet food. Back in the late 1990s the CPSC found a baby teething ring filled with (wait for it) Kerosene! A baby toy...filled with...kerosene. Some had burst, that's how the parents found out it was kerosene, then reported it to CPSC. What were the Chinese thinking? Especially since kerosene is much more expensive than water. Why not just give the baby some matches so he can light up if he gets cold? Sheez. Also, crayons labeled as non-toxic (made in China) also contained lead. And you know how kids like to chew on crayons. The crayons also said they conformed to some ASTM rule, which guarenteed they did not contain lead. But they did.
  19. Those pipe ones look just like pipe bombs. In some areas it is illegal to make one of these under the "falsifying police report" charge, or something similar. It's just a bad idea anyway, especially if you happen to get a prosecutor in a bad mood.
  20. I own one active cache right now. How do I ignore just the emails I get when people log the cache? Is the "Ignore listing" on the top right of the cache page the correct link? I still want the cache to appear in lists of caches, and on the "My caches" page. I'm asking because I get 2-4 emails per day from this and really I don't need to read them.
  21. There are fiberglass fibers you can add to concrete. You might get them at Home Depot or a large chain hardware store. That should help with the strength and cracking issue.
  22. Scuba shops sell waterproof bags designed to be used under water. Camping shops sell water resistant bags designed to get wet or rained on, but NOT designed for underwater. A good Tupperware container might work also, or perhaps build your own out of 6 or 8 inch PVC with screw on seals and rubber gaskets. What depth were you going to place the cache?
  23. Candy bar sales usually go over well. Try to get not just chocolate, but low-fat things like Skittles or Gummi Bears. Also, a few churches around here do garage sales to raise money. Everyone donates goods for the sale, all proceeds go to the church. On the last day everything gets a 50% discount to sell quick. Anything not sold is donated to Goodwill. I offered some live red cherry shrimp to a church garage sale to use as a door prize or just an attraction. They are to be used as pets. But the church refused. I guess it's too specialized, recipient must have an aquarium. Let me know if you want some shrimp. I'll give you a good deal. My son (age 10) has been in scouts for 5 years and just became a boy scout.
  24. I have a 76csx and I think the software is very similar. Anyway I think I went to the map page, then hit the Menu button, and there was a "Clear all waypoints" option. If not, go to the System Setup page, Find an icon for Waypoints, and look for an option to delete all waypoints. Anyway, I did do this last week, just not sure how I did it.
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