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  1. Welcome to geocaching! You did much better than I did. Out of my first 10 tries I think I found 3. I had no idea how devious some people can be when hiding caches. You have to be just as devious, and that takes time. Reading the forums to learn how people hide things helped me a lot. You were probably right next to that third cache and you never knew it.


    As for your GPS, you might find it has occasional trouble losing the signal under thick tree cover in the summer, when there are lots of leaves out. I always had trouble with my low-end GPS in those conditions, and even with my high-end GPS in the jungle.

  2. Garmin Nuvi 1450. I've left my Nuvi in the car this winter and we've had extremely cold temperatures, -10F before windchill at times. When I plug in the Garmin auto adapter into my car, the adaptor light comes on, but the Nuvi thinks it's connected to a PC and gives me the green bar, and then the PC icon with a black screen. It was working fine last week.


    Is there any hope for this? It's not really worth it to repair it since I can get something comparable for $100.


    But I bought a new non-Garmin adapter which had the same mini-USB adaptor and provided 5vdc and the Nuvi still didn't work.


    Is there anything I can try to get it to work in my car?

  3. Well, this is what I did. After I logged in to myGarmin at home, I wanted to download a software update. There was a box on the website page that listed devices, and it said "no devices found". I assumed this listed registered devices, but I think it lists connected devices instead, and I don't think I had my Nuvi connected to the PC at that moment.


    So, problem solved. I connected my Nuvi, downloaded the Web Updated, and got a software update.


    Now if my Tracfone (Net10) only had service in Canada I'd be all set.

  4. I started registering my nuvi 1450 on my dad's PC. Then stopped after I entered the serial number. Now, at home, 200 miles away, I cannot register this GPS on my own computer (windows PC). How do I register this on my own computer?


    Software update seem to install at home but my "mygarmin" web page on garmin.com does not list my device (nuvi 1450) when I log in.

  5. I have $200. I would like to buy a new GPS for my car with routing ability. My Garmin 60csx does not have routing, nor the detailed US maps. Besides I want a bigger screen anyway.


    I'm looking at one of the Nuvi's. I am in Michigan and will be travelling in Canada frequently. Which Garmin is best for me?


    Note: I have seen the stickied links about reviews and did not see any reviews for car GPS units with routing.

  6. It really helps if someone is there to show you. Knowing how to enter the coords of a cache, and clicking "go to point" is not enough. Knowing that once you are within 30 feet of the cache the GPS starts going wonky, takes experience. So what I do is when I am within 30 feet, I sight a line from my GPS arrow to the object it is pointing at 30 feet away, like a tree. That tree becomes my center of a search circle.

  7. Some of the more interesting caches I found:

    - 3 inch high black plastic container hung against trunk of bushy pine tree. It was very hard to see in there even in bright daylight.


    - Flat cut stump standing on end. I picked up stump, nothing was on the ground. The container was stuffed into the end of the hollow stump so it wouldn't fall out!


    - Real electrical box (silver) stuck to a black light pole with magnets.


    - Cache hidden 6 inches underground in a wood box. Top of box was covered with dirt, but handle was a wild looking branch. So only the handle showed. After 45 minutes circling around this one, I kicked the branch and it didn't move. Bingo.


    - I hid a cache near a lampost in my yard. Most people take the top off my lamp and look inside (lamp does not work) but it's not there. Muhahahahahah.


    - My GPS led me to an old CB radio lying on the ground but I couldn't remove any knobs or take it apart to see if a cache was inside. I think the coords were off on that one.


    - I have heard that people hollow out a large acorn and put it on a pine tree. :)


    - I found a tiny 1/2 inch circular magnet with just the geocache number inside. Stuck to the back of a metal stop sign.


    - I learned that some turkey decoys have a hollow back. And the cache was in there! I kept telling my son: "That's not the cache, it's just a decoy." lol

  8. GPS signal accuracy, IMO, is highly dependent on the amount of signal scattering trees between the satellites sending the signal, and your GPSr. Thicker foliage, gives greater problems. On a boat on a lake, GPS signal reception and interpretation is fast and accurate.


    It is also dependant on the software, chips (SIRF III is better) and antenna type (patch is ok, helix antenna is better).

  9. It wouldn't surprise me that you had a power surge at the wrong time, and it happened to fry your internal USB hub. At an old apartment, my voltage went up to 138vac all the time. I was puzzled when my UPS would magically shut off, but it did that because IT'S SUPPOSED TO. I reprogrammed the safe voltage range for my UPS and it all worked fine, until the voltage went even higher! 140vac.


    To say that your power company regulates your voltage to 110vac is really a misnomer. And that's why you get a UPS.

  10. Same thing happens to me with my GPSMAP 76csx, whether I'm in the car or walking. I can be 500 ft from the cache and it says "Arrving at destination". This only started happening this year (2010). I've had this unit since 2004.


    Wait. I've had some electrical system problems in my car this year, on the same circuit that my GPS plugs into. The car fuse has blown every 3 days. The fuse blows only when the amps exceed the fuse rating. I better see if my 76csx has an internal fuse. I learned too late that the cig lighter (which powers my gps) and my car interior lights (which blew out) are on the same fuse.

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