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  1. Hi Karen Just downloaded the BeeLineGPS software. Looks good - should be better than using CoPilot Live as I am at the moment. I have an in car charger for my Orbit though so can leave it charging most of the time!!!! Addicted - hell yes!!!!!!!
  2. Ooopppppsss!! I think it may already be too late!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks VW and Spannerman. I travel all over Devon and Cornwall for work so will be keeping busy I'm sure!!!
  4. Many thanks Dave. Which one can I go and look for now!!!!!!!
  5. Hi All. I am new to Geocaching! I found my first cache today - "Tamar Bridges" in Plymouth. Nice and easy to find and I'm hooked! I am using my O2 Orbit PDA with GPS at the moment and it seemed to do the trick for this one! Cheers Peter
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