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  1. Thanks guys, I promise I searched around, not easy to find this one. I will try it in the next few days. THANKS again!
  2. Will we ever see a Wherigo player for VGA devices??? It's been reported many times that text is garbled on Windows Mobile VGA PDAs, OpenWIG doesn't see the GPS (either Bluetooth or internal) - so that leaves us with... not working product... The concept is awesome, but so far badly executed...
  3. And I longer than you. Its the "gui designers" call, not the database admins. Hey guys, we didn't mean to start a flameball. Just noticing things that were different between the logs on the PQ and the HTML page itself. I should've written UI instead of GUI, as a good developer is also a good UI designer. The consistency of the order which logs come up on PQ and HTML is in fact UI - User Interface. One is graphical the other not. My point is that it's not consistent and you both know that writing consistent, standard-abiding and easy-to-navigate programs is what the end-user experience is all about!
  4. Once again, thanks for explaining it to me!
  5. Interesting stuff. Thank you very much for explaining how it works... Agreed, not a bug, but bad GUI design. Why? Because it's inconsistent and user expects one thing from both interfaces... To be honest, I don't care which way it is, and I understand both POV, but it should be the same on the HTML page and identical on the PQ... Anyway, nothing I can do, too little priority for this to be even considered, I'm sure...
  6. Hi all, not sure if this has been asked before or not, or there is some obvious answer. Please point me in the right direction if that's the case. I did search through the forum and gc.com website via google. Can't find an answer. Pocket Query - I noticed that DNF logs are not being displayed in the GPX file after being generated by Pocket Query. All the other logs appear to be there fine, just the DNFs... If I click "GPX Exchange File" on the cache, they all come up in the .GPX file, but not if it's ran as pocket query. Is this how it's been designed, or does this not sound quite right??? THANKS!!!! B&B
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