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  1. Geo Woodstock is taking place in Nashville, TN on Saturday July 3rd.
  2. I have plantar ficitis in my right foot. Tried New Balance sneakers and they made it hurt worse. Believe it or not the Land's End all weather mocs at $29 made all the pain go away. I rarely have problems with that foot anymore unless I'm on my feet a lot and not wearing those shoes. I plan to try LL Bean's version of Birkies sandles for the summer. Hope they work because the all weather mocs are too hot for summer in TN.
  3. How about cake instead of donuts? I just took a butterscotch pound cake out of the oven. This house sure does smell good
  4. Thanks......you most definitely got a deal. The rocks I've been seeing that are that size are very expensive! I like the gas fireplace log idea too.
  5. I wouldn't have either! In fact, I don't think my feet would have been touching the ground.
  6. Hmmm....the garden store? Is it wooden? brain is ticking away with evil ideas It's very real looking in the picture. I couldn't tell which one was fake until the 2nd shot.
  7. HAHAHA...Did that at walmart last night!!! I did that at Target today. Walked out with 4 caribeaners, some hand warmers and a keychain thermometer. "walked out?" i hope you paid for them first. *giggle* .... yes, I paid for them. Not paying for them would have interfeared with my cache time as I don't think any are hidden on jail house property
  8. HAHAHA...Did that at walmart last night!!! I did that at Target today. Walked out with 4 caribeaners, some hand warmers and a keychain thermometer.
  9. Attempting to post a picture
  10. Can someone recommend a free hosting site that allows hotlinking? TIA
  11. We found out about 3 weeks ago all about poison ivy. Nothing here was blooming yet. Barely any buds on the trees so poison ivy never even crossed our minds. Won't make that mistake again. My 14 yr. old daughter had the worst case I'd even personally seen all over the right side of her face. It was swollen twice it's normal size, all red and purple, eye swollen shut. Poor thing was miserable and nothing was making it feel better. Finally made a trip to the doctor. She got a shot, a script for Prednizone and he recommend an over the counter wash called Domeboro. It's granuals that you mix with water and pat onto the affected area. It really helps dry up the blisters along with easing the itching. Now that I know what it looks like and that it never really goes dormant I've noticed it everywhere. I had no idea TN was so covered up in it. This thread offered some great information to help prevent it from happening again. Thanks for that. Both vehicles will now have a bottle of rubbing alcohol in them. We already make sure we have long sleeves, long pants and boots on regardless of the weather because of ticks. Ivy is another reason to wear this protective clothing. I've also heard that you can spray exposed skin with deodarant before heading into the woods and that would help keep the oils off. Don't know if this really works but it's certainly worth a try.
  12. I've been lurking for a couple of months. Mostly I've been reading the forums to gain more knowledge of the sport. My husband, 14 year old daughter and I began caching a couple of months ago and we're totally hooked. We live in middle Tennessee.
  13. Don't I know you? I'm female and I cache with my husband and 14 year old daughter. We're new at this and became hooked immediately. I guess I would classify myself as "outdoorsy" as I used to hike a great deal and we all love to camp. I think this is a great way to spend quality family time together, get outside and get some exercise and expore areas that normally we would never think to go. Looking forward to this for many years to come.
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