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  1. I selected a radius of 35 miles within my home coordinates. It shows that there are 1179 caches. Of that 1179, which 500 does it select. If I read everything right, it will be sent to me via e-mail, correct? Thanks - cachinspree
  2. I purchased CacheMate and GSAK last night and I wanted to try and create a PQ. I have a Palm Zire 31 PDA. What are the most commom radio buttons to select when using PQ's? I want to make it a s simple as possible for now. Thanks - CachinSpree
  3. Thanks for the help. Now all I need is my new 60CSx to come in so I can try it out. I'm pretty sure I'll be back with a new thread on how to do PQ's and get everything I need downloaded. Stay tuned for that one. Thanks - CachinSpree
  4. Pry to this post, I have already purchased the CacheMate 4.1.2 software. Does the CMConvert software come with it? If so, I guess I already have it, correct? Thanks - CachinSpree
  5. I have a 60 CSx ordered so I will go ahead a get the GSAK software and be done with it. Thanks - CachinSpree
  6. I have a 60 CSx ordered so I will go ahead a get the GSAK software and be done with it. Thanks - CachinSpree
  7. I am downloading Cachemate for my Palm Zire 31 PDA and I am not sure what version of "CMConvert" to download. I am using the Georgia Geocachers Assoc. guide that I found on this forum. I do not see the CMConvert download file under the Palm OS window. The only other one thety show is CacheNav 1.0.6. Here is a link to the page on Smittyware that I am looking at. Thanks - Cachinspree http://www.smittyware.com/prodlist.php
  8. I looked for a cache a few days ago that led me to an old cemetary. I am pretty sure where it was hidding, but my GPS put me wandering around a few graves so I left it alone. I'll go back again one day and look again. I did spend a little time there reading the headstones. Lots of interesting facts. Thanks - CachinSpree
  9. I bought mine last week form www.compuplus.com . It was 269.00 then. Thanks - CachinSpree
  10. Thanks for the links. I'll take a look at them. Thanks - Spree
  11. I got my E-bay Palm Zire 31 PDA in the mail today. I know nothing about them. From reading other post, the best two programs to buy appear to be GSAK and Cachemate. Is this correct? What else do I need? I am a premiun member and would like to know how the PQ's work and how to download them to my computer and then to my PDA. Any help or information will greatly appreciated. Thanks - CachinSpree
  12. I have only been at it for a month and I am amazed at the different ways of hiding things. There was one inparticular close to my parents house that totally gave me fits. The kids and I looked in the location on about 5 different occasions and never found it. It was a micro and my mind was locked on a small cylinder of some kind. I noticed holes in the fence post, reflectors on post, and so on, just toughed anything. Out of despiration, I asked the owner for a hint. He said look for the red reflector (which I saw on every trip). I went back and he had driven nails in the post and it was held on with magnets. The back of the reflector was modified to hold the log. From my short experiences, look and feel everything. Thanks - Spree
  13. I just ordered a Palm Zire 31 off of E-bay. I am not all that computer savvy so how difficult are they to set up and use. This is my first PDA. Thanks - Spree
  14. Thanks for the info. I now have a new name "CachinSpree". Thanks - Spree
  15. Is it possible for me to change my username and still maintain my current FIND / DNF history and also my premium membership? I was in a hurry when I registered and did not give it much thought. I figured I would use something unique to geocaching instead of cars for once. Thanks - 69rrvert
  16. It seems that the general concensus does not have problem with it. I guess I will go out tomorrow and see if I can find it. As long as it in not disrespectful, it should be Ok. This particula cemetary is out in hte county so it does not get a whole lot of traffic. Thanks for the help. I have only been at this for about a month now. Thanks - 69rrvert
  17. How does the general geocaching public feel about walking around in cemetaries looking for caches? It just don't seem right to me. If it were one of my loved ones, I am not too sure that I would like someone planting caches on them. I looked at a cache today, and it was somewhere about 250' out into the cemetary from where I was parked. The hint is "hanging over headstone". I don't mind walking around the edge of it, but not on someones grave. How do ya'll feel? Thanks - 69rrvert
  18. Thanks for the info. I'll check out hte above links. Thanks - 69rrvert
  19. I have only been caching for about a month now. The way I see it, is a find is a find and DNF is a DNF. Read my logs on this one (GCR73X). I typed in the wrong coordinates the first time and found it later using the right coordinates. Go figure. I logged a DNF last week due to bees at ground zero (GC1EYFA). I'm not too worried about percentages. To me, it's all about spending time with the family. just out of curiosity, where do I find my percentages? Thanks - 69rrvert
  20. I am new to the sport and would like to put a few caches together. I have been looking for stickers to put in or on the container, but all that I can find is singles. Is there somewhere that I can purchase a roll of stickers or are they only sold individually? Thanks - 69rrvert
  21. Thanks, I will look around and see who has the best prices. Thanks - 69rrvert
  22. Thanks for the info. It looks like it will be the 60 CSx. Is there anything else that I may need to order. Like the map software or will the turn-by-turn work from the factory. Thanks - 69rrvert
  23. I am going to order me a new Garmin GPS but I am torn between the 60CS and the 60CSX. I like the compass addition on the CSX but I will probably never use it for what it is intended for. I live on the Texas gulf coast where it is flat. Anyway, other than the compass and price, are there any other advantages to the 60CSX over the 60CS. Will they both do turn-by-turn, or just the 60CSX. I want that also. I am new to the sport of geocaching and I am currently using my Magellan Sport Trac Pro Marine hand-held which has been outstanding at getting me to the caches. Usually within about 5' to 10'. Since I have never had any issues with any of my Magellan's (310, 315, & 3000) I am changing to the Garmin because of the downloading capabilities. It's a pain in the rear having to manually install every cache into my Sport Trac. Did I mention it was flat around here and I want be climbing any mountains? Which do you recommend, the 60CS or the 60CSX? Thanks - 69rrvert
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