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  1. I have aquestion about posting pictures in your logs? I have seen pictures of the area around a cache site but not where the cache is actually hidden. I was looking through some of the logs in caches that I own and one of them has a picture of where the cache is hidden, which pretty much takes the fun out of trying to locate it. I might as well tell everyone to look inside the hollow log. What is the rule and how does the general caching group feel about it? Thanks - CachinSpree This is the cache: GC1K05A - Tornado Alley
  2. Your not alone because I skipped that class as well. I can barely spell puzzle, much less solve one. I'll have to watch this thread and see where it goes. Thanks - CachinSpree
  3. Garmin 60CSx and Palm Zire 31. Santa rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I am getting a new computer and would to know if I will have to purchase Cachemate and GSAK again for it. Also, I am going to have my old one restored to original and have the same question about it? Will I have to purchased them again? Thanks for your help - CachinSpree
  5. The way I get to mine is to use the "page" button to get to the "map" screen. From there, zoom in or out to show the caches and then use the round thumb pad to move the curser over the cache you want. After a second or so. it will turn white. Push the "enter" button and then "go to". Take off and go find the cache. Thanks - CachinSpree
  6. I'll wait until the caches are in place before registering them. Hopefully I will get them out tomorrow or Friday. Hopefully they will be ready for the New Years event. Thanks for the help - CachinSpree
  7. Yes, I had to get the coordinates for the hides before turning in the permits. We are going tyo make a flyin' trip to the park tomorrow after they get out of school. We should be able to get most of them put out. If not, I'll finish them up on Friday morning. Thanks - CachinSpree
  8. Does a cache have to be in place before it can be reistered? I have seven caches that are ready to go out but I will not be able to place them until next week. These are my first caches. They will placed in Brazos Bend State Park and I have all of the required permits that have been signed and approved. I could place them tomorrow, but I promised my kids that I would let them go with me when I place them. There is a New Years event coming up at this park so I was wondering if I could go ahead and get the registration process started and somehow activate the cache next week when they are placed. Thanks - CachinSpree
  9. I've sorta talked her into letting me keep it. Still trying to figure out, but so far I like it. Thanks - CachinSpree
  10. When a new PQ is generated, does it automatically overwrite the old one that is on my Garmin 60CSx and Palm Zire 31 PDA or do I have to delete the old ones first? Thanks - CachinSpree
  11. I was wanting to add about 12 waypoints (caches) that I have already found. I went to a state park today to find hideouts for new ones and needed to load the old caches so I could maintain the 528' distance. Thanks - CachinSpree
  12. This was mine to the door 2 weeks ago from compuplus. Payment details Transaction ID: Item Price: $269.99 USD Total Shipping: $14.95 USD Total: $284.94 USD Invoice ID: Buyer: Phone:
  13. How do I download a couple of waypoints without having to do a pocket query or manually inputting them? (Garmin 60 CSx)
  14. I am going to try and download the caches in my area to my new 60CSX before my wife wraps it up for Christmas. Is there more than just checking the boxes for the caches I want and then clicking "download to Garmin"? I have already downloaded the waypoints CD and connected my GPS to the computer. Does it need to be turned on or just leave it off? Thanks and Merry Christmas - CachinSpree
  15. if you're only keeping the wife because of economics, you should ditch her. i found post #9 particularly disturbing, but thanks for reminding me. I couldn't ditch her. We have been together toooooo long. She is my junior high, yes I said junior high sweetheart. We graduated in 1987 and I turned 40 earlier this year. A rare thing in todays world. Don't know what I would do without her. She is at least letting me try and figure it out before she wraps it up. I hope to have the caches in my area downloaded to it before then. That way, I can open it up, act surprised, and tell everyone "see ya, I have treasures waiting on me". There are about 400 caches within a 20 mile range of our house. I'll be busy. Thanks - CachinSpree P.S. - She just called and told me she off on another "spendin spree" at the mall. That just ain't right is it?
  16. Referring you back to post #9. Thanks - CachinSpree
  17. Lets do a little calculation. New Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSx = $300.00. --------Attorney fees + child support for next 11 years + 1/2 401K + 1/2 everythng else = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. I guess I will wait for Christmas. Whats in your wallet ? Thanks - CachinSpree
  18. My new Garmin GPSMAP 60 CSx came in today and she told me I can't have it until Christmas . I told her that she couldn't have any money until Christmas . Looks like I'll have to wait till Christmas and she is going shopping today . Thanks - CachinSpree
  19. Thanks for the help. I used the GCXXXXX number and it seemed to work. I'll check my e-mail when I get home tonight. That will probably be my next question. How to get itfrom my e-mail to my Palm Zire 31 PDA? Thanks - CachinSpree
  20. Thanks for the link. That is it. Thanks - CachinSpree
  21. I have ran some more PQ's, and the only thing I am checking is "I haven't found" , "Texas", and a 25 miles radius. I am getting PQ's out to 250 miles and none within the 25 miles radius of my home coordinates. What am I doing wrong? Thanks - CachingSpree
  22. I ran a PQ last night, but just now able to check it. This is the e-mail that I recieved. "Your Pocket Query had no results. If you believe you should have received a result to your query, please review your Pocket Query for errors". Any ideas on what I did wrong? I promise, when I get it all figured out, I will quit asking repetitive questions. Thanks - CachinSpree
  23. This past Friday night, I found a link where I was able to print the cache notes from. They were in color and there are 10 small (3x5) notes on a page. For the life of me, I can not find that web-site. Does anyone know what it may be? Thanks - CachinSpree
  24. Thanks for the info. I tried ordering the same stickers from www.geogearstore.com and had the same problem. Thanks - CachinSpree
  25. I was trying to order some stickers from the Groundspeak store but I keep getting the error - "Error contacting USPS for shipping information". Has anyone else had this problem? I ended up having to use UPS. Thanks - CachinSpree
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