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  1. It seems that since I have updated to the latest version of the i-phone app, my "geocaching app" has been lost. When trying to "find nearby caches", it has never been able to find it's current location and is stuck on the last caches that it found way back when. I have other Apps that use GPS and they work just fine with a full "strength" bar. Has anyone else had this problem or know what the problem may be? Thanks, Steven

  2. It sounds like the "send to gps" worked. Check your waypoints again and this time sort by name since the sort by distance is limited to 50 miles from your current location.


    smithdk, you are correct. I had deleted all of the old local waypoints from my GPS. I sorted by name and they are there. Thanks for the help and have a great cachin' weekend. Thanks again for the help, Steven

  3. I have not been too active with Geocaching this year and now I am having problems. I was going to do a little cachin' this weekend but for some reason, my GPS and computer are not talking. I ran a PQ and updated my GSAK software to the latest version. I run the PQ as normal and click "send to GPS" and get the normal screen that I remember. It says ???? number of waypoints were downloaded but there is nothing in my GPS. I have downloaded many many PQ's to the same GPS in the past so it did work at one time. Does anyone have any pointers to get me going again? Thanks, Steven

  4. Personally, I enjoy trying to be FTF. It's a great way to possibly get to meet new cachers. There are about 8 cachers in my area that have the bug as well. That's what makes it fun. Knowing that you are in a race to get to the cache first. There were three posted a few nights ago that I ran into a good friend of mine whille on FTF run. Unfortionatly, he beat me to the first two by just a few minutes. We left together and I followed him to the last one. When we pulled up to Cotton Pickin' Cache , there were two other cachers already at GZ scurrying around trying to find it. It turned out to be a mini event at a cache. After we found it, we stood around and talked for about 15 minutes. Thanks - CachinSpree

  5. You should use the coupon code in order to generate the 25 digit unlock code.


    Are you sure that you didn't already enter it somewhere? Log in to your my.garmin.com site and see if it shows up there.


    Or you can try the Unlock Wizard and select the "Retrieve my unlock codes" function.


    And triple check that you are entering the number precisely. I'm guessing/hoping the 12345678 isn't the real coupon code you used.


    I am trying to download from the CD and it asked for a unlock code. There is no 8 or 25 digit number anywhere on the CD or the CD cover. I bought the software from The GPS Store. I saw an option to purchase a unlock code but you would think that new software would at least have 1 code. Thanks - CachinSpree

  6. I purchased the City Navigator Norhth America 2009 and can't find a 8 or 25 digit number anywhere on the CD case? The software shows me a 8 digit coupon code of 12345678 but it does not work. It says that coupn code has already been consumed. This is my very first time to even try City Navigator, so how did it get consumed if I have never done this before? Thanks - CachinSpree

  7. I am going to purchase the City Navigator North America 2009 and have a few questions. While looking on E-bay, I see lots of "updates". Do I need to get the software first or is the update the same? Where do you recommend buying the software from and do I get the DVD or SD card? I have the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx unit. Thanks - CachinSpree

  8. it would be around 350' from another one of my caches but there is no way of going from cache to cache without great difficulty.


    If the great difficulty is a river, or canyon, or some other obstruction, you should talk with your reviewer. They will often make exceptions if there is a physical barrier between the two spots.


    Thanks for the info. That is exactly what the barrier is. Thanks - CachinSpree

  9. From what I have read about changing coordinates, the rules say that it can not be moved more than 528' without going through a reviewer. With that being said, I found a particular spot that I really like but it is within the 528' rule. My question is, once the cache is approved and published, can I move the cache to the other location (the one I like) and just update the coordinates? If I was to move it, it would be around 350' from another one of my caches but there is no way of going from cache to cache without great difficulty. Thanks - CachinSpree

  10. What are some creative ways to place micro caches?


    I know there are a lot of micros in trees and under trees and nanos on poles, etcetera, etcetera. But, what are some really creative ways to place a micro to put a little twist on it, perhaps make it more fun?


    I hate to give out my secret, but this is what I am working on. I bought 5 steel animal leg traps off of E-bay. I am going to set the traps and then weld them open so they can not close (would not be good). Then I am going to place a film canister on the "trip plate". They should make for some interesting logs. Thanks - CachinSpree

  11. I am trying to do a PQ and I am GSAK is giving me an error saying that the zip file is corrupt. I ran my first PQ a few weeks ago and everything went ok. This is my second try and itis not working. When I click on the OK button after GSAK opens, that is when I get the error. Am I doing something wrong. The eror code says that it could be a XP problem. Thanks - CachinSpree

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