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  1. First at all: Thanks a lot for this! Finally a useful and recommended feature for the users! We love things like this ;)

    While still using the "Garmin Communicator" in combination with the "checkCompability"-Plugin, I hope I will be able to remove this after some testing.


    First impressions:

    - works fine with Win10 an GPS64s ... no problems

    - works only with the new lists. Okay, it 's consequent ...

    - would be fine, being able to do the same or a single (gpx-)download from a listings/quick info on map/search results


    - IMPORTANT: Please clean up your GPX Files. It seems there are some inconsequences (i.e. used by geotours: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=343763&st=0&p=5646849&hl=xml&fromsearch=1entry5646849 )


    /Thx a lot!


  2. Me too. Just got this message via message center from user 'sexton8098' :


    Hey! Check out [redacted] if you want to view all the premium caches in your area for FREE!!


    Not very clever writing it that way with this username.


    The worst thing is, I can't delete it via the info-app on Android. So spam will stay in place for any time?


    Not a year since the message center started ... and just got spammed/hacked.


    I hope Seattle will fix this soon! Just another reason, to make the registration process more secure (i.e. activationlink via email,...)


    Thx a lot!

  3. Hi there!

    As an owner I love reading logs. Sometimes, they are quite short like "Thanks", "Found" or up to three other small words. So in these cases, I just look at the user 's profile and often I wonder why it is still possible to play the game without authentication! Til today you can register at GC without confirming any entries you made to create an account. Even without logging in you can mark geocaches as "found"!




    As an owner and member I would appreciate, that new user have to confirm their accountdetails in an email send after registration. This will prevent them from adding email-adresses that don't work. After finding some caches they often want to hide caches too. Of course they should be able to. But in some cases you want to contact them. Without an validated emailadress it is not possible.


    I think as a member you have to confirm the emailadress twice a year or something else. As an owner it is much more important. It is the only way to contact (the new messanger is still beta and just can be red on the webpage ...?)


    What are your thoughts?




  4. Most of you know that we currently have a Friends feature that does not provide much functionality.

    That's right. I just know the logbook function, to view my friends logs seperated from other logs. Nothing more.


    If we implemented a robust system for interacting with your friends on web or mobile, what features would you like or expect to see?

    In Germany, you say "this train has gone". It means youre too late and you can't return. Looking back the years I do geocaching since 2008, I still remember that we first used simple walkie talkies in the field, later we used "telefonjockers" (we just called other geocachers by phone). Thats how we communicated. Later there were Groups with the same interests on WhatsApp or Facebook. Today, these ways are established. While looking for better ways to let geocachers communicate using geocaching.com, you have to provide functions they won't get anywhere else. If you want to provide new functions to let geocachers interact, it is not enough just changing the website. You need to change the mobile app too.


    Feel free to suggest any and all relevant ideas that come to mind. Some examples to help you get started (feel free to discuss these or add your own):


    First of all, there must be a new authentication. Today, it is sufficient to provide an email address that is not checked. This often leads to problems, because members are not reachable. These may be young children who have their own account without being able to communicate via email. In other case it may be that the emailadress is no longer active.


    For upcoming functions: basically I want to decide who is following or watching me. This can only be done with consent from me.



    • Ability to follow a cache placer and be alerted of new caches they hide? Yes, but this is rather a function for notifications.
    • Ability to detect and add friends from other social media accounts
    • See nearby friends on the map? This is too hot! What will be seen on the map? My friends home coordinates? Their actual GPS-position? Doing so, it is too easy to track someone 24 hours a day an 7 days the week. Even if I say yes to my friend and let him find me on the map there are several days I won't be seen on the map. Nice idea ... but very hot. I would turn this off.
    • Get alerts or newsfeed content when your friends find caches or Trackables? NO
    • See which of your friends have found a cache or Trackable? In some cases. Caches YES - Trackables NO
    • Friends leaderboards? NO, other would certainly. They use their stats for this.
    • Collaborate on lists with friends? Yes. I would call it groups. Just combine this with the ability to include one ore more geocache lists in a group of users.
    • Compete against friends for an achievement? ???
    • Compare your stats with friends? NO, other would certainly.




  5. Hello from Europe!


    Obviously, we can be controversial, since preferences in using the page are different.


    But just some suggestions after my first look at the new page:


    As a member since 2008 I find it sad that there are few really new gimmicks for me and other geo-nerds. After a release, the page is currently just transformed - and not more functional. I need after 7 years geocaching no "learning-video" any more. I also do not need Benchmarks in Europe. So knowing this, I would like really to modify the site/navigation to my needs (i.e. custom-menu). Everyone fits today his desktop or mobile phone individually. Only here it unfortunately does not work. Please do not throw the good old things to the garbage - rather create the opportunity to become more user-friendly with more user settings (turn functions on/off). Many of us 'oldtimers' love to play it the old way. Just let us decide, if we want the new "look and feel" or the "old one" (same as skins for webpages).


    Anyhow, thank you for the developement/maintenance!

  6. Doing geocaching since 2008, I still know the previus version of the map. So since that, much has changed ;)

    Visiting GC with my desktop computer, I bookmarked the shortlink showing the map at my home coordinates. This is the way I open your website.


    Here are the most important points to me considering the map:

    • The map should use the maximum of the screen as possible (no large header on top or something else).
    • As described often: The map schould work fine! In some constellations icons couln't be clicked.
    • Icons lying one above the other can only be selected if you disable one of them. This should be work better.
    • More filters to dosplay/turn off caches on the map.
    • As is so often the preference of the users are different, there should be more options in the settings to adjust the map.
    • Make it more obvious, which cache is inaktive, disabled (i.e. use traffic light colors?).


    Elements offered on the current map:


    Basic Features:

    • Map layer selection (streets, aerial, hybrid, sources, etc.) [OK, I like comparing maps. OSM has caught up ;) ]
    • Search field [add pssibility to enter GC codes like on your startpage]
    • Ability to share direct link to current map view [remove the displayed url and add a button "short url to clipboard"]
    • Cache details pop-up with these features:
      • Cache name with link [OK]
      • GC Code [OK]
      • Owner name with link [OK]
      • Hidden date [OK]
      • New: Last date found
      • New: Difficulty and Terrain ratings [OK]
      • Cache size [OK]
      • Favorite points [OK],[remove this while showing an event. Events dont have favs]
      • Bookmark it [OK]
      • Send to GPS [OK]
      • Log Visit [OK]


    Premium Features:

    • My Finds and My Hides filters [OK]
    • Cache type filters [OK]
    • New: Filter by D/T rating
    • New: Display number of favs/or favs percentage beside the icon on the map (with option to turn this on/off)
    • Save results as Pocket Query [OK]
    • View existing Pocket Queries on the map [OK]


    Existing Community Requests:

    • Indication of corrected coordinates/solved puzzles [Oh yes!]
    • Ability to select/download caches from map by drawing a polygon on it [Oh yes!]
    • Display dnfs


    Thank you for your survey!

  7. Hello!


    Doing Geocaching since 2008 (from 2009 as PM) I recognized, that the way I play the game has changed - so the way I use the page has changed too.

    The first big step was going from printed listings on papers to paperless listings on gps-advices. The second one was sending listings to mobile phones (paperless listings on older gps advices often do not show all informations/pictures ie. ).


    Basic details:

    - OK. Most may remain as they are.

    - Maps: The two small maps should be removed. Instead, there should be a larger one that extends across the full width of the listing placed under the the coordinates on top of the listing.

    - summerize the buttons "loc file, sent to phone, etc." in one button on the right. Something like "share"-buttons on mobile phones.


    Additional details:

    - add a button "copy to clipboard" beside the quicklink

    - I missed the "external url Link" in your explanation. I think this field may be removed. External Links may be placed in the description

    - Summerize the "print option" in one button, like the favorites-button (fold-out)

    - new: a field to upload an banner-picture. These may be collected and shown like souvenirs in each profile.


    - one additional list: "clipboard list". While putting the listing to this list, you can collect several listings. Being ready to go outside, you grab this list with your phone-app or something else. It may be a tool to plan a route/journey.

    Owner details

    - OK. Most may remain as they are.

    - Some kind of "owner alert": >> use logtype "owner maintenance" (after physical maintenance) to remove "needs maintenance"-attribute <<


    If you want a big change:

    Separate the logs from the listing! There is already the link "Logbock" with the log type icons. Just put this link an the icons in the right column and combine this with the point "Ability to filter logs by clicking on log type icons". Thats it. Like this the loading weight of the listing page may be reduced.




  8. Hello Seattle! Here are my suggestions:


    First at all, there should be more possibilities to set up the profilepage. Turn settings on or off.



    o Is it interesting to show the number of members posts? The link to the forum should not appear, if there are no posts.

    o New idea: Show an indicator of personal preferences/interests in cachetype, D-score, T-score? This could be displayed using up to five 'stars', like we do for listings. This should be accessible if the member turns this function on, like milestones i.e.





    o In the bio-box I don't like additional statistics, which often consist of a lot of HTML code. This makes the page hard to load. Often it takes very long time when using a mobile phone, while contacting cache owners via the 'send-message-link'.


    o Banners: Banners are becoming more popular and important for memebers! They like to collect them, like souvenirs and milestones. There should be an extra function for this. (In the menu between souvenirs and photos). It should be possible for each owner to store a banner in each listing. The banners will be displayed in an extra page in the profile like the souvenirs. Predefined banner sizes should be used (i.e. small - medium - large).


    Geocaches = OK


    Trackables = OK


    Souvenirs = OK


    - put here "banner / Badges" like souvenirs


    Photos = Function is OK,

    o I think there are smarter ways to display the gallery. I.e. some kind of timeline per month. Just When Clicking an image, show the details.


    Lists = OK

    o please put bookmarks on top over favorites. While displaying a large number of favorites, the bookmarks are hard to find at the end of the page.



    o please implement a second bio-box here, to save third party statistics.

    o add link to edit setup for statistics, while displaying my own statistic. Like you do the first page (profile) (link= ... account/settings/profile)


    / Thanks a lot for improving this game!

    / st3phan

  9. Hy webadmins and developers,


    just noticed a small thing: When viewing an auditlog from a PMO cache via 'auditlog.aspx', the timestamp used in column 'last visit' does not match my timezone. It would be helpful doing so, because the time of the last visit is displayed. In my case 9 hours less ;)


    thx a lot!

    greetings from germany



  10. Hello! I hope it is the right place to communicate some of my 'little' ideas improving geocaching.com

    I tried to search the board but it might be that some of this points have been already discussed.





    When creating a new cache, we might use some kind of HTML-Editor (like TinyMCE or something else). Why do we not have this editor, when editing an already existing cache?



    With a growing gc-community, it would be nice to do some more 'social things' like:



    o watch member

    o ignore member ;)



    Sharing lists with other members is very helpful to organize trips together. It would be much more nicer, if I share a list with explicit named members and both parties can add/delete caches to that list.



    When using notifications about cachetypes, it would be usefull to limit the result as we already do in pocket queries. Mhy not use only a range than countries/states/provinces, attributes and D/T-Levels? Many of us do geocaching in a special/own way, so it would be possible to adapt the notifications to my favorite way of geocaching (hiking, mtb, highlevel, or something else)



    I would appreciate more details in notification-emails like owner-name and d/t-level of new caches.




    a) why do I see ignored caches in my pocketquery? Normally they have to be removed!?


    B) to this day, my language-preset (account-details) does not work. It switches back to english


    Thanks a lot! I hope my english is enough for this ;)

    /Stephan aka st3phan, germany

  11. Der Cache wurde jetzt durch Groundspeak archiviert. Eine Rückmeldung des Owners hier fände ich gut (sein Beitrag oben scheint sinnlos!?), ein weiterer Beitrag des Themenstarters fände ich auch gut -- warum postet man und schreibt danach nichts mehr dazu!? Irgendwie erweckt das in mir immer einen schlechten Eindruck: Gab es diesen Unfall wirklich oder war es nur ein Trollversuch gegen den Cache!?

    Ich habe den Cache auf der Watchlist und bin gespannt, ob es noch weitere Details zu Unfall und/oder Archivierung gibt.


    Herzliche Grüße



    Kurz stichwortartig:


    - Der Unfall IST passiert. Kein Fake.


    - Ownerbeitrag: Quasi eine unveränderliche Kopie des ersten Eintrags zum Zeitpunkt X, sollte dieser überarbeitet/geändert werden (meine Vermutung)


    - Mein Statement: Personenschäden sind immer bedauerlich. Ich wünsche dem Verunfallten alles Gute für die Genesung. Alles andere obliegt den Betroffenen und Zuständigen - nicht der Community. Allen anderen etwas mehr Umsicht beim Cachen mit der Situation vor Ort und geht mit gesundem Menschenverstand an die Dinge, wie auch sonst ohne Geocaching (Fahre ja auch nicht Leute mit dem Fahrrad in der Fußgängerzone an etc.). Der Cache kann nichts dafür - der hat jahrelang funktioniert. Und wenn man ihn bei Hochwasser mit Boot oder Hilfsmittel macht. Der Weg ist eben nicht vorgegeben. Ich hoffe dass sich nun alles etwas mehr beruhigt. Alles andere wäre nicht hilfreich.

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