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  1. Can anyone speak to the survival of some of the oldies in OR/WA such as GC12, GC16, GC17, GCD, etc. etc. through the fires that have plagued Oregon and Washington? Too soon to tell? Not in the path? Needs Maintenance? (nobody better reply with "needs archived" for these gems...) Thanks--iHam
  2. Thank Goodness for REI's return policy. We picked up one of these for the general "we're in a random place, are there any caches around?" type caching right after the new year. Never could get the updates to run on my Win7x64 laptop (nor my wife's) and Apisphere wasn't returning my tech support emails...at least now I know why they weren't returned. {sigh}. On the upside, the local Wally World was clearancing out some Legend HCx's for only about $15 more than the Geomate w/cable, so we returned the Geomate at REI this afternoon and picked up the Legend this evening...
  3. Actually, there are a number of low-end and older GPSr's that have no connectivity capability at all. The Garmin Geckos come to mind, as do the lower end Magellen Explorists...
  4. The easy solution was to get the annual window sticker and be done with it...I was a bit annoyed when they dropped the fee...just a couple of weeks after we'd payed for the renewal on our sticker. I do wish there were an "uber-sticker" that would cover forest service/state parks/wilderness areas/snow areas, etc., but that would require too many agencies in the gubmint to actually TALK TO EACH OTHER.... Sorry to see Dash Point on the list...it's a nice quick getaway from Federal Way and Tacoma....
  5. iHam

    Geocaching Net.

    Don't have the gear for it, but my understanding is that in the Seattle/Tacoma area there is quite a bit of Geocaching activity on one of the local 220 machines...now I just need to get some 220 gear
  6. That's not true, Contact Groundspeak, and they will change the name for you, on a case by case basis, and you won't have to relog ANY of them. Does that include Trackables, or just caches?
  7. DiMonkey is still trying to work out the details of our sons' Knowledge Bowl meet on Thursday afternoon...Hopefully she will be available Thursday morning, we'll let you know as soon as we here back from the coach.
  8. Isn't this the main topic at the WSGA meeting this weekend? Looking forward to hearing if there's any further info... 73--KK7UZ
  9. iHam

    WONKA Geocaper

    Kewl! Wonka-Swag! Looking forward to meeting everyone! 73 de KK7UZ
  10. iHam

    Radio Related Caches

    I've been trying to figure out if there is a way to incorporate APRS into a cache clue...even for folks without APRS equipment, there is always Findu.com, so it would be more widely available...just not sure of a "clean" way to go about it yet... 73--KK7UZ
  11. I don't know if they still have them, but Fry's in Renton was clearancing one of the Cobra models for about $69 a couple of weeks ago. They also had the good taste to put a sign above the GPSr display pointing people to geocaching.com Tnx--KK7UZ
  12. That was a pleasant surprise!!! One bug I noticed...I entered a log for a benchmark a couple of days after I found it. In my list, it shows the date the log was entered, not the date that the benchmark was found . When I click on the found date on the calendar (which is great, btw!) it shows correctly in the list for that date...it seems to only be an issue on the main my-cache page. TFTChange--KK7UZ
  13. CQ CQ CQ de KK7UZ just started caching...has anyone done an APRS-based cache, perhaps as a puzzle cache or something of the sort? 73--Dan
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