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  1. OK I was there at GW4 and I had the honor to meet Snoogans (THANKS). All the CRAP going on here is STUPID. GW4 was the most fun that I've had in a group of close to or exceding 1200 people. On Pocket caches I've NEVER seen anything in the RULES on it, also shouldn't it be up to the event cordinator as to if there should be pocket caches. If the cordinator agrees that its ok for pocket caches and agrees its ok to log the event multiple times. Also THE DRR run I saw ALOT of caches signed DRR as to where the log was missing. If the log was missing and , there were a few missing logs ,they were supposed to sign the log how could it be verified that it was really found. OH YEA they signed the container so that if contested they could go back and see the DRR on the container. DUH. Arkansas during all the Gripping and MOANING that YOU people have done has lost our reveiwer which was a great person. This forum is the BIGGEST BUCNH OF CRAP I'VE EVER SEEN . My 13,10,and 9 year old kids don't whine as much as you people do. SNOOGANS sorry I've ranted but this is a bunch of crap. If this is the way GW5 will be don't expect to see me there.Who says how I'm supposed to play MY GAME. I'll play it any freakin way I want. Snoogans and all the TX people I met THANK YOU for a Great time I can not wait to meet some of you again.
  2. It's actually 50, straight from the owners mouth. How would I go about getting one of those square ones?
  3. You know I think cemetary caches are great. I live in Oklahoma and 15 min west of here is a little town called Sallisaw and in Sallisaw there is a small cemetary in the back woods that has a very famous GANGSTER laid to rest there. Had it not been for geocaching I would have never known the Pretty Boy Floyd was buried there. When I found the virtual I called my dad and asked him if he know who Charles Floyde was because I knew he did, he loved the gangster movies. He told me he knew who it was and I asked if he knew where he was buried he also knew he was buried in Sallisaw. Just because my dad knew it I had to find it out by geocaching. Also about historic sites just west of the pretty boy floyd cemetary the is another virtual Sequoah's cabin this is very important to the native tribes that used to live in Oklahoma.also I would have never known it was here if it had not been for geocaching because this place is REALLY in the sticks, while there the only thing I saw was trees and a stream.
  4. One of the hardest caches in the area is The Judge all the logs curse the owner NonniePoppy as I have done on many of his caches. The logs I have read are many DNF's before finding on the 20 or 30th try. I have not tried it yet but I will. Its not on my top to do list, But it will get done.
  5. I could not get the online copy to download so I sent an email to get a copy.
  6. I have an Army Surplus store in Bentonville,AR that sells the small ammo cans for $3.00 and the large ones for $5.00 each. They stock hundreds of them. If anyone needs some just email me and I can pick some up and send them.
  7. Joefrog I found it some time ago and they are great enough that I put it and some others HERE Thanks for the awsome little Micro.
  8. We need to get together and get this trip planned and going.
  9. Can you tell some of us where to get them? I would like to get some red ones.
  10. Those are awsome I would not mind getting some in red.
  11. Is there a certain number of letters that can go in the hints section on the 60c. When I load my caches the hint is cut off does anyone know why?
  12. We have a Boston Terrier and it just went with us to the 2004 Spring Fling in Oklahoma City and she loved it and all the cachers loved her being around, talk about an ice breaker everyone wanted to pet her. She was extremely great and she loves people.
  13. I use Delorme Street Atlas wich comes with a gps receive and then I download my pocket quiries into GSAK, then export it to street atlas so I can see when I'm getting close to a cache then I take out my GPSr to find the cache. I love the setup.
  14. There is also ARgeocaching or ARgeocaching.org These will be up by the end of next week. They will have content like the texasgeocaching.com site.
  15. I've found some online and put them together on a real quick page for some friends but anyone else is welcome to them here ARGeocaching This site is still under construction.
  16. I had the same problem with S&T so I called Microsoft and they told me that S&T will only see the Com1 and COM4 ports which are serial ports. S&T sucks so I bought Delorme Street Atlas which came with a USM Receiver which works great.
  17. I'm in the process of getting a group together here in Arkansas. The web page will be up soon at www.ARgeocaching.com If you have any questions email me at gunnar@ARgeocaching.com
  18. Now the Arkansas Game and Fish Commision felt like they were getting behind so they got into Geocaching also Check this out Arkansas Game and Fish Commision and Geocaching
  19. I use the Delorme or the mapsource that came with the 60c and import the waypoints from GSAK and use the USB cable and the tracking feature. The tracking feature shows you driving and the caches as you drive close to them.
  20. I'm here also I live in fort smith and am in Fayetteville every day. I am in the process of making ARgeocaching if any one is interested. I'm also getting ready to try to get a group together, email me if you have any questions to me at gunnar@ARgeocaching.com
  21. I'm ready just say WHEN and WHERE . LETS DO IT!!!!!
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