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  1. No - I never chose an option... but even if I had there should be a way to unchoose it?
  2. I use Geosphere... love that app... but I have an iPhone and I think it only has a platform for ios? Cali~Bear
  3. I don't get an option anymore when I recieve a notification from Geocaching that a new cache has published. It used to give me the option to either open it in a browser (on my iPhone 6) or open it in the Geocaching app. That option is gone, and it only takes me to the browser. Is this the norm? or do I have to tweak some settings to get that option back? Thank you! Cali~Bear
  4. Wherigo hasn't been updated it says on the website since 2008? I tried to download a cartridge on to my iPhone this weekend and it was epic failure, what is up with the Wherigo platform? Does it not support the iPhone? Really wish someone would give updated instructions, seems like its dead to iPhone users? If it isn't I would love to know how to use it, I was successful previously but not anymore Cali~Bear
  5. Hi Aran, thank you for your concerns, they are valid concerns and we appreciate you bringing this to our Geocaching Community. I am not the owner of all the caches in and around your area, but I do know them and they are good friends just playing a game. They also live on a ranch but much closer to town and they value everything it seems that makes ranch life something to value. I know that the just love the game of Geocaching and surely didn't mean any harm or disrespect. That being said, I had one cache close by, it is now gone and no one will be bothering you because of it. You may have one more stop as I go out and pick up the cache (one of groundspeaks rules is to pick up your geotrash ) So please forgive me, and maybe someday you will understand our crazy game and join us... Till then, Cali~Bear God Bless...
  6. I thought that might be the only way... or... I may try GCTour... have you tried that? T2C
  7. I would like to know if there is a way to query your friends caches that they have placed... so you can just go do my friends caches that I havent done... thanks Tru2cntry
  8. And dealt with in more detail in the "Report a Problem" forum Return the smiley-faces on found caches on the google maps
  9. Beta isn't working now either :(
  10. aghhhh - I hope this gets fixed soon... very frustrating... I am trying to help all my GeoFriends too and support the new Beta maps but now they aren't working... come on guys lets this fixed!! ASAP please? Tru2cntry
  11. Well it's April and they still are not back on... so it's not a temporary thing. And the Beta's only show smiley's for about 2 minutes and then they disappear too.. I vote for the Smiley's to come back! T2C https://tru2cntry.wordpress.com/
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